30 Simpsons Pick Up Lines

If you ever want to make someone laugh or show your romantic side without being too forward, you can go with cheesy and funny Simpsons pick up lines. But why Simpsons only? Well, The Simpsons are undoubtedly one of the iconic shows that people of all ages love, and using pick up lines related to it will entertain them and even make the person you are trying to flirt with a laugh. Enjoy.

Simpsons Pick Up Lines

1. You’re so sweet, there oughta be ants crawling all over ya.

2. Girl, you owe me a buck thirty-nine: you’re so hot, you curdled the yogurt in my fanny pack.

3. Hi, my name is Moe. Or as the ladies like to refer to me , “Hey you in the bushes”.

4. Honey, it’s all right if you got a temper, ‘cuz I can take a punch.

5. Hey, if you Spring for me, I’ll Fall for you. Please don’t hit me.

6. I’m like Moe, I’m always looking for a good time.

7. Sometimes you have to break the rules to free the heart.

8. Noy you are a girl worth puttin’ on deodorant for.

9. Finally. You’re here. I ordered a tall drink of water and hour ago.

10. Wanna go out? I know I’m ugly, but you ain’t no Sharon Gless yourself.

11. Lets go watch “The Simpsons”, you can be Marge and I can take you Homer.”

12. To alcohol. The cause of, and solution too, all of life’s problems.

13. I’m like Mr. Burns, I’m only interested in one thing: money.

14. Stupid risks make life worth living.

15. Why don’t you go out with me and confuse everybody who believes in Natural Selection?

16. I’m not officially a hunchback, but if you find that kinda thing romantic, I’m pretty much there.

17. I’m the biggest lady-killer in Buffalo since O.J. Simpson.

18. Babe, you need a “YOU ARE HERE”, sign on your forehead ‘cuz I am lost in your eyes.

19. Listen, do you happen to have a blind twin sister?

20. What’s your sign, baby? Mine’s “No Fat Chicks.”

21. Darling’, standin’ next to you does the impossible… it makes me even uglier.

22. Listen, gorgeous, if you’re lookin’ for an east mark to seduce and steal his identity… I’m your man.

23. Babe, I’m not really sure what your problem is, but I’m pretty sure I could help you fix it.

24. Girl, watch out. You got so many curves you’re makin’ me carsick.

25. Can I buy you a drink? It’ll help you tolerate my face. And my voice. And my smell.

26. Holy God, I shouldn’t even be talkin’ to you. it’s like a disfigured rat chattin’ up a unicorn.

27. Wow, I never thought I’d see an angel in a craphouse like this.

28. Your daddy musta worked at Ikea because you are put together nice.

29. Can I buy you dinner? You obviously like strappin’ on the feedbag.

30. I’m like Lisa, I’m always looking for new and interesting things to learn.

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