29 Dim Sum Pick Up Lines

If you are having Dim Sum with the person you have feelings for, and you are struggling to find the right words to express your feelings, then these Dim Sum pick up lines will show your interest in that special one without coming off as too serious or intimidating.

No matter whether you are at a Chinese restaurant or any other place. These lines are funny and cheesy that will playfully show your wit and charm. So go ahead and easily charm the person you always have your eyes on. Enjoy.

Dim Sum Pick Up Lines

1. Hey, I want to suck on your feet like this Chicken feet.

2. The only pudding I want is inside you.

3. I dim sum-thin’ silly and ordered way too much food.

4. My love for you weighs wonton.

5. I want to tart you all night long.

6. Been there, dan dat, am I right?

7. Dim sum tell you, you are the one for me?

8. With dim sum, my day is always off to a great cart.

9. After this egg roll, how about let’s roll in my bed.

10. All I want tonight is Siu (Mai).

11. Life is Wonton-derful when I met you.

12. Are you Dim Sum? Because I could taste all of you all day long.

13. You are so hot and steamy, you are making my little dumpling go big.

14. Dim sum gives me Siu Mai-ch joy.

15. You’re all the and Dim Sum.

16. I’d like to make some Soup-er babies with you tonight.

17. Been waiting a long time for this dim sum spread. It’s a Bao time.

18. Want to have Dim Sum with me? I got beefy balls.

19. You dim sum, you lose some.

20. Yum Cha wish your dishes were hot like these?

21. When it comes to dim sum, I’m a total basket case.

22. You are sui mai type.

23. Roll in the sheets with me.

24. Keep calm and gao-ry on.

25. You make my tart melt.

26. I don’t wanna Bao-st, but how good does my Dim Sum look?

27. Hey, after Dim Sum tonight, I’ll make you cum.

28. Baby, do you want some tasty meat inside your bun?

29. Let’s give them Dumpling to talk about.

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