75 Minions Pick Up Lines to Bring the Giggles Out

Who doesn’t love Minions? These cute little yellow guys have been a source of joy and laughter for many people, especially girls of all ages. But did you know you can use minion-inspired pick up lines to impress that special one? Yes, we are not kidding. These lines will make your crush smile and charm the girl of your dreams.

Minions Pick Up Lines

1. “I wish I had a Minion Translator because words can’t express how much I adore you.”

2. “I must be a Minion, because I can’t resist those overalls.”

3. “You make my heart go ‘banana’!”

4. “Did Gru send you? Because he always sends the best.”

5. “Just like a Minion’s devotion to bananas, my heart is devoted to you with unwavering love.”

6. “You are the Bob to my Stuart – the perfect duo in this adventure called love.”

7. “Do you believe in love magic? Because being with you feels like a spell cast by a mischievous Minion.”

8. “Are you Kevin, Stuart or Bob? Because my love for you is one in a Minion.”

9. “Just like Minions brighten up Gru’s day, you light up my world with your radiant smile.”

10. “Are you a minion? Because when you’re around, everything becomes despicably delightful.”

11. “I must be a Minion, because I’m bananas for you!”

12. “Do you believe in love at first sight, or should I dress up as a Minion again?”

13. “Are you a Minion? Because you’re one in a Minion.”

14. “Are you a Minion movie sequel? Because I can’t wait for more.”

15. “Are you a Minion? Because you stir a Despicable ‘Me’ within me.”

16. “I will not have a ‘Despicable Me’ moment when I am with you.”

17. “I’ll be your loyal minion if you promise to be the Gru in my life’s story.”

18. “Are we in a Minion movie? Because every moment with you feels like a delightful scene.”

19. “Do you believe in love at first banana sighting? Because meeting you feels like destiny.”

20. “Do you believe in destiny? Because I think we were meant to be together like minions and bananas.”

21. “You are the moon to my night, making every moment with you feel magical, just like a Minion’s world.”

22. “I may not have a Minion’s goggles, but my eyes are set on you as my one true love.”

23. “Just like a Minion’s curiosity, my heart is eager to explore the depths of love with you.”

24. “You’ve stolen the moon right out of my sky.”

25. “Are you a banana? Because I slip and fall for you every single time.”

26. “Ready for some Minion mischief?”

27. “I wish I could shrink myself down to minion size so I could be even closer to you.”

28. “Are you a banana? Because I find myself going bananas for you, just like a minion.”

29. “There’s something Gru-vy about you and I like it.”

30. “Could you be my Minion Valentine? Because you’re the one I want to share my heart with.”

31. “Are you Agnes? Because I just adore everything about you.”

32. “Damn, you are as precious as a rare, golden banana to this minion’s heart.”

33. “Do you feel the Banana-nnection between us?”

34. “You’re sweeter than a banana smoothie.”

35. “I may not have a yellow complexion, but I’m ready to be your sunshine, just like a Minion.”

36. “Are you really a minion? Because you’re causing a Minion Mayhem in my heart.”

37. “Girl, are you a unicorn? Because I think I’ve found the fluffy!”

38. “Are you an Evil Minion? Because my heart is running wild!”

39. “Hey, are you a banana? Because I find you a-peeling, just like a minion.”

40. “I wish I had a freeze ray to capture this moment and make it last forever, just like a Minion’s loyalty.”

41. “Hey, do you believe in love at first sight, or should I walk by again like a minion?”

42. “Excuse me, girl, but you must be a minion because you’re one in a minion.”

43. “You’re like a unicorn in the world of minions – rare, magical, and utterly enchanting.”

44. “You’re my favorite little troublemaker.”

45. “I may not have a Minion’s language skills, but my heart speaks the language of love fluently.”

46. “Can I be your Stuart? I promise not to be mischievous, just full of love like a minion.”

47. “You know what? You’re so stunning; you make all the other minions stop and stare.”

48. “Are you a minion? Because you’re one in a minion.”

49. “Feeling Minion-magnetic towards you.”

50. “Can I call you my Minion, because I’m despicably smitten by you.”

51. “You light up my world like a Minion’s goggles.”

52. “Are you from the moon? Because your beauty is out of this world.”

53. “Girl, someone told me you’re as sweet as a banana – no wonder you’re a minion.”

54. “Could you be the moon? Because just like a Minion, I find your light irresistibly captivating.”

55. “Could you be my minion? Because I’m ready to follow you on the wildest love journey.”

56. “Just like a Minion’s laughter, our love is infectious and brings joy to everyone around.”

57. “Even a minion couldn’t express the way I feel about you!”

58. “I think you’re the missing piece to complete this minion’s master plan – the love plan.”

59. “I must be a minion, because I’m banana for you.”

60. “I may not have a Minions’ language, but my actions speak the universal language of love for you.”

61. “Is your name Lucy? Because I’ve been on a wild ride since I met you.”

62. “Just as minions love bananas, I am crazy for you.”

63. “I may be a mere mortal, but you are the Minion who’s stolen my heart with your charm.”

64. “Are you a banana? Because I find you a-peeling.”

65. “Could you be my Agnes? Because you make my heart say, It’s so fluffy I’m gonna die!”

66. “Let’s be despicable together.”

67. “You must be Scarlet Overkill because you just overkilled my heart!”

68. “Banana or Papaya? Doesn’t matter as long as I’m with ya!”

69. “Just like Minions follow their leader, I’m ready to follow you into a lifetime of love and happiness.”

70. “You are the banana to my Minion – essential, sweet, and the highlight of my day.”

71. “Your love makes me float like a Minion with a balloon – weightless and full of happiness.”

72. “You’re like the Minions’ favorite toy – fun, entertaining, and the source of endless joy.”

73. “Our love could be the next big Minion adventure.”

74. “Are you a Despicable Me movie? Because my heart just got a sequel.”

75. “You are the Kevin to my Bob – the perfect partner in this adventure called love.”

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