100+ Library Pick Up Lines

College romance can be a fun and exciting experience, but it can also be daunting. So if you’re looking for a creative way to start your college romance, why not try using library pick up lines?

Yes, it can be a great way to break the ice and get your potential romantic partner laughing while also showing your confidence.

Whether you are looking for a romantic way to start a conversation with the person you like or just want to make them smile, these cheesy library pick up lines will make an impression they won’t forget. So go ahead and impress with your smooth moves.

Library Pick Up Lines

1. Happy that I have a library card. I am going to check you out now.

2. I’m not staring, I’m just stuck in amazement.

3. Baby, my life is an open book for you in this library.

4. There are so many books here but I want to read you.

5. Are you a librarian? Because you just increased my circulation.

6. As a librarian, I can confirm that this line does indeed work.

7. I think I’ve discovered a rare book. It’s titled, ‘I Love You.’

8. Your smile is more captivating than the plot of any bestselling novel.

9. Let’s play library. Be the door and allow me to slam you.

10. Can’t stop from checking out on you, like you were a library book.

11. Are you a bookmark? Because I’d like to see where we can pick up from.

12. Are you a librarian? Because girl you point me to my wildest imagination.

13. My reference desk or yours?

14. Is your name Wi-Fi? Because I’m really feeling a connection.

15. Do you want to reserve a study room? So we could study each other at the library.

16. Do I need a library card to check you out?

17. Do I have the honor to make you a part of my private library?

18. If you were a library book, I’d never bring you back.

19. I think must have found the Romance section…

20. I could read you like an open book all day.

21. So I see you like reading? Want to date a person who also likes to read?

22. Your eyes are like a novel, I could get lost in them all day.

23. Just like a good book, your beauty keeps me flipping the pages.

24. Are you a book? Because I can’t stop checking you out.

25. I have a great collection of books. Why don’t you come over?

26. Can I have your cutter number?

27. Do you have a name or can I call you mine until the library closes?

28. Can I get your refence number so I could look you up and check you out?

29. I can also read something else besides books, your heart.

30. Are you a thriller? Because I can’t seem to put you down.

31. Playing doctor is for kids. Why don’t we play library?

32. Are you overdue? Because you have FINE written all over you.

33. My love for you is like an overdue book – it just keeps getting stronger.

34. Your love story is my favorite genre.

35. If you were a book, I’d need a library card because I’d never return you.

36. Are you a dictionary? Because you add meaning to my life.

37. The day I saw you, my heart went on hold.

38. Is your book captivating or are you just happy to see me?

39. Our story is still unwritten, but my love for you isn’t.

40. Are we in the same genre? Because we surely have some chemistry.

41. Are you a bookmark? Because I would hate to lose my place in your life.

42. Can I take you out? Because my feelings for you are overdue.

43. To me you are a library book. I can’t stop checking you out.

44. Shall we exchange titles? Because I want to know your story.

45. Your smile must be a new edition, because I haven’t seen it in this library before.

46. Can I check you out and take you home with me.

47. Would you like to be a part of my library?

48. Do you have a name, or can I call you mine?

49. If you decline my wish to take you out, it would be a Crime and Punishment.

50. If our story was a book, it would be a bestseller.

51. Are you a library book? Because I can’t stop checking you out.

52. Dear Missy! Do you mind giving me your cutter number?

53. I must be an overdue library book, because you have my fine written all over you.

54. I don’t need a library card to check you out.

55. Heard you are a cataloger. Hope the lists you make have enough space to accommodate me as well.

56. You like books, and I like you, do you like me too?

57. Would you mind if I keep you in reserve?

58. Baby, the only section in my library is classified under Dewey 617 because I only have eyes for you.

59. Let’s reserve a room in the library and study each other.

60. Our love story would be a bestseller.

61. Allow me to be your book. Read me, understand me, acknowledge me, and handle me with care.

62. If I could arrange the library stacks, I would put “U” and “I” together.

63. Is your last name Thriller? Because my heart just skipped a beat.

64. Do you have overdue books? ‘Cause you have FINE written all over you.

65. If beauty were a book, you’d be a best seller.

66. Is your love a late fee? Because I’m willing to pay.

67. Do you have a map? I just got lost in the Fiction section looking for you.

68. I wish to choose you from the many books in the library called the world.

69. Do you have overdue books? Because you have fine written all over you.

70. Are you a literary device? Because my heart foreshadows you.

71. The only book in this library I wish to read is you.

72. Just like a book, I can’t judge you by the cover until I explore your story.

73. Are you a bad book? Because I simply can’t put you down.

74. Do you have the wifi password for my heart? Because I feel a connection.

75. You must be a book on witchcraft, because your beauty spellbinds me.

76. Had you been a book, I would have needed glasses to read through your fine-printed pages.

77. What’s your catalogue number baby?

78. I’m not checking out a book, I’m checking you out.

79. Your smile is the only library card I need.

80. If I were to write a book, it would be about how much I love chatting with you.

81. Boy, you must be a library book, because I can’t stop checking you out.

82. Baby, I hope you’re not in the restricted section, because I’d love to take you out.

83. No one believes me to be a librarian. Why don’t you check me out?

84. I may not be a cataloger, but I bet I can find a place to fit you in.

85. May I help you with the stacks? I learned to arrange them from my mom, who like you was a librarian too.

86. Are you in the Library catalogue? I’d love to get you’re number.

87. Let’s meet in the library! How about the fantasy section?

88. Is your name Novel? Because you have so much character.

89. You like books, and so do I. Why don’t we weave the story of life together?

90. Are your hands full with books? Because I’d love to hold them for you.

91. Are you friends of the library? Great, because my name is The Library.

92. I am not supposed to be judging a book by its cover, right? No, wrong! One look at you, and I am already floored.

93. Do you believe in love at first sight, or should I walk by the library again?

94. Are you a romance novel? Because my heart beats faster when I’m with you.

95. Had I added a catalog to you, ‘Desirable’ would be my choic.

96. I need a compass, because every time I see you, I lose direction.

97. Are you a book on philosophy? Because you make me question my existence.

98. Your beauty must be the 8th wonder of the library.

99. Do you like Harry Potter? Because I adumbledore you.

100. I can’t have enough of you like you were a thriller.

101. I feel like a book on the top shelf, because I’m falling for you.

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