53 Cryptocurrency Pick Up Lines

Are you looking to impress the crypto babes in your life? Then why not try using cryptocurrency pick up lines? We all know cryptocurrency has become increasingly popular over the last few years, and using pickup lines related to it will show off your knowledge and charm.

These lines will make you stand out from the crowd and impress your date, and you will also have an easy conversation starter. So go ahead and get your job done. Enjoy.

Cryptocurrency Pick Up Lines

1. Let’s mix algos and create a hash of our own.

2. I got very slow transaction times, we could hash all night long.

3. I am tether to your USD, because I could peg to you 100%.

4. Are you my bitcoin wallet? Because I could check you out 24/7.

5. Babe are you the one crypto in my dream? I am going all in.

6. Girl, check out my huge block size.

7. I hope you like immutable ledgers, cuz you’ll never get rid of me.

8. Babe I am all time high for you.

9. Call me Satoshi, cuz you’re my true vision.

10. Baby I know you’re the Wan.

11. Let our rigs mine and we could chill.

12. Baby, my bit is so good it’ll take you back to the gold standard.

13. My love has zero amount of FUD with you.

14. I hear you’ve got an impressive block folio.

15. Show me your tits and I’ll give you some bits.

16. Girl can I have your address to airdrop my tokens?

17. Are you Bitcoin? I’m feeling totally bull about you.

18. Baby, requesting permission to import my private keys into your hot wallet.

19. I’d hodl you through the good times and bad.

20. I’ll let you mine with my rig any day.

21. Nice blockchain, wanna fork?

22. Don’t fall for other shitcoins, go for this smart contract.

23. Are you free tonight? I am down to forking.

24. I never paid for a date with Bitcoin, will you be the first one?

25. Girl, all blocks confirm my love for you.

26. You can have my private keys anytime.

27. Baby, my proof of stake will surely satisfy your selection.

28. You probably wonder why I got no shirt on, babe I am rich because I sold the top.

29. You think crypto is going down? Let me change your mind with my long position.

30. My strong hands will carry you through any correction.

31. Baby, you are my crypto wallet because you have the private keys to my heart.

32. Are you a poorly setup mining rig? Because you are smoking hot.

33. Smart, sexy and funny… Your hash validates.

34. Are you a block because I want you to be mine.

35. Is that a Blockchain or are you pleased to see me?

36. Does a fire burn in your Litecoin when you see me?

37. I am a crypto in the sheets, as volatile as you want me to be.

38. Coinbase is not good enough, let’s go third base.

39. Baby, I ain’t going for no pump and dump.

40. Hey girl, you are raising my hash rate.

41. Girl, I am not normal, I am a crypto whale.

42. It’s all FOMO with you.

43. Hey girl, you are precious because there is only a limited supply of you.

44. Girl, let’s start our genesis block.

45. If I take over 51% of your hash rate, could I take you home with me?

46. Babe I can distribute my asset all over you.

47. If I had a Bitcoin for every time you came across my mind, I’d be a Whale.

48. Girl I may not look like a jailbait, but I am surely a miner.

49. Girl, I know how to use my leverage to please.

50. Are you a crypto kitty? Cuz I’m feline a connection between us.

51. You trade crypto, I trade crypto, let’s exchange and have futures together.

52. Want to scan my wallet, and see if you like me more?

53. Girl you are so hot, I might have to put you in cold storage.

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