47 Funny Mustard Puns That Will Make You Laugh

People love Mustard because it has a tangy flavour that adds spice. It also tastes good on sandwiches, burgers, hot dogs or salads. But a good pun should be simple and funny to make people laugh. Thus it must be clever and well-written.

If you want something great and unique, Here we’ve discovered some of the best Mustard puns that are great and unique. Scroll down and see what we’ve got you covered.

Funny Mustard Puns

1. “I mustard-vertise my new product.”

2. “The troops have been mustard.”

3. “As a shepherd, I mustard the sheep.”

4. “Wow, that’s a mustard-piece.”

5. “My house has a large mustard bedroom.”

6. “I’m in the market for a house. It needs a large mustard bedroom.”

7. “It’s a must-ard to be above 18 before you can drive.”

8. “We’re the Three Mustard-errs.”

9. “Knocking on wood is a supers-Dijon.”

10. “It smells a bit mustard.”

11. “When it’s hot, turn on the air con-Dijon-er.”

12. “I mustard-mit, it’s pretty good.”

13. “Ketchup and mustard bought a condiment-ium together.”

14. “We’re having a tra-Dijon-al Thanksgiving meal.”

15. “You mustard-apt with change.”

16. “That’s a nice ren-Dijon.”

17. “Llamas were one of the first do-mustard-cated animals.”

18. “You mustard sooner rather than later.”

19. “I need a few minutes. I mustard-ticulate.”

20. “Yoda was a legendary Jedi Mustard.”

21. “I won the mustard-making compe-Dijon.”

22. “I need to mustard the art of making condiments.”

23. “I mustard-mit that you’ve gotten pretty good with mustard puns.”

24. “I mustard you a question.”

25. “A yellow dog is also known as a mutt-stard.”

26. “By law, I mustard-vise you to be careful.”

27. “I used to volunteer as a tutor. Sometimes, I mustard-oring.”

28. “I’m au-Dijon-ing for a part in the movie.”

29. “Did you see the head-mustard today?”

30. “You’ll get better with repi-Dijon.”

31. “I traveled a long way, I mustard-mire the beauty of this mountain.”

32. “Give me a little time to mustard a response.”

33. “One of my favorite singers is Celine Dijon.”

34. “I don’t buy nice furniture anymore. My dog will Poupon on it.”

35. “The store doesn’t take Visa, only MustardCard.”

36. “She has a Mustard’s Degree in Hotdog eating.”

37. “I went to college and earned a mustard’s degree.”

38. “They won’t move. You mustard-le them.”

39. “Puns are a must-ard have at any party.”

40. “It’s time to mustard up some courage.”

41. “A cat’s favorite condiment is meow-stard.”

42. “Why mustard be expensive?”

43. “We mustard (must start) to make preparations for the upcoming event.”

44. “I’m having Dijon vu.”

45. “Mustard (muster) all your courage.”

46. “You must-ard be joking me.”

47. “Everything is clear is Heinz-sight.”

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