75 Soy Puns That Are Hilarious to Laugh Hard

If you want to lighten the mood of a serious conversation or add some humour to make someone smile, puns are always a creative way to make any conversation more interesting. Therefore to add an extra dose of love and laughter, we’ve compiled a list of Soy puns that are the best and most hilarious you’ll love. So scroll down and see what we’ve got you covered.

Soy Puns

1. Let’s hang out soy-me time.

2. You’re a soy-cial butterfly.

3. It happened all of a soy-dden.

4. Soy-doku is one of my favorite games.

5. I saw a soy-lebrity at the store.

6. I’m soy into you.

7. That was a great compari-soy-n.

8. I’m taking a soy-vey.

9. I’m reading a soy-mmary of the book.

10. You make me soy happy.

11. Soy, you think you are funny?

12. What did you just soy?

13. It’s the soy-perior option.

14. I’m cooking soy-same chicken for dinner.

15. You’re my soymate.

16. Ola mi amigo, soy sauce.

17. I love sitting on the soy-fa.

18. Let me soya (show ya) the way.

19. I made a few New Year’s re-soy-lutions.

20. I live on a penin-soy-la.

21. It’s a norm in soy-ciety.

22. I miss you soy much.

23. You look hand-soy-me.

24. I’m soy happy to see you.

25. You look soy-phisticated.

26. She was soy annoyed with everyone.

27. Gosh, you’re soy amazing.

28. Soy what you want, tofu puns are the best.

29. My favorite plants are soy-cculents.

30. We’re working on soy-stainability.

31. Never soy never.

32. What’s your soy-diac sign?

33. I’ll soy it again.

34. This will soy-ffice.

35. I’m soy happy for you.

36. You did an ex-soy-llent job.

37. You have a lovely per-soy-nality.

38. We will soy-vive.

39. We must soy-lebrate.

40. I’m con-soy-lidating my accounts.

41. I soy-rrender.

42. Let me shoyu how it’s done.

43. It was a soy-rreal experience.

44. I’m soy-re from an intense workout.

45. We’ve reached the soy-mmit.

46. I’m writing an es-soy.

47. I play Soy-litaire in my free time.

48. I soy-ppose.

49. I’m soy thankful for everything.

50. I need to buy new soy-l for my plants.

51. You reap what you soy.

52. You’re soy awesome.

53. Don’t be soy salty.

54. We’re soy-mates.

55. I’m getting soy-lar panels for my house.

56. We have a soy-plus.

57. Take it with a pinch of salt.

58. You’re a soy-cker.

59. There’s a rea-soy-n for everything.

60. We have a new soy-veillance system.

61. Soy what?

62. I’m going to Soy-quoia National Park.

63. Soy far, soy good.

64. I’m soy-spicious of them.

65. There are soy many choices.

66. I’ll do what it takes to soy-cceed.

67. The song soy-nds amazing.

68. Thank you for your soy-vice.

69. The sun set over the hori-soy-n.

70. We have a lot of extra soy-pplies.

71. You’re ab-soy-lutely amazing.

72. I’m excited for soy-mmer vacation.

73. Pack your soy-tcase for our road trip.

74. I love playing soy-lo games.

75. I’ll soy you later.

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