57 Basketball Puns to Spread More Laughs on the Match

Basketball is a sport that is loved by many people, and it has been around for a long time. It is a sport that allows us to be creative, competitive and physical. It is also a sport that requires teamwork and communication.

Some people love playing basketball because they can have fun with their friends and family members while doing something they enjoy doing together. But when choosing the best basketball pun is not an easy task; therefore,  we’ve discovered some of the best Basketball puns you’ll love. Scroll down and see what we’ve got you covered.

Basketball Puns

1. I used to be addicted to basketball, but I rebounded.

2. What is the favorite sport of a bass fish? Bass-get-ball.

3. Why was Cinderella a bad player? Because her coach was a pumpkin.

4. Why did the elephants stampede onto the basketball court? They played for the Chargers.

5. Ball aboard.

6. Which dinosaur was the best at playing basketball? The LeBrontosaurus.

7. Why was Cinderella thrown off the basketball team? Because she ran away from the ball.

8. It’s a piece of dunk.

9. Can you grab a shopping court?

10. If you see an elephant with a basketball, simply get out of the way.

11. Why was the basketball court wet? Because the players kept dribbling on it.

12. When she saw all the madness around her, March said, “what’s all that bracket”.

13. Why is the basketball arena hot after the game? Because all the fans have left.

14. Why are basketball players messy eaters? They’re always dribbling.

15. Saved by the ball.

16. I rebounded.

17. When basketball players miss a basket, they say, “shoot!”

18. What do you call a basketball player who smells really good? Kevin Deodurant.

19. You’re a tough net to crack.

20. Pigs aren’t fun to play basketball with because they hog the ball.

21. Have some hoop.

22. What did the March say to all the madness? “What’s all that bracket?”

23. The only time a basketball team can chase a baseball team is five after nine.

24. The basketball player couldn’t listen to music because she broke the record.

25. Why did the fish refuse to play basketball? He was afraid of the net.

26. If you make a mistake of playing basketball with pigs, they will hog the ball.

27. What do you do when you see an elephant with a basketball? Get out of the way.

28. Do you know how to dunk cookies? Ask a basketball ball chef.

29. The basketball player was arrested because he shot the ball.

30. What do you call a ninja who is good at basketball? A Kobe Shinobi!

31. He was so sad that he started balling.

32. Who was the poet of basketball? Longfellow.

33. The basketball player was late because he took small forward steps.

34. Why are basketball players good at handling breakups? Because they can always rebound.

35. The perfect name for a pig that plays basketball is a ball hog.

36. Why is the basketball arena always hot often after games? Because all the fans have left.

37. Why do basketball players wear bibs? Because they dribble.

38. Bass get ball.

39. Basketball players are messy eats. They’re always dribbling.

40. What do you call a basketball player that misses dunks? Alley Whoops.

41. Avoid being in front of a basketball player because they’ll power forward.

42. Longfellow is the known poet of basketball.

43. The basketball player was sketching chickens because he was learning how to draw fowls.

44. May all of your swishes come true.

45. Double or net-hing.

46. Basketball players are really messy eaters. They are always dribbling.

47. What’s a pirate’s favorite basketball move? Jump hook.

48. Fish avoid basketball because they’re afraid of nets.

49. Alley whoops.

50. Where is a basketball player’s favorite place to eat? Dunkin’ Donuts.

51. Which fast-food chain would be a good basketball player? Dunkin’ Donuts.

52. Why did Ron Artest leave the game early? He wanted to beat the crowd.

53. What do you call an unbelievable story about a basketball player? A tall tale.

54. Why hasn’t Europe ever won Olympic gold in basketball? Because Europe isn’t a country.

55. What do you call a shark that plays basketball?A Sharq.

56. Many basketball players fail their tests in school because they do not want to pass.

57. Why can’t basketball players go on vacation? They aren’t allowed to travel.

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