123 Best Sandwich Puns That Will Make You Loaf

We eat Sandwiches for lunch, dinner and even breakfast. They are a quick and easy meal that can be made with any type of bread or bread substitute, as well as any meat and vegetables. It’s a staple in the American diet.

But when it comes to choosing the best sandwich puns is a difficult task. You have to know what you want and what you don’t want, and no one can beat a good pun. Therefore, we’ve discovered some of the best Sandwiches puns you’ll love. Scroll down and see what we’ve got you covered.

Best Sandwich Puns

1. This sandwich meats olive my egg-spectations.

2. I’m trying to baguette into the habit of it.

3. A butter pill to swallow.

4. Wheat and see.

5. Say double cheese!

6. Astronauts put launch meat on their sandwiches.

7. Can you imagine the earth as one giant sandwich the entire population would be in bread.

8. The most sophisticated bread is always the upper crust.

9. Over and over a grain.

10. That went straight over my bread.

11. Wheat are you up to today?

12. You’re such a crust-worthy person.

13. Butter late than never.

14. Before I breakdown the sandwich, I want to say that I loaf you.

15. Look no feather for the best chicken burgers.

16. I sub-pose.

17. That joke was sub-par.

18. I was born and bread in the town of Sandwich.

19. The bacon told the tomato, “Lettuce get together.”

20. I look back and I think my decision to order a veggie sandwich was a missed steak.

21. Baguette it, you wouldn’t understand.

22. I think I can baguette away with it.

23. I crust you!

24. It’s no big dill.

25. What’s the best snack for the beach? A sand-wich.

26. Wheat’s for lunch?

27. Sandwich meat and rednecks have this in common, they are both inbred.

28. I’ll eat any kind of burger, I’m so cheesygoing.

29. It’s crazy! We always finish each other’s sandwiches.

30. I had a mean sandwich a few days ago, it tasted average.

31. The most dramatic type of sandwich is the ham.

32. Having a sandwich is the best way to fill the gap between trains.

33. I ate my sandwich in the elevator to take lunch to the next level.

34. The vegetables said to the sandwich, “Lettuce all smile.”

35. Though I know it is rather bunpignified behavior, I will still go for the bacon sandwich.

36. I was born and bread in a small town of sandwich.

37. I had a mean sandwich. It tasted average.

38. It was a breach of crust.

39. It’s crust around the corner.

40. You’re making me melt.

41. That was a breach of crust.

42. Ready to roll?

43. We’re on a roll!

44. If you put a sandwich under water, it becomes a sub sandwich.

45. I had a Wookie burger at a Star Wars cafe. It was a bit Chewie.

46. No matter how you slice it.

47. Lettuce eat this sandwich.

48. The sandwich came just in thyme.

49. But it lettuce to the wrong place!

50. You must be so grilled!

51. Lettuce celebrate!

52. Bread broker with margarine because of a butter lover.

53. Pull your wheat.

54. The boxer ordered his favorite lunch again – a knuckle sandwich.

55. My sandwich got stuck. It was caught in a pickle.

56. My sandwich is jam-packed.

57. The best snack for the beach is a sand-wich.

58. A wheat off my shoulders.

59. It barley made it.

60. A philosopher’s favorite sandwich is a Philly-osophy.

61. The best meal at the beach is a sand-wich.

62. Silence of the Ham.

63. Lettuce eat!

64. I’m bready to eat my sandwich.

65. Golfers always pack a sand-wedge.

66. Lest we baguette.

67. What a great roll-model.

68. That sandwich looks loaf-ly.

69. Baguette cracking.

70. We’re on a roll.

71. Aioli want cheddar. No swiss.

72. When the sandwich walked into the bar, the bartender said, “we don’t serve food.”

73. When you see a cannibal eating a sandwich, that is a sub human.

74. I’d tell you a joke about putting mayo on your sandwich, but you might spread it.

75. Wheat took our time.

76. I’d tell you the joke about some jam on a piece of bread but you might spread it.

77. I eat sandwiches every day. It’s the same meal a-grain and a-grain.

78. No matter how you slice it, it’s a sandwich.

79. This was a mi-steak.

80. Don’t baguette your hat!

81. She’s a great roll-model.

82. If you’re making a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, don’t use traffic jam.

83. Come a grain?

84. The pilot preferred his sandwich plain.

85. I got a shiver from my head tomatoes.

86. The worst jelly to put on a sandwich is traffic jam.

87. Keep your bread above the water.

88. I’m barley getting by.

89. All the fame has gone to his bread.

90. From your bread to your toes.

91. The other day I had a mean sandwich, it tasted average.

92. You’re toast.

93. Pilots prefer plane sandwiches.

94. I don’t eat chess sandwiches, because they’re such a stalemate.

95. A pun sandwich is a pun-ini.

96. We’re on a roll!

97. I’m so grilled to see you!

98. Wheat love for you to join us.

99. Radical bakers are always going against the whole grain.

100. The most curious sandwich is made with wonder bread.

101. The favorite sandwich for the herbivore is a trees-burger.

102. Every now and then I fall apart.

103. Buy one, baguette one free!

104. It’s past my bread time.

105. What do wilderness survival experts use to cook their burgers? Bear Grills.

106. The best place to get an Indian sandwich is at the New Delhi.

107. Now and a grain.

108. You’re great in bread.

109. Until the butter end.

110. I’m grilled for you!

111. I’m so grilled to see you!

112. She’s a great roll-model.

113. It’s crust a matter of time.

114. I was born and bread in the small town of Sandwich.

115. I don’t carrot all if you add tomatoes to it.

116. Never a grain.

117. My burger flew away today. I ordered it plane.

118. They both went bread to bread.

119. The tomato turned red because it saw the sandwich dressing.

120. The pilot preferred his sandwich plane.

121. The sandwich knew it was toast.

122. I loaf this sandwich.

123. I look back and I think my decision to order a vegetarian sandwich was a missed steak.

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