100+ Affirmations for Men That Will Change Your Life

Here we’ve compiled a list of best and positive Affirmations for Men reduce your stress, improve mental health, and increase resilience in the face of difficult times.

Affirmations for Men

1. My past does not define who I am.

2. I live with grace and ease.

3. I am prepared for the day ahead.

4. I am not controlled by the opinion of others.

5. I am attractive and good looking.

6. Today is going to be a good day.

7. I choose to be joyful today and bring laughter to every environment I enter.

8. I start each day with a “thank you”.

9. My mind, spirit, and efforts are aligned for career growth.

10. I do not let the opinions of others control me.

11. I will celebrate the small wins.

12. I am growing stronger every day.

13. I can change the whole world.

14. I have a vision and I work for it every day.

15. I am confident and powerful.

16. I am not a victim of my circumstances.

17. I am focused and disciplined.

18. I am a work in progress.

19. I always fight for my beliefs.

20. My strongest desires are being fulfilled now.

21. I have strong willpower.

22. I am not less for making mistakes. I am more. I learn from them.

23. I value my worth.

24. Humility is at the heart of learning from my mistakes.

25. My life counts and I matter to others.

26. I am confident about my body and look.

27. I am going to continue being the best man I can be.

28. I have the skills I need to succeed.

29. I can conquer my fears. I have in the past.

30. I enjoy embracing challenging tasks that I’m sure to fail to some degree.

31. My world changes with my mindset and thoughts.

32. I will let go of anger.

33. Progress is better than perfection.

34. My actions are intentional.

35. I am strong and capable of tackling any challenge.

36. I know how to be confident in social situations.

37. I am strong enough to face any challenge.

38. I am strong and resilient.

39. I attract wealth and successful people.

40. I love my family; my family fuels my strength.

41. I am a leader and I always focus on my goals and desires.

42. My success and failure are in my hands.

43. I deserve to be successful.

44. I deserve to be happy.

45. I’m strong enough to admit when I’m wrong.

46. I’m proud of who I’m becoming.

47. I am very smart and good at my job.

48. I am making time for self-care.

49. I will embrace whatever the day brings.

50. People who care about me also respect me.

51. I believe in myself.

52. I am worthy of love, peace and happiness.

53. I see myself as a strong and confident man.

54. I am in control of my happiness.

55. I am courageous and fearless.

56. I am creating healthy habits.

57. I am making the right choices.

58. I make informed decisions.

59. I am more attuned to my successes than my failures.

60. I am very close to achieving my goals.

61. I am proud of who I am becoming.

62. I am capable of change.

63. I am enough talented and I know how to sell my talent.

64. I free myself from momentary desires.

65. My health matters, especially when facing sickness.

66. I embrace and accept change as part of life.

67. My voice is the best coach I can listen to.

68. I’m moving closer to my goals, one step at a time.

69. Fear is just a feeling, it will not hold me back.

70. My humor will brighten someone’s day and relieve their stress.

71. I am grateful for everything I have in my life.

72. I won’t let people take advantage of me.

73. I always make good choices for myself.

74. I can speak up for myself.

75. I am performing well in my career .

76. Success attracts itself to me.

77. I am important and valuable.

78. I’m unaffected by the comparison trap.

79. I feel good; I look good, and I’m ready for an awesome day.

80. My mind is clear and I am in control.

81. I would rather keep up with my responsibilities than destroy myself for fun.

82. I nurture my caring and sensitive side with pride.

83. My ideas are changing the world.

84. I’m tough; I can win any challenge in life.

85. I am witty and smart.

86. My charming energy is seen by others.

87. I am loving and loved.

88. My thoughts become my reality.

89. I am worthy of wealth and Peace.

90. It’s OK to cry.

91. Inner peace is my most outstanding achievement.

92. I embrace my masculinity.

93. Happiness, laughter, peace, and wealth surround me.

94. My mind is filled with good ideas.

95. I can rely on myself.

96. My body is full of energy and strength.

97. I am aware of my abilities and enjoy exceeding expectations.

98. I am a magnet to new opportunities.

99. People enjoy my company.

100. I bring joy to other people.

101. I will learn something new today.

102. I matter. My beliefs matter. My voice matters.

103. I am not going to fail today.

104. I am in love with my true self.

105. I can do great things.

106. I know who I am.

107. I keep showing up when others quit.

108. I trust my body and mind.

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