65 Tequila Pick Up Lines

Are you looking for a way to break the ice and get the attention of someone special at the bar or club? Whether you want to make a new friend or find love, using tequila pick up lines will give you the confidence boost you need to make your move.

By combining wit and humour, we’ve created these lines that will help you get the attention of your desired partner and make them laugh.

Tequila Pick Up Lines

1. “I’m not wasting any more limes, unless it’s for tequila shots with you!”

2. “Do you know the best cure for a tequila hangover? Another shot with you.”

3. “Are you a Tequini? Because you’ve mixed up my world.”

4. “Is your name Jose? Because you’re the only Cuervo I’ve been searching for.”

5. “Are you tequila? Because even the thought of you makes my heart beat faster.”

6. “My heart beats for you, just like the rhythm in a tequila-filled club.”

7. “With you, every conversation flows like a well-poured tequila shot.”

8. “We go together like lime and tequila.”

9. “If life is a party, you’re the tequila that makes it unforgettable.”

10. “With you, every hug feels like a warm tequila embrace.”

11. “If I were a tequila bottle, you’d be the label – making me look good.”

12. “Got lime? Because I got the tequila.”

13. “In the club of love, you’re the tequila shot that sets my heart on fire.”

14. “If I were a tequila bottle, you’d be the label – catching everyone’s attention.”

15. “Your smile is more blinding than tequila on a sunny day.”

16. “Someone told me that angels enjoy tequila, and I believe them, because damn, you are heavenly.”

17. “You must be a tequila sunrise, because you’ve just brightened up my day.”

18. “Are you a brand of tequila? Because I can’t seem to forget your name.”

19. “I’m not a tequila person, but for you, I would be!”

20. “Just like tequila, being with you is an adventure I never want to end.”

21. “Just like tequila, you make my heart race with every sip.”

22. “Let’s be like a good tequila – smooth, strong, and leaving a lasting impression.”

23. “I wish I could rearrange the alphabet, so U and I are closer on the tequila shelf.”

24. “Is your name Cuervo? Because you’ve got me crowing for more.”

25. “Do you believe in love at first sip, or should I take another shot?”

26. “You know what pairs well with tequila? Us.”

27. “Tequila: because every love story deserves a little kick.”

28. “If life is a celebration, you’re the tequila toast that makes it special.”

29. “If I were a tequila bottle, you’d be the label that stands out in the crowd.”

30. “In the club of love, you’re the tequila shot that leaves me craving more.”

31. “Is your name Don Julio? Because you’re top shelf material.”

32. “Are you a Mexican cocktail? Because you got me at tequila.”

33. “Your eyes sparkle more than a salt-rimmed tequila glass.”

34. “Tequila, because every love story needs a bit of liquid courage.”

35. “Excuse me, having tequila with you is like a perfect shot – unforgettable.”

36. “With you, every moment feels like a top-shelf tequila experience.”

37. “Let’s turn our moments together into a tequila-fueled love story.”

38. “I got a bottle of Tequila, ready to party?”

39. “Like a good tequila, you leave a warm feeling that lingers long after you’re gone.”

40. “When I think of you, my heart dances to the rhythm of a tequila beat.”

41. “Your smile is more intoxicating than tequila.”

42. “If I were a tequila bottle, you’d be the top-shelf choice.”

43. “My heart beats in sync with the rhythm of a tequila-filled night.”

44. “Hey. You owe me a drink. I dropped mine when you walked by.”

45. “Tequila is never the answer. You, me, and tequila is the only solution.”

46. “Here’s to tequila; to salt and lime and to having you as mine.”

47. “Just like tequila, our chemistry is intoxicating and unforgettable.”

48. “Are you a reposado? Because you’ve aged so fine.”

49. “Tequila, because every love story needs a good plot.”

50. “Do you believe in love at first sight or should I walk by with this tequila again?”

51. “It must be margarita o’clock, ’cause I can’t resist you.”

52. “Is your name Tequila? Because after you, there’s no other shot I’d want.”

53. “Do you believe in the magic of a tequila-fueled connection?”

54. “You sparkle brighter than a well-shaken margarita!”

55. “If life gives you lemons, we should do tequila shots and make the best of it.”

56. “When I think of you, my heart skips a beat, just like a lively tequila beat.”

57. “Are you a reposado? Because you’ve been on my mind.”

58. “In the club of love, you’re the tequila shot that makes everything more exciting.”

59. “You’re like the salt to my tequila, you just make everything taste better.”

60. “No lime needed – you’re already perfection in a glass.”

61. “Are you tequila? Because you make me happy.”

62. “Are you a Margarita? Because you mix up my senses.”

63. “Hi there, are you drinking a mixed drink? Mind if I join you.”

64. “Do you want a shot at love or a shot of tequila? I can offer you both!”

65. “If we were a tequila blend, we’d be the perfect concoction of laughter and love.”

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