79 Soup Puns That Are Soup-er Funny

We love to have soup because it is a perfect way to get some nutrients and minerals while also feeling warm and cosy. It is easy to make; you only need a pot and some ingredients, and you are ready to go. And this is why this dish is comforting that can be eaten in any season.

When we come to Choosing the right soup puns is not an easy task. Therefore, we’ve discovered some of the best Soup puns you’ll love. Scroll down and see what we’ve got you covered.

Soup Puns

1. Thanks for being soup-portive.

2. I’m heading to the soup-ermarket.

3. I’m a souper hero.

4. Just pho-get about it.

5. It’s soup-erior.

6. This local restaurant serves all kinds of broth. It has a soup-erb menu.

7. I’m not soup-rised.

8. I’m a hopeless ramen-tic.

9. Sorry, we’re out of stock.

10. It’s stew-pid.

11. Extra hot soup always takes your breath away.

12. Miso soup is so self-aware.

13. Do not eat that alphabet soup, or you will have a massive vowel movement.

14. Cannibals prefer cooked men to ramen.

15. This soup is making miso hungry.

16. Do you want to try my soup? I have enough for broth of us.

17. I become a bouillon-aire by selling broth.

18. A ghost’s favorite soup is scream of broccoli.

19. It was only soup-erficial.

20. The wife told her husband he was a hopeless ramen-tic.

21. I fell pho you.

22. You must be a philo-soup-her.

23. I earned money by selling broth. Now I am a bouillonaire.

24. I’m souper proud of you.

25. What makes the soup of a dragon so delicious is the addition of firecrackers.

26. That’s a nice soup-er car.

27. One bowl of soup said to the other, “Hello Broth-er”.

28. The best way to make gold soup is to add 22 carrots.

29. Baby, you always make miso happy.

30. I’m being pho real.

31. Fake ramen noodles are also called the impasta.

32. Which hand should we use to stir the soup? It is better to stir the soup with a spoon.

33. What is it soup-posed to be?

34. You look soup-histicated.

35. A waitress asked me: “Soup or salad?”. I said just a regular salad would be fine.

36. My mom likes to feed everyone the soup she makes. She said it is her broth right.

37. I can be a bit soup-erstitious.

38. You’re a soup-erstar.

39. Many people have a mythical belief about soup. It is called soup–erstition.

40. He is the best chef in the city. His soups take my broth away.

41. If you want day-old soup, then come back here tomorrow.

42. Every morning, I take soup-plements.

43. One soup said to the other, “Let’s be friends pho-ever!”.

44. When she asked me if I like soup, I replied saying “I am crazy pho soups”.

45. What do you call a soup factory run by prostitutes? A brothel.

46. I mixed too much laxative into my alphabet soup and I got verbal diarrhea.

47. I’ll ask my soup-ervisor.

48. Have a soup-erb day.

49. You make miso happy.

50. He had soup all over his face but he was not broth-ed at all.

51. You’re the best broth-er.

52. The cold broth is known to have lived in Stock-holm.

53. You’re the one pho me.

54. Being a man is like being a bowl of soup. You only get blown if you’re hot.

55. What-soup?

56. One bowl of soup said to the other, “Hello Broth-er”.

57. I am soup-er into the beautiful girl that I met yesterday at school.

58. This is soup-reme quality.

59. Mum, you are my soup-er star.

60. You’re un-pho-gettable.

61. This is pho miso back off.

62. I ran out of soup-plies.

63. My mum makes the best soups. She is a real soup-erstar.

64. If you are a fan of alphabet soup, you should also try times new ramen.

65. You are the one pho me.

66. It was soup-ernatural.

67. To make gold soup, add 24 carrots.

68. When a bowl of soup explodes, it’s a soup-ernova.

69. That’s pho-nomenal.

70. What do you call Vietnamese soup that is really, really good? Pho-nomenal.

71. You take my broth away.

72. Hey, you are going to marry? Are you pho real?

73. You are my soup-erstar.

74. I’ve decided to invest all my money in soup stocks. I want to be a bouillonaire.

75. Hey vampire! Eat all of your soup before it gets clotted.

76. Soup is only musical when it is piping hot.

77. Why is haunted soup the best? Because it’s soup-eerier.

78. Where can you buy soup in bulk? The stock market.

79. Ducks eat quackers with their soup.

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