21+ Restaurant Pick Up Lines

If you are at the restaurant and you find out, there is a cute girl or guy you find attractive, going to them and approaching can be stressful cause you don’t know how to break the ice, right? But not now, here you will get the best and cheesy restaurant pick up lines that will help you to create an atmosphere of relaxed conversation.

So don’t wait. Now is the perfect time to show your personality and sense of humor to make the experience more engaging for both of you. Enjoy.

Restaurant Pick Up Lines

1. Girl, want to go to a fast food restaurant? Because I want to drive through you.

2. The restaurants might be closed at midnight, but the take out in my pants is always open.

3. Do you work at a buffet restaurant? Because you are all I could eat.

4. Babe, want to try my favoite viet restaurant. I know a place Pho Kim Long.

5. I was going to ask you on a date to a restaurant, But I don’t think they’d appreciate me bringing my own meal

6. Are you a restaurant? I want to eat inside you.

7. Do you want to go to a restaurant? You can’t spell menu without me and you.

8. I’ve got a bottle of red, a bottle of white. Want to have a love scene in a restaurant?

9. Babe, are you a restaurant? Because I want to take you out.

10. Do you work at a restaurant? Because I want you to be my head chef.

11. Roses are red, violets are blue, What’s your favorite restaurant? I’ll get a table for two.

12. What do you call your favorite restaurant? Our first date.

13. Did you order takeout from a restaurant? Because I am delivering some meal to your heart.

14. Babe, are you a restaurant? Because you look mighty tasty tonight.

15. You want to open a restaurant? Because I want to be inside your restaurant chain.

16. You are like a bomb, I want to take you to the restaurant

17. Are you a casual dining restaurant? Because babe I want casually eat you up tonight.

18. I know your favorite restaurant lets go on a date we can see your favorite movie too.

19. When are you gonna come by the restaurant and check out my biscuits.

20. I search Google for nearby restaurants and it lead me to you because you got the whole meal.

21. Call me a sit down restaurant, because babe I will fill you up tonight.

22. I know the best restaurant in town. My place.

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