63+ Star Wars Pick Up Lines

Are you looking for a unique way to impress your crush with cheesy pick up lines? Look no further than Star Wars pick up lines. These fun, lighthearted and often hilarious Star Wars-themed lines will get your special one laughing and make them smile.

These creative lines will show your wit and charm, from references to iconic characters like Darth Vader and Yoda to puns about lightsabers and starships.

Maybe your newfound Star Wars knowledge will spark an instant connection between you two. So show off your charm with these unique and humorous lines.

Star Wars Pick Up Lines

1. I must be from Alderaan, because you just blew up my world.

2. I know you’ve heard about my bad motivator but I give a mean back rub.

3. You’ve been looking for love in Alderaan places.

4. I may look like an Ewok, but I’m all Wookie where it counts, baby.

5. Will you be the Leia to my Han so I won’t have to be Solo?

6. I know what you’re thinking: That’s no moon, that’s a space station.

7. You ladies looking for love in Alderaan places?

8. You’re the Obi-wan for me.

9. You’ve been looking for love in Alderaan places.

10. Tell me of this thing you humans call love.

11. Get ready, I’m a Batuu ask you out.

12. Captain, being held by you is quite enough to get me excited.

13. You’re the Obi-Wan for me.

14. If you think Chewbacca is hairy, wait until you see my Wookie.

15. I could get you undressed in less than 12 parsecs.

16. Is that a lightsaber in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?

17. Are you related to Yoda? Because yodalicious.

18. Did it hurt when you fell from Cloud City?

19. Have you been looking for love in Alderaan places?

20. I’d join the dark side as long as you were there.

21. Honey, you’ve been looking for love in Alderaan places.

22. Wow, is your lightsaber yellow? Because you’re a total Rey of sunshine.

23. I love you to the Death Star and back.

24. Are you related to Yoda? Because you are yodalicious.

25. I may not look like much, but I’ve got it where it counts, kid.

26. Scanners show sexy life forms in this area… Oh, it’s only you.

27. I want you so bad we should get matching Tatooine’s

28. Are you the Force? Because I’m attracted to you.

29. Nice buns, Princess. On your head, that is.

30. R4 is red, R2 is blue. If I was the Force, I’d be with you.

31. I usually Han Solo, but I’d let you turn on my lightsaber.

32. I wanna Lando in your Calrissian.

33. You’re hotter than the flames on Mustafar.

34. I can make you breathe harder than Darth Vadar.

35. I find your lack of nudity disturbing…

36. My barge isn’t the only thing ready to explode.

37. I’ve been told my Jedi tricks will blow your mind.

38. Are you a Sith Lord? Because I’ve Fallen for you.

39. Damn, girl. You R2 fine.

40. Is your last name Skywalker? Because you Luke so good.

41. How about you come back to my place so I can touch your naboobies.

42. You are the Obi-Wan I have been looking for.

43. I can’t help it — I am trapped in the gravitational field of your eyes.

44. Let’s go back to my Ewok village and yub nub all night.

45. Baby, we don’t need a holodeck.

46. You like Star Wars? Let’s go back to my place and violate the Jedi Code.

47. You stole my heart like the rebels stole the Death Star plans.

48. Your smile glows brighter than a lightsaber.

49. Can I call you my Na-boo?

50. Yoda one for me.

51. Can I see your garbage mashers on the detention level?

52. I must be drawn to the force, because Yoda only one for me.

53. Join me, and we’ll rule the galaxy together.

54. You’re Endor-able.

55. I would hit that like the side of a tree on Endor.

56. I hope you’re into cyborg-human relations, because I’m feeling like a machine right now.

57. Many Bothans died so we could screw.

58. I am C-3PO Human-cyborg sexual relations.

59. Damn girl you R2 fine and you’re lucky I’ll give you the D2.

60. You’re the droid I’ve been looking for.

61. Wow, I’m so glad I found you… because I’ve Ben Solo for too long.

62. I could spend a millennium in your falcon.

63. I feel a great disturbance in my pants.

64. I may not be able to feel the Force, but I wish I could feel you.

65. How can you be from an ice planet when you’re so Hoth?

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