37 Civilization Pick Up Lines

Have you ever wanted to flirt with your loved ones about Civilization in a unique way? If yes, then these civilization pick up lines will make your favourite person smile. These lines are cheesy and hot, which will make you stand out from the crowd. Enjoy.

Civilization Pick Up Lines

1. Are you a spy? Because you’ve infiltrated my thoughts.

2. Is your love like a strategic resource? Because it’s essential for my happiness.

3. Is your love like a luxury resource? Because I can’t get enough of it.

4. Did you try the latest expansion? Because you just took me by storm.

5. Is your name Maya? Because I’d like to sacrifice you to the gods.

6. Baby, you just set my focus on growth.

7. Are you a great diplomat? Because you’ve brokered a peace treaty with my heart.

8. My legions will build fortresses anywhere for you, baby.

9. Are you a wonder of the ancient world? Because you’ve left me speechless.

10. Are you a barbarian camp? Because I can’t resist conquering your heart

11. You make me happier than Notre Dame.

12. Would you be interested in a trade agreement?

13. Girl, you like an archaeologist, cause you are something money can’t buy.

14. Girl, You must be America, because you’re my manifest destiny.

15. Are you a Great Engineer? Because you’ve built something extraordinary in my heart.

16. Are you a worker unit? Because you’ve improved my happiness levels.

17. Your fountain of youth makes me smile.

18. Are you a Great Prophet? Because your presence feels like a divine revelation.

19. Babe, are you Future Tech? Cause once I do you I won’t be able to do anything else.

20. Is your name Venice? Because I’m willing to give you all my love and trade routes.

21. Are you from Mongolia? ‘Cause I hear you’re into domination.

22. Babe, you must have built the Eiffel Tower because your appeal is breathtaking.”

23. Baby, I got more luxury resources than in The Netherlands.

24. You’re my capital and I’m your Mehal sefari, the closer I am to you, the stronger I feel.

25. Babe, you are a Natural Wonder.

26. Are you a Great Merchant? Because you’ve enriched my life.

27. You must be the World Fair, cause the whole world wants you.

28. Are you a builder? Because you’ve constructed a path to my heart.

29. Girl, do I have enough influence points with you to send envoys yet?

30. Are you a settler? Because I want to establish a new world with you.

31. Are you a wonder of the world? Because you’ve left me in awe.

32. I adopted Piety so I could worship you.

33. Are you a settler? Because I’m ready to start a new civilization with you.

34. Baby are you the Shoshone because you’ve given me a great expanse.

35. Can I bombard your capital?

36. Do you believe in love at first civilization, or should I send a scout to explore your heart further?

37. Is your name Petra? Because you’ve turned my desert into an oasis of love.

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