75 Funny Broccoli Puns That Will Make You Smile

Broccoli is a cruciferous vegetable which includes cabbage, kale, cauliflower, and Brussels sprouts. It is a popular vegetable because it has high fibre content and can lower cancer risk. Also, it has been shown to have many benefits for health. In particular, it may help protect against cancer and help lower cholesterol levels and reduce the risk of heart disease or stroke.

Below, we’ve compiled a list of Broccoli puns that are the best and most hilarious you’ll love. So scroll down and see what we’ve got you covered.

Funny Broccoli Puns

1. A sham-broc is a lucky broccoli.

2. You’re a broc-cool-i.

3. Superhero foods.

4. I’m going skiing in Broc-kenridge.

5. Be-leaf in yourself.

6. Leaf me alone.

7. I’m leaf-ing.

8. Santa gives naughty broccolis broc-coal-i.

9. 59. Take it broccol-easy.

10. My love for broccoli stems from an early age.

11. Don’t be a brat-ccoli.

12. Whoops, I broke-oli.

13. Broc ‘n’ roll.

14. A broccoli’s favorite month is Broc-tober.

15. NASA took broccoli to space on a broc-ket.

16. It’s a daily brocc-urence.

17. Broc my world, baby.

18. It’s all a part of the brocc-ess.

19. I feel like a broc-star.

20. You’re so broc-ward.

21. Without veggies, I’d be a broc-en man.

22. If broccoli played soccer, it would be the broc-goalie.

23. We will, we will Broc you.

24. My kids love to play Ro-broc-s.

25. A broccoli’s worst nightmare is a broc-ghoul-i.

26. The king of broccoli is the brocco-leader.

27. What’s your brocc-upation?

28. If you don’t like broccoli, you can brocco-leave.

29. 58. When it’s cold, wear sock-coli.

30. I’m moving to Broc-lahoma.

31. There is planty of broccoli left.

32. I’m dressing up for a special brocc-asion.

33. If you’re not down with veggies, you can brocco-leave.

34. It’s the brocco-least I could do.

35. Brocco-lean in for a kiss.

36. Broc on.

37. Dwayne “The Brocc” Johnson.

38. It’s the standard brocc-edure.

39. That broccoli is stalk-ing me….

40. When broccolis run out of money.

41. A poisonous broccoli is brocco-lethal.

42. Definitely Broc my record for food intake today. Phew.

43. We’re leaving in a-brocc-ximately 10 minutes.

44. They’re causing a broc-ous.

45. I’m broc-ing bad habits.

46. I’m a natural born brocco-leader.

47. I’m not broccol-ying. It’s the truth.

48. Time to broccol-eat.

49. We’re signing a brocco-lease for our new broccoli facility.

50. Life brocs.

51. Broc’ n’ Roll.

52. You’re out of my brocco-league.

53. Do your job broccoli.

54. A sad broccoli.

55. I need to take a broc.

56. Uncooked broccoli is raw-ccoli.

57. When you cross a dog with broccoli, you get broc-collie.

58. B’rock‘ oli.

59. Barack-oli Obama.

60. You broc my world.

61. Spent so much on veggies this month, I’m officially broke-oli.

62. Brocco-lead the way.

63. You’re my bro-ccoli.

64. I loved this broccoli so much, my jaw is on the floor-et.

65. This dish is out of my broccoleague.

66. Broccoli cow.

67. I read a pro-broc-ative article today.

68. Feeling like a broc star.

69. You broc.

70. When a broccoli smiles goofily.

71. I be-leaf in you.

72. I don’t think I’ve met herbivore. (her before).

73. I’m watching a broc-umentary.

74. It weighs one brocco-liter.

75. A melon-broccoli mashup.

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