100+ Candy Puns That Will Unwrap Some Good Laughs

Candy is a sweet that has been around for centuries. It is known for its sugary taste and the feeling of delight it brings to people who eat it. But, as time passed, candy became more than just a treat.

The benefits of having candy are many and varied. It can be used as a reward for someone who has done well or as a way of congratulating someone on an achievement. And it is enjoyed by people of all ages. So if you’re ready for a good laugh, here we’ve discovered some of the best and most hilarious Candy puns you’ll love. Scroll down and see what we’ve got you covered.

Candy Puns

1. Candy Worms, I’m hooked on you.

2. I love drinking pop. Pop Rocks.

3. Swedish Fish? It’s pretty cool.

4. You cane do it!

5. You are my Hot Tamale.

6. I have a few Twix up my sleeve.

7. I’m a sucker for puns.

8. I was stuck in the Skittle seat.

9. That Baby Ruth-less.

10. They had a Baby, Ruth.

11. I got the highest Skor.

12. A happy farmer is a Jolly Rancher.

13. I’m in a bit of a Crunch.

14. That really mint a lot to me.

15. You are o-fish-ally the best.

16. You’re my Kinder person.

17. I taught my dog how to Rolo-ver.

18. You candy cane do it.

19. You can teach an old dog new Twix.

20. You’re a Twix-ster.

21. I can’t Reese-ist you!

22. No Duds with you.

23. The candy went to school to become a Smartie.

24. Do I have to pay Taffy?

25. Sealed with a Kiss.

26. Sheep enjoy eating a candy baa.

27. Stuck in the Skittle with you.

28. Thanks for bean here with us.

29. You’re not a Dud.

30. Don’t Reese’s-t the candy.

31. You’re a Hot Tamale.

32. Have yourself a Merry Skittle Christmas.

33. You’re nothing but truffle.

34. Here’s a Skittle something to sweeten your day.

35. I miss you beary much.

36. You stole a Reese’s Piece of my heart.

37. I forgot my joke about the lollipop. It was on the tip of my tongue.

38. The baby wants her Mamba.

39. My favorite musical is the Skittle Shop of Horrors.

40. It’s Crunch time.

41. Nothing can come be-Twix-t us.

42. You are the brightest star in the Milky Way.

43. Don’t jump the gum.

44. Sorry I’m choco-late.

45. I won’t let you slip through my Butter Fingers.

46. Oh Henry! Pop Rocks.

47. I can’t Reese’st you.

48. Baby, you make my heart Starburst.

49. It’s a Rocky Road. Drive carefully.

50. At the airport, you can only find plain chocolate.

51. That mint a lot to me.

52. Don’t be such a Sour Patch, kid!

53. You are the Kit Kat’s meow.

54. Thanks, that mint a lot to me.

55. You make my heart do Flipz.

56. I made a Whopper of a mistake.

57. You’re the Riesen.

58. You’re the opposite of a Dud.

59. They’re just a bunch of Goobers.

60. I like a Skittle of the night snack.

61. I Snicker-ed after hearing the joke.

62. I knew you were truffle when you walked in.

63. Don’t listen to Dum Dums.

64. I think I have a pretty mallow personality.

65. You are my sweetie.

66. You bring me so much Almond Joy.

67. I like the way you Rolo.

68. I candy anything I put my mind to.

69. You’re a Smartie pants.

70. I hit the big PayDay with you.

71. It’s not my Necco the woods.

72. We’re going through a Sour Patch.

73. Our love is Good & Plenty.

74. Let’s hand orna-mints.

75. You can have Skittles Andes Chocolate Mints.

76. In school, we learned about Reese’s-sions.

77. They’re Sweetarts.

78. I get by with a Skittle help from my friends.

79. You Pop Rock my world.

80. Wake me up before you cocoa.

81. It’s Starburst-day.

82. They’re real Life Savers.

83. The best candy rapper is Eminem.

84. I ap-peach-iate you.

85. You’re choc-full of fun!

86. It’s PayDay.

87. I love the be-razzles on your shoes.

88. I can peach you in the ring.

89. A girl’s favorite candy is Her-she’s kisses.

90. Candy give us a new one?

91. I have a confection to make.

92. A Gummy Bear is a bear without teeth.

93. Sometimes, we can be Airheads.

94. A happy sucker is a jolly-pop.

95. Starbursting to tell you, you’re amazing.

96. Thank you for your Tootsie Roll in my life.

97. Here’s a little encourage-mint.

98. Donut give up!

99. All my Kisses are for you.

100. My life would suck without you. — Kelly Clarkson.

101. I love your commit-mint to being great.

102. Do you want a Pez of me?

103. I’m nuts about you.

104. Crazy Skittle thing called love.

105. With a Skittle help from my friends.

106. Yes you candy!

107. You make my heart Starburst.

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