300 Catchy Soap Company Name Ideas

Soap companies have been around since the 1800s. They produce different types of soap, including liquid soap, bar soap, and laundry soap. Soap companies are usually known for their product names.

One way to think about a great product name is whether it makes sense in a sentence. Is the sentence easy to remember? Does the name make sense? Does it sound good when said aloud?

A soap company name must have the following qualities:

  • it must be memorable;
  • it should not be too similar to other soap companies;
  • it should sound natural and make sense for the type of product that you are selling;
  • it should incorporate some emotion into its meaning, such as love or passion.

Here we’ve compiled a list of cool and catchy Soap company names that you’ll like. Scroll down and select the best one.

Soap Business Names

California Baby

Pink Pearl Soap

Bay Rum Soap

Lush Wash

Common Good

Rocky Mountain Soap Company

Lemonbay Soap

Crafty Crayon Soaps

The More Froth

The Soap Exchange

Baby Powder Soap

Penrose Avenue Soaps

Pink Spume Pro

Banana Flower Soap

Posey and Fern


Awesome Scentuals


Dirty Deeds Soaps

Bubbles Galore

Bar Soap Boxes


Ample Sudsy


Beer Group

Molly’s Soap

Laura Natural Soap

Honey Soap Friends

Ivory Cleanser

Original Bath Works

Bejeweled Soap

Beauty and the Bath

Series Collective


The Soap Company Store

Moon Rivers Naturals


Bathing with Bubbles

Method Inc


Calendula Spa


The Superfatted

Corktown Soap


Soaps aplenty

Monarch Soap

Artistic Hand Soap

Nature Hues


Pamper Luxe

Advanced Blending

The Compact Torso

Sour Soap


Select Industries

Sicilian Sunshine

The Insecticidal

The Biodegradable


Naked Bar Soap Co.


Jean’s Bubbles


Glisten Up

Custom Soaps

PLayFeel Soap Co.


Alpaca Soaps

Soap Opera Digest

Backpacker’s Pantry Soap Bars

Electronic Balancing Co

Extra Pure

Soup Spot

Sunrise Lane Products

Demo Soap Studio

Soft Touch

Aloe Cure

You’re in Good Hands

White Wave Soap

Heavy Lather Spot

London Calling Soaps

Golden Kiss

The Huge


Après Soap

Leftover Lather

Zesty Orange Soap

Sparkle Smirk

The Soap Zone Inc.

Golden Glow

Globe Soap

24 Carrots Natural Soaps


Superfatted Syrup

Soapy Spritzer

Catchy Soap Company Names

The Lukewarm


Surgical Saddle Soap

Cozy Heart Co.

S. Cosmeceutical USA Inc


Vivian Gray

Touch Me Soap


Foods Co.

Bare Bliss Soap Company

Carbon copy Body

Heavenly Scents

Castle Dawn Soaps

Always Arriving Soaps

Sleepy Time Soaps


Soap Cauldron

Lobe Soap

Rustville Essentials’ Soap Shop

Dead Body Spot

Bubble Kisses Soaps

White Rock Soap Gallery

Soap on a Rope

Natural Desires Soap Company



Artful Soap Co.

Soapy Hands

Soap Flakes

Green Series Co

Copious Unique

Dollar Tree

Scrub Stew Inc.

Serenity Soap

Karate Body

The Lather Logo

American Soap Supplies

Casa Del Soap

Artisan Soap Co.

ProSoap Hand Cleaner


Smart & Final Extra!

Garden Lane Soaps

Germicidal Suds Pro

The Divine Soap Co.

The Strong Lather

FinchBerry Soapery

Pure & Gentle Soap Products

Simplified Soaps

Fun Time Soaps Co.

Fresh Nyne


After Earth Soaps

Poppy Soap

Soap Box

Great Soaps


Lather Up

Soft Soaps

Permanent Soap Group

Noble Laboratories

The Soap Kitchen

Stinging Slurpee

Scented Sour Mash

Cool Soap Company Names

Lovely Touch Soaps

A Touch of Magic

Land of Enchantment Soap

Cal Ben Soap Co

Slippery Spume

Doliber Bay Soap Co.

Deluxe Bathology

Sparkle Suds


Toby’s Candles

Pamper Products

Bubble Blow Soaps

Spume Spot

Ambrosia Soap

Norman Fox Co

Shave of Approval

Strong Series

Bathtime Delight

Shugar Soap Works

Deodorant Soup

Ancient Alchemy

Earthwell Refill

Tamarinda glycerin soap

Texas Reign Artisan Soaps

Real Food Company

The Ciliary Consistence

Soapsicle Bars

Adra Soap

PureTek Corporation

Faux Acacia Soap

Soap Man

SFIC Corporation

Soapmaking Studio

Foreign Personify

Pure Soap

Cibaria Soap Supply

Purple Unicorn Soaps


Carmel Soap Company

Lather and Handel

Cashmere Soaps

Cactus Rose Soaps

Bogue Milk Soap

The Soapbox Cafe

Salty Brothers Soap Company

The Goat Farm

Second Spritzer

Sand Castle Designer Soap

Insoluble Series

Opas Soap

Soapy Baby

Syrup Group

Canton Food Co.

The Slippery

Black Friday Soaps

Personify Collective

Gray Soapsuds Pro

Soap Beer Spot

Lukewarm Froth

Soap On A Rope

The Soap Salon

Pasolivo Olive Oil


Unique Soap Business Names

Home & Body Co

The Village Soap Company

Scrub my Duds

CityFront Terrace

Corpse Place

Tea Tree Soap Company

Gem Soap

Perfect Cool

Colors of the Rainbow

Spa by Nature

Jensen’s Foods

Bed Bath & Beyond

Pure Skin

Skin HolyGrail

Mr Suds to You Soaps

Smart & Final


The Bro Bars

BodyHonor Soap

Body Butter Lady

Maison En Provence


AMR Labs

Glowing Dirt Remover


Beauty Drop

Grab a Bar Soap Co.

The Commercial

Naturals 4 U

Bath-o-Plenty Inc.

Soap Symphony

Soap Plant

Sweet Soaper

Fighters Market

Daiso Japan

Rainbow Grocery

Luke’s Local

Fiat Lux


Skin Paradise

Bodied Body

A Shower of Stars

Green Life Soap

Earthy Scents

Health Kissed

My Soap Box

Soap Trading Co


The Warm Froth

Bath Key

Body And Soap

Body Bloomer



The Enzyme Soap Co.

Suds And Buds

Bath, Body and Beyond

Benson’s Natural Soap

The Billowy Foam


Kiehl’s Since 1851

Shades Of Love

Funny Soap Brand Names

Beemoaning Lather

Always Lathers


Completely Soap

Aqua Bath

Love Potion

Summer Splash

Swallow Heart

Essential Scents

Kinky Bubbles

Foamy Soap

Without a Trace Soap

Golden Turtle Soap

Tears of Tomato

Foaming Bubbles


Stain Wizard

I Can’t Believe It’s Soap!

How to Choose the Best Soap Company Name for Your Product?

The soap industry is a competitive one. With new brands coming up all the time, companies need to understand how to choose the best soap company name for their product.

Some of the factors that you must consider when choosing a soap company name include:

  • The uniqueness of your brand.
  • The marketability of your brand.
  • How easily identify your brand is.

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