95+ Best Corn Puns That You Must Check Out

Corn provides energy and nutrients that are essential for our health. It is a type of cereal grain that can be used to make cornbread, cornflakes, and other dishes. Also, they are a rich source of vitamins and minerals with vitamin C, vitamin B1, potassium and phosphorus. Below, we’ve compiled a list of Corn puns that are the best and most hilarious you’ll love. So scroll down and see what we’ve got you covered.

Best Corn Puns

1. I got a new job in Sili-corn Valley.

2. I came to the corn-clusion.

3. You’re a-maize-ing.

4. If you eat a whole cob, you’ll be corn-stipated.

5. Corn is like a little quiz when it is popped.

6. These corn-field examinations require a lot of corn-centration.

7. What do you call a corn that is crazy? A corn-nut.

8. I’m ready to corn-tinue.

9. The corn was worried he had a cough, his voice was getting a little bit husky.

10. I didn’t have a map of the corn maze, so I had to play it by ear.

11. You’re so corn-sistent.

12. Shucking takes a serious amount of corn-centration.

13. What do you call corn studying at the university? A Uni-corn.

14. Son, stop swallowing the whole corncob or you might get corn-stipated.

15. What happens if you swallow a whole corn cob? You get corn-stipated.

16. If you pay the corn a compliment, it might say “Awww, shucks!”

17. How are corncobs in bed? – Of course, it is a-maize-ing.

18. The corn was very pop-ular in school because she was very corn-fident.

19. What is sweeter than sweet corn? Candy corn, of course.

20. I saw a naked corn cob the other day. I was shucked.

21. Learning a new language requires a lot of corn-centration.

22. You should not take corn on a plane because it will make your ears pop.

23. Don’t lose the corn maze map, or else you’ll have to play it by ear.

24. Why aren’t corn eyeball jokes any good? Because they are plain cornea.

25. What do you call a pair of cornstalks that are best friends? Ear buds.

26. What did the corn say after being told it’s a-maize-ing? ”Aww, shucks”.

27. The baby corn liked his mom, but he preferred his pop corn.

28. Just plain popcorn? I think you would do butter than that.

29. If a basketball team practices in a field of corn, they would get creamed.

30. That’s corn-troversial.

31. It was music to the corn’s ears when it heard that rain was on its way.

32. I’m corn-fused.

33. The kernel of corn and the corn-stalk finally came to peace and reached a kettlement.

34. What is a corn’s favorite type of flower? Corn-flower.

35. Did you sign a corn-tract?

36. A person who is crazy about corns is called a corn-ivore.

37. It’s corn-tagious.

38. Next week, there will be an important corn-ference in London for farmers from all over the world to discuss current trade policies on corn.

39. I don’t like that earie corn maze; I always feel like I’m being stalked.

40. She had full corn-trol.

41. Just plain popcorn? I think you can do butter than that.

42. I have a degree in e-corn-omics.

43. How did the corn farmer get to be so successful? He corn-ered the market.

44. What do you call corn that is crazy? A corn-nut.

45. A person who is crazy about corn is called a corn-ivore.

46. It’s corn-fidential.

47. Don’t bring corn on an airplane because it’ll make your ears pop.

48. I want to be a corn-try singer.

49. Are there any dis-corn-ts?

50. Aw, shucks.

51. You should never tell your secrets in a corn field because it’s full of ears.

52. If you are a pirate, then you can pay for corns with a buccaneer.

53. Should you eat corn that has fallen off the stalk? Maize well.

54. It’s no surprise that the corncob gets lost; she lives in a large maze.

55. This tricky corn maze has got me corn-ered.

56. The corn stalk decided to change careers. He went into a completely different field.

57. I don’t really like corn jokes. I find them a bit too difficult to digest.

58. I like the corn-temporary style.

59. Corn is a seriously good listener. It’s all ears.

60. The corn avoided school today because it knew there would be a pop-corn-quiz.

61. Place it on the corn-ter.

62. Corn-gratulations.

63. Why doesn’t the corn trust the cornflake? It has a reputation for flaking last minute.

64. I feel a strong corn-nection.

65. What does a baby corn call its father? – Pop corn.

66. What dog breed likes to eat corn? A Husky.

67. I’m getting ready for a corn-ference call.

68. Corn-cenrate and you’ll get it.

69. I took the grain to the granary and the corn to the coronary.

70. I’m a corn-ivore.

71. In the corn maze, I felt like I was being stalked. It was earie.

72. What are the pros and corns.

73. I’m a bit un-corn-ventional.

74. It was corn-crete.

75. What kind of party is held in a cornfield? A cornball.

76. Keep it corn-tained.

77. After an eating competition, what would the corn say? – “ It is utter corn-age.”

78. The corn stalk corn-gratulated the scarecrow for being the longest man standing.

79. The best student at the corn college is called the a-corn.

80. What do we call two cornstalks which are best friends? They are earbuds.

81. What do we call a solitary and single kernel of corn? – It is a unicorn.

82. The quickest way for corn farmers to be successful is to corn-er the market.

83. Corn farmers are not good comedians because their jokes are always corny.

84. Did you know corn has a favorite food? It loves cobb salad.

85. When a corncob is run over by a car, we have creamed corn.

86. Corn uses “Corn Bread” for money.

87. Some people say popcorn is hard to chew. There’s a kernel of truth to that.

88. I don’t eat meat, but I love corn. I’m a total corn-ivore.

89. I tried to make sweet corn by whispering sweet things into its ear.

90. That husky pirate! He tried to sell me corn for a buccaneer.

91. We peel and dispose of the outside, boil the inside, devour the outside, then dispose of the inside. Do you know what it is? It is corn on the corncob.

92. Is it corn-taminated?

93. It’ll take a se-corn.

94. This might sound corny, but I think you’re a-maize-ing.

95. I corn-t go today.

96. A pirate will never pay more than a buc-can-ear for a corn cob.

97. I have ears, but I am unable to hear. Who am I? I am a field of corn.

98. Here today, corn tomorrow.

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