55+ Sweet Cherry Puns That Are Cherry-bly Funny

Cherries are delicious and nutritious. It is one of the most loved fruits in the world that has a distinctive flavour. Also, they are inexpensive and easy to access.

They are high in vitamin C, potassium, dietary fibre, flavonoids, and antioxidants. Also, Cherries can be a great snack for those who want to reduce their sugar intake but still want something sweet. If you are looking for something that is short and sweet, then this list of cherry puns might be for you.

Cherry Puns

1. You’re cherry sweet.

2. Will you cherry me?

3. She misses her puppy so cherry-bly.

4. I’m going to the gro-cherry store.

5. Cherry Christmas.

6. What does a hippy cherry wear to a festival? A pie dye T-shirt.

7. I cherry-ish you.

8. Tom and Cherry.

9. It had no mon-cherry value.

10. I really cherry-ish you.

11. You’re a cherry-ful person.

12. She rode on a cherry-ot.

13. The cherry knew something was going to happen. It felt it in its pit.

14. What happens to a cherry tree when it grows up? It blossoms.

15. What do you call a cherry that is hard as nails? Tough as old fruits.

16. Eat, drink, and be cherry.

17. Cherries are great at playing live music. They really love a good jam session.

18. Cherry-osity encourages learning.

19. What do cherries say to their best friends? You are cherrific!

20. Cherry up, buttercup!

21. I have an interest in ar-cherry.

22. I can help you cherry the boxes.

23. We wish you a cherry Christmas.

24. What do you call a very little cherry? Pit-iful.

25. I was cherry-fied.

26. You’re cherry-ffic.

27. I donated money to cherry-ty.

28. It had a gin-cherry taste.

29. My kids started elemen-cherry school.

30. That was out of cherry-cter.

31. What do you call a very tall cherry blossom tree in Italy? The leaning flower of Pisa.

32. There’s no need to cherry your feelings, I know you love me really.

33. That’s the cherry sat on.

34. Be afraid, be cherry afraid.

35. You’re a cherry person.

36. Thank you cherry much.

37. Why is cherry pie so legendary? Because it is history in the baking.

38. He had great cherry-sma.

39. The room had wonderful ima-cherry.

40. He was living vi-cherry-ously through his son.

41. I have to get sur-cherry.

42. Cherrific job!

43. Cherries always look up to their parents, and try to follow in their fruitsteps.

44. It was a myst-cherry.

45. She’s into wit-cherry.

46. For-cherry is not allowed in writing.

47. I saw a cherry-bou in the forest.

48. The story about cherries was pit-iful.

49. Why does a little cherry always look up to its parents? It tries to follow in their fruitsteps.

50. What does a cherry say when it delivers bad news? Don’t fruit the messenger.

51. Be of good cheer-ry.

52. Con-cherry to popular belief.

53. What did the cherry say to the cherry pie? I really crust you.

54. I love you cherry much.

55. What do cherries write in love letters? I miss you cherry-bly.

56. It’s cherry-ble.

57. Why did I start making a cherry pie? Bake-cause I love it.

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