27 Microwave Pick Up Lines

Do you want to add a bit of spice to your relationship? Of course, we all do. Here, you need a funny and cheesy microwave to pick up lines if you are making some meals on your microwave and your love is around you. Not only it will make your partner laugh, but it will also add a little bit of spice to your relationship. So enjoy and get ready to break the ice and get closer to your partner in no time.

Microwave Pick Up Lines

1. Are you a microwave? ‘Cause mmmmmmmmmm.

2. You a microwave? Because you warm my meat inside.

3. Are you a microwave? Because I want to put my hot dog in you until it explodes.

4. Babe, I got a microwave, and things are about to get really hot.

5. Are you a microwave Cause I wanna have a bath with you.

6. Did you get a microwave? Because hmmm.

7. Hey, are you food? ‘Cause I’d like to heat you up.

8. Are you a microwave? Because you make me hot.

9. Are you a microwave meal? Because the picture always looks better than the real thing.

10. Are you microwaveable? Because I got some hot pockets.

11. Are you a microwave oven? Cause you melt my heart.

12. Are you a microwave? Because I want to stuff you and turn you on.

13. Do you have a microwave? Because we will make hot stuff in 30 seconds.

14. Are you a microwave? Because I want you to pop my corn.

15. Do you have a microwave oven? Because you melt my heart.

16. I am a well planned microwave. Because I got a tactical nuke in my pants.

17. You must be microwaved because you’re hot as hell.

18. Girl people call me a microwave. Because I want your buns in me.

19. Are you microwave dinner? Because I will heat you up and eat you up.

20. They call me microwave Because I pull out 2 seconds before I finish

21. Are you a microwave? Because I want to turn you on tonight.

22. Are you microwaveable? Because I will feast on you tonight.

23. We are like microwaves because we will get heated in less than 1 minute.

24. Are you a microwave? Cuz all you reply is hmm.

25. I’m like a microwave meal, Because the pictures look better than the real thing, and I’m finished in 2 minutes.

26. Call me microwave. Because I can pull it out when it gets hot.

27. Are you a microwave? Because you turn my frozen soul into a hot meal.

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