95+ Bat Puns That Are Enough to Sink Your Fangs

Bats are essential in our life because they are pollinators, seed dispersers and insect eaters. They also use echolocation to find their way around at night and locate food sources. Some bats can even detect human heartbeats from over 100 feet away.

Below, we’ve compiled a list of Bat puns that are the best and most hilarious you’ll love. So scroll down and see what we’ve got you covered.

Bat Puns

1. Couldn’t com-Bat my urge to party.

2. What’s a vampire bat’s favorite food? I-scream.

3. When baking cakes, vampires use batter.

4. This was my costume, for Bat-ter or for worse.

5. You’re the bat-est of them all.

6. Where do bats go to learn things? To the night school.

7. Keep it bat-ween us.

8. It’s your turn to bat.

9. We’re bat-ter together.

10. There are many ways of holding a bat, but the best is by the handle.

11. My kids are learning the alpha-bat.

12. How do bats do the register at school? In alpha-bat-ical order.

13. Acro-bats do flips.

14. Where do school-going vampires carry their books? In bat-packs.

15. What does Batman do when he’s losing at cards? He uses his Joker.

16. Bats love to eat neck-tarines.

17. Bat-s how it is sometimes.

18. What is a bat’s favorite pudding? Upside down cake.

19. I got a bat-pack.

20. Happy Halloween, Bat-ches.

21. I’m just winging it.

22. All the little witches loved playing bats cradle at school.

23. What markets do bats avoid at all costs? Flea markets.

24. In the animal kingdom, bats are the only ones skilled in playing baseball.

25. Out here Bat-tling for “Best Costume”.

26. I saw a bat-ger at the zoo.

27. The favorite keep fit game for Draculas is batminton.

28. I’m a Bad Bat-ch.

29. I’m a huge fang of bats.

30. Bat to the bone.

31. Wing should we go?

32. The first thing bats learn in school is the alphabat.

33. Came to Bat.

34. You’re a bat-ty.

35. A vampire bat enters his house through the bat flap.

36. Little bats are fond of drinking the alpha-bat soup.

37. What do you call a bat who gets charged up to fly? A bat-tery.

38. What does Batman put in his drinks? Just ice.

39. School going vampires carry their books in bat packs.

40. Where do bats go when they lose their tails? They go to a re-tail store.

41. Bat-mouthing isn’t allowed.

42. It was love at first bite.

43. What are little bats fond of drinking? Alpha-bat soup.

44. Bats are spendthrifts, they keep most of their money in blood banks.

45. It’s a rechargeable bat-tery.

46. How do bats make new friends? With a sound wave.

47. Am I into Halloween? You Bat I am.

48. Where do bats go to gamble? Bat-lantic City.

49. What do you call a little bat? A battle.

50. What holiday do bats love best? St. Bat-rich’s Day.

51. Watch your bat-titude.

52. What did Batman do when he went shopping? Got ham.

53. Give yourself a bat on the back.

54. Chew on gum to get rid of bat breath.

55. Why don’t people like grumpy vampires? Because they have bat tempers.

56. I’m breaking bat habits.

57. Fang-girling over my costume this year.

58. School-going vampires carry their books in bat-packs.

59. I got a bat-ge for my new job.

60. A bat can easily make new friends with a sound wave.

61. What do vampires use when baking cakes? Batter.

62. Be nice to me or I’ll give you a nasty Bat-itude.

63. How does a vampire bat enter his house? Through the bat flap.

64. What is the only thing smarter than a talking bat? A spelling bee.

65. You Bat-ter have a great Halloween.

66. When bats lose their tails, they go to a re-tail store.

67. Why are vampire bats so unpopular? Because they’re a massive pain in the neck.

68. I started playing bat-minton.

69. What does a vampire do after taking a shower? It stands on a bat mat.

70. This is the best hang-le for photos.

71. What’s do you call a really small bat? A battle.

72. How does a bat say hi to her mum? With a sound wave.

73. Don’t bat-ray me.

74. What is the first thing bats learn in school? The alphabat.

75. Sorry, I’m in a Bat mood today.

76. Bat vibes only.

77. It’s fang-tastic.

78. How do bats register at school? In alpha-bat-ical order.

79. How does Dracula keep fit? By playing batminton.

80. Hey Jude, don’t make it Bat.

81. What does a vampire need to make breakfast in the morning? Pancake batter.

82. I want some-bat-y to love.

83. The bat was so angry and said to the vampire, “you really suck.”

84. After taking a shower, a vampire stands on a bat mat.

85. If you cross a vampire bat and a computer, you will end up with love at first byte.

86. I’m crazy a-bat you.

87. Why don’t vampires use the front door? Because they use the bat flap instead.

88. What’s a vampire bat’s favorite fruit? A neck-tarine.

89. I need to go to the bat-room.

90. Which bat was first to learn their ABC’s? The alpha-bat.

91. Where do bats like to relax? In the bat-tub.

92. What do bats say to vampires? “You suck”.

93. Had a fang-tastic costume this year.

94. What do you have to know to teach a bat tricks? More than a bat.

95. Fang you very much.

96. How much do you want to bat?

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