75+ Goat Jokes That Are Actually Hilarious

Goats are one of the most popular animals in the world. They are known for their hardiness, intelligence, and adaptability. But when it comes to bringing lightheartedness into conversations, sharing goat jokes can be a unique brand of humour that appeals to people from all walks of life.

If you are trying to express humour and make people laugh, These jokes are creative, witty, and often silly to connect while having fun.

Here we’ve compiled a list of the best Goat Jokes that is filled with puns and clever wordplay that both children and adults can enjoy. So scroll down and see what we’ve got you covered.

Goat Jokes

1. What do you call a goat that likes country music?

Billy Ray Cyrus.

2. What’s a goat’s favourite hobby?

Goat Kart racing.

3. How do you stop a goat from charging?

Unplug it.

4. What do you call a goat swimming really fast in a lake?

A motor goat.

5. Which show do kid goats love to watch?

BARN-ey and friends.

6. What’s a goat’s worst habit?

Butting in.

7. What’s a goat’s favourite game?

Grand Thooft Auto.

8. What do you call a goat who works in a donut shop?

A battering ram.

9. What’s a goat’s favorite drink?


10. How does goat’s milk taste?

Udderly delicious.

11. What’s the best butter on the farm?

A goat.

12. What’s a goat’s favourite Eagles song?

Goatel California.

13. What did the executive goat’s PA say?

You’ve goat mail.

14. How does the grumpy goat tell his friends to shut up?

Stop bleating on.

15. What do you call a goat dressed up as a clown?

A silly billy.

16. What’s a goat’s favourite song to sing?

Bleat It.

17. What do you get when you cross a rabbit and a goat?

You get a hare in your milk.

18. What’s a goat’s favourite quote?

No goats, no glory.

19. What’s a goat’s favourite Chinese meal?

Chicken Satyr.

20. What’s a kid’s favorite nursery rhyme?

Row, row, row your goat.

21. What do you call a goat that likes cleaning?

A room-BAAA.

22. What was the classic 80s comedian goat called?

Billy Crystal.

23. What do you call a goat that works in a chip shop?

A battering ram.

24. I saw a cartoon portraying a politician as a goat… It was satyr.

25. How does the goat greet his friends?

Hay there.

26. What do you call a goat’s hero?

A Billy Idol.

27. What’s a goat’s favourite musical?

The Goatest Showman.

28. What did everyone call the goat that sailed around the world?

Billy Ocean.

29. What’s a goat’s favourite sports position?


30. The goat liked to gossip about the things he herd through the grapevine.

31. Who started the argument?

The instigoater.

32. What’s a goat’s favourite instrument?

A goatar.

33. What does the rushed goat say?

I haven’t goat all day.

34. What’s a goat’s preferred beard style?

A goatee.

35. What do you call the best ‘butter’ on the farm?

A goat.

36. Why did the doe cross the road?

To get to the udder side.

37. What’s a goat’s favorite TV show?

Britain’s Goat Talent.

38. What do you call a goat that knows martial arts?

The Karate Kid.

39. Where do you find a goat with no legs?

Right where you left it.

40. What do you call a cowboy goat?

Billy the kid.

41. What do you call a goat that can swim really fast?

A motor goat!A quizzical looking goat in front of a purple background.

42. Where do rams go to get their hair trimmed?

The baaaaaa-ber.

43. How does a goat sign his Christmas cards?

Season’s bleatings.

44. What did the goat who was very bored, say?


45. Who’s the naughtiest goat in history?

Billy the Kid.

46. What did the goat love watching every Saturday night?

Americas Goat Talent.

47. What farm animal is always in trouble?

The scapegoat.

48. How can you tell when a goat is in the closet?

He has a beard.

49. What did the nanny say to the naughty kid?

It’s pasture bedtime!” .

50. What did the goat say when it pranked the cow?

Just kidding!A laughing emoji and giggling red apple.

51. A goat, a drum, and a snake fell off a cliff… Baa dum ssss.

52. Who’s the biggest business mogul in the goat world?

Bill Goats.

53. Where does an angry goat write down its problems?

On the ram-page.

54. What do you call a beard on a billy?

A goatee.

55. What did the betrayed goat say?

How could you fursake me?”.

56. What do billies like to eat for breakfast?


57. What did the bored goat say?


58. What do you call a mountain goat?

A hillbilly.

59. What’s a goat’s favourite designer?

Jean Paul Goatier.

60. What did they call the young goat who knew martial arts?

The karate kid.

61. What do you call an extremely lazy goat that just stands there?

Billy Idol.

62. Who was the most talented artist on the animal farm?

Vincent Van Goat.

63. What was the tough goat in the 90s boy band called?


64. What’s the optimistic goat’s motto?

Things can only get feta.

65. What do educated goat earn?

A pedegree.

66. What’s a goat’s favourite film?

The Goatfather.

67. Where do adult goats go on holiday cruises?

To the baaaa-hamas.

68. What did the billy say to the suspicious doe?

I’ve never even seen herbivore.

69. What do you call a goat who has a kid for another goat?

A surrogoat.

70. What do you call a goat who paints pictures?

Vincent Van Goat.

71. Why did the goat go to the library?

To return a buck.

72. What did the goat who was amazing at sports drink?


73. What did the goat say when her kids were being naughty?

I need a good nanny.

74. What’s a goat’s favourite animal?

An alligoator.

75. Which American football team do goats cheer for?

The Rams.

76. What do you call a baby goat that’s sleeping?

A kid-napper.

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