43+ Star Wars Jokes That Are Hilarious to Crack

Star Wars is one of the world’s most beloved franchises and has been around us for generations. And it has something for everyone, from its iconic characters to its captivating storylines and stunning visuals.

Therefore it’s a good idea to bring back memories of our childhood while sharing Star Wars jokes that are clever, funny, and sometimes even punny, which adds humour to the conversations.

Whether you are a fan of the original trilogy or have just seen The Rise of Skywalker, you can share these Star Wars Jokes with people you love and make them laugh. So scroll down and see what we’ve got you covered.

Jedi Masters

1. What do you call a Jedi in denial?

Obi-Wan Cannot Be.

2. How long has Anakin Skywalker been evil?

Since the Sith Grade.

3. Why do doctors make the best Jedi?

Because a Jedi must have patience.

4. Who is short, green and plays the cello?

Yo-Yo Da.

5. Which Jedi became a rock star?

Bon Jovi-Wan Kenobi.

6. What do you call Kenobi triplets?


7. Why shouldn’t you ask Yoda for money?

He’s a little short.

8. What did Yoda ride as a kid?

A do-cycle. Because there is no tri.

9. What do you call five Siths piled on top of a lightsaber?

A Sith-Kabob.

10. What’s Yoda’s advice for going to the bathroom?

Doo-doo or doo-doo-not-do.

11. What do you call a Sith who won’t fight?

A Sithy.

12. Which program do Jedi use to open PDF files?

Adobe Wan Kenobi.

The Good Guys

13. What Star Wars character sells hotdogs?

Admiral Snackbar.

14. What do you call a rebel princess who only shops at Whole Foods?

Leia Organic.

15. What do you call an eel that loves the new Star Wars trilogy?

A More-Rey Eel.

16. What was Lando’s nickname before he became a skilled pilot?


17. What is Admiral Ackbar’s favorite type of music?


18. What do you call two Han Solos singing together?

Han Duet.

19. What did the dentist say to Luke Skywalker?

May the floss be with you.

20. Why does Princess Leia keep her hair tied up in buns?

So it doesn’t Hang Solow.

21. Where does Princess Leia shop for Father’s Day?

At the Darth Maul.

The Empire

22. What position does Darth Vader play in baseball.

The Umpire.

23. Why was Darth Vader bad at sports?

He always choked.

24. How did Darth Vader know what Luke was getting for his birthday? He felt his presents.

25. How did Darth Vader cheat at poker?

He kept altering the deal.

26. What did Darth Vader say to the Emperor at the Star Wars auction?

“What is thy bidding, my master?

27. How does Darth Vader like his toast?

On the dark side.

28. What was Tarkin’s favorite brand of toilet paper?

Charmin to the last.

29. Where does Kylo Ren get his creepy black clothes?

From his closet.


30. What do you call an invisible droid?


31. What is R2D2 short for?

Because he has little legs.

32. What do you call a droid that takes the long way around?

R2 Detour.

33. Does R2D2 have any brothers?

Nope, only transistors.

34. What do you need to reroute droids?



35. Did you know Chuck Norris was in every Star Wars movie?

He played the Force.

36. What sound do Yoda’s sheep make?

Day go baaa.

37. What do you call a Sarlacc Pit that only speaks in ironic mockery?

A Sar-chasm.

38. What do you call a redneck Star Wars fan?

Bubba Fett.


39. How did they get between floors on the Death Star?

In the ele-Vader.

40. Why should you never tell jokes on the Falcon?

The ship might crack up.

41. What’s a rebel’s favorite TV talent show?

X-wing Factor.

42. What kind of spaceship did Luke fly in grade school?

An ABC-Wing.

43. Why was the Millennium Falcon easier to fly after The Force Awakens?

It’s now Hans free.

44. What time is it when an AT-AT steps on your chronometer?

Time to get a new chronometer.

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