63+ Star Wars Pick Up Lines to Warp Into Someone’s Heart

Are you looking for a unique way to impress your crush with cheesy pick up lines? Look no further than Star Wars pick up lines. These fun, lighthearted and often hilarious Star Wars-themed lines will get your special one laughing and make them smile.

These creative lines will show your wit and charm, from references to iconic characters like Darth Vader and Yoda to puns about lightsabers and starships.

Maybe your newfound Star Wars knowledge will spark an instant connection between you two. So show off your charm with these unique and humorous lines.

Star Wars Pick Up Lines

1. Is your name Skywalker? Because you’ve just taken my heart to new heights.

2. If you were a podrace, I’d be the enthusiastic spectator cheering for you.

3. Are you a Jedi Master? ‘Cause Yoda-Licious!

4. Hey, I’m Han. Will you be my Leia so I won’t be Solo?

5. My Jedi Master said to follow my instincts, and my instincts are all over you.

6. I think you are a Jedi mind meld because you’ve melded my heart and soul.

7. Are you a Jedi? Because Yoda one for me!

8. Are you an astromech droid? You R2 good looking.

9. Hey, can I be your Ewok? I promise to be cuddly and cute.

10. Are you an Alderaanian sunset? Because you’ve just painted warmth in my heart.

11. I am telling you, If I were the Death Star, I’d be aiming for your heart.

12. Can I be your R2-D2? I promise to be your loyal sidekick.

13. Damn, If you were a moisture farmer, you’d harvest love in my heart.

14. If you were a Star Wars character, you’d be the Obi-Wan for me.

15. Are you an angel?

16. Are you a Force ghost? Because you’ve appeared in my dreams.

17. Is your last name Skywalker? ‘Cause you Luke so good.

18. Are you the Chosen One? Because you’ve chosen my heart.

19. Hey, If you were a moisture farmer, you’d be harvesting love in my heart.

20. You are definitely the droid that I’ve been looking for.

21. If you’re from an ice planet, how can you be so Hoth?

22. I’m damn sure If you were a lightsaber, you’d be a fine addition to my heart.

23. My Jedi Mind Tricks will blow your mind.

24. Obi-lieve you’re the only Wan for me.

25. Can I be your Star Wars trivia partner? Because you’ve just quizzed my heart.

26. There’s no need to use a mind trick in order to make me do whatever you’d like.

27. Is your name Luke? ‘Cause it looks like it hurt when you fell down from Cloud City?

28. You’ve Obi-Wandered into my heart.

29. Can I be your Han Solo? I promise not to shoot first.

30. Are you a Jedi mind trick? Because you’ve just tricked my heart into falling for you.

31. If you were a star, you’d be the one I’d wish upon.

32. If I were a lightsaber, I’d turn blue around you.

33. Leia’s buns are nothing compared to yours, baby.

34. Can I be your Yoda? Because I’d love to be wise in the ways of your heart.

35. You must be the force, ‘cause I’m attracted to you.

36. Are you a Star Wars cantina? Because you’ve just served up a delightful melody in my heart.

37. Do people call you a Jedi Council member? Because I’m seeking your wise guidance to win your heart.

38. Are you the Force? Because you’ve awakened feeling in my heart for you.

39. I was searching for love in Alderaan places before you.

40. You R2 awesome!

41. If you were a star map, you’d lead directly to my heart.

42. Are you a Jedi cloak? Because you’ve just cloaked my heart in love.

43. You’re gorgeous! Wanna be my Naboo?

44. Are you the Force? Because you’re the guiding energy in my universe.

45. Are you a Naboo starfighter? Because you’ve just soared into my heart.

46. If you were a starship, you’d be the Falcon to my Solo.

47. I think you are an X-wing pilot because you’ve got my heart on a mission.

48. Are you a Hoth? Because you’ve just frozen my heart.

49. You’re the Obi-Wan for me, that’s for sure!

50. Can I be your C-3PO? I promise to translate every beat of my heart for you.

51. I may look like a Gamorrean, but I’m all Wookie where it counts.

52. If you were a star, you’d be a Wishing Star Wars.

53. Not a Da-go-bah that I don’t think about you.

54. I must be drawn to the Force, because Yoda only one for me.

55. I think you are a droid because you are a BB-gorgeous.

56. If you were a Wookiee, I’d be your Chewie.

57. Hey, can I be your Star Wars marathon buddy? Because you’re the one I want to binge-watch with.

58. Your beauty is as bright as a lightsaber. I saw you all the way from across the room.

59. If you were a star, you’d be the brightest one in my galaxy.

60. Can I be your R2-D2? I promise to keep your heart well-oiled and happy.

61. Are you from Tatooine? Because you’re a sun in my galaxy.

62. Are you a Star Destroyer? Because you’ve just blown my mind.

63. Can I be your Star Wars playlist? Because you’ve just composed music in my heart.

64. Hey, If you were a Star Wars planet, you’d be the most habitable one for my heart.

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