Top 250+ Tea Company Name Ideas to Grow Your Brand

Tea is a beverage that has been around for centuries. It is made by brewing dried and cured leaves of the Camellia sinensis plant, an evergreen shrub native to Asia. Tea can be served hot or cold and many different types of tea exist depending on the variety of plants used and how they are processed.

A good tea company name is the name that you give to your tea business. It is usually the name of the product that you are selling.

Here are some catchy tea company names that you’ll like. Make sure to select a name that will stand out from the crowd. Let’s see what we have here.

Catchy Tea Company Names

Bags of Tea

A Spoon of Honey

The Perfect Brew

Baked and Wired

Tea Time

Spot of Tea

Tea Blendz

Assam Secret

Native Taste

Herbby Twist

Bespoken Teas

Hoo and Coo

Otrix Sparkle

Fortunate Leaf

Cuppa Co

Aphrodite Teas Co.


Lady in Paris

Touch the Sky

Red Leaf

Black Ossum Tea

Cuppa Joe Tea

Japanese Tea House

Mermaid Tea

Green Blossom



Rhine Tea

Sparkling Over

Twinings of London

Premium Tea Leaves

Nature Close Tea

Maxi Blitz

Chai Love

Cuppa Tropical

The Real Deal

Zen Green Co

Best Friends Tea



Perfect Blend

Leaf Art

Invigorate Tea Company

A Little Something

Dragon Leaf Teas

Leaves of Tea



Tea Culture

New Moody


Artistic Brews

Herbal Magic

Leaf Tea

White Rose Teas

English Tea Shop


Mr.Dream Tea

Cozy tea

Tea on Fire

Afternoon Delight

Ginger Blend

Tea Fields, Inc

The Superia Sip


Red Rose Tea

Better Brews

Tea Biz

All Seasons Tea

Let’s Brew

Au Bon Pain

Saffron Sip

The British Connection

Refreshiya Sip


True Splash Tea

Tea Monkey

A Good Brew

Heaven Pulse


Chai Spice

Tea Hazel

MyBless Tea

FLirty Leaf

Tea’s Brewing

Unique Tea Company Names Ideas

Street Hut Sip

Happy Evening

PourPray Tea

He’s My Tea Buddy


Family Tea


Ocean Moon

Alpha Tea Inc.

Velvet Touch Tea

Tapal Tea

Eden Organic

A Ching’s Taste

Tea Emporium

Brew Splash

Yellow Tail Tea Company

Grace Tea Store

Palm Tea Place

Souvenir Tea

Contemporary Tea

Tea Peddler

Sunny Teahouse

Cozy Time Teas

Every Spice Tea

Teacup Collection

Sencha Tea Co

Tea Tree

Tea Lounge

Tea Shoppe

Mrs. Green Tea

Freshyo Time

Take a Sip

Tea Headquarters

The Teapot

Perfect Herbs

Jolly Tea

Dream About Tea

Zen Teas

World of Teas

Trusting Tea

5 o’clock tea

Because It’s Tea Time!

Fine Teas

Bring Blissy

Grey Tea Company

Elegant Teas

Rose and Lotus Tea

Empire Tea & Coffee

My Peachy Earl

New Age Teas

Cool Tea Brand Names

Blue scene tea

Float Teas

Orga Tea

Tea Treat

Every spice Tea

Brewing Tea

Happy Bubble Tea

The Tea Above

The Creamy

Tales of Earl Grey

Chai Chaan Teek

Cafe Bonaparte

About The Brew

Tea Chat

Fab Tea Company

GreenCup Cuppa

Brooke Bond

The Tea Company

Blooming Teas

The Green Leafy Co.

Teahouse Ltd.

Cup O tea

Tealicious Shop


Subtle Tea

Que herbal Tea

Eclectic Tea Company

Cha-Ching Tea

Just in Time Teas

Aravalli Aromas

Tea Up Shop

Vellon Breakfast

Get A Cup

Love Potion

Black Bubble

Ten Out Of Ten Teas

Lavender Leaf Tea Lounge

JollyBean Tea

Glengettie tea


Tata Tea Limited

Splendid Sips

Creative Tea Company Names

Aventto Tea

Horniman’s Tea

Chai Yours

Caffeine Free Teas


Oolong Tea Company

Tip Top Tea Company


Artisan Tea

Whistle Sip

Mint Tea Company

Mystic Burst

Tea Tonic

Awake Tea Co.

Chai & Tea

Yogi Tea

Tappy Tea

Perfect Cup of Tea

Holidayz Dots

Matcha Tea Company

Honest Herbs



Honest Tea

Temptation Teas

Go Tea

SelectMorning Teas

GreatHerbal Tea

Morning Dew

Tea 2Day

Mc Teavin

Imperial Tea Court

Little Red Cup

Tea Magic

Love Town

Cute Tea Shop Names

Morning Fizz

Maple Leaf Tea

Natura Coffee & Tea

Herbal Harmony

Tease Her Tea


BeBe Bloom tea

Laughter of the Leaves

Pearly Pop Tea


Green Monte

Forest Brews Inc

Well Clique Tea

Yours Brewly

Miss New One

Rooibos Tea Company

Little Red Leaf Tea Company


Herby Tea

Sugar Cube




Tempt Tree Tea

Honeybush Tea Company

Keen Tea

Mrs. Wife’s Cafe

Celtic Teas

Simple Moment Tea

Troo Tea

Tea For Two

Bubble Smilez

Cuppa Tea


Pink wave Cup

GreenSpot Of Tea


Naïve Tea


Red Diamond


Brew Fest



Morning Twilight

How to Choose Your Perfect Tea Company Name?

The perfect tea company name can be easily remembered, has a memorable slogan, and is easy to spell.

The first step in the process of choosing a tea company name is brainstorming ideas for words that are related to tea. This might include words such as:


and many more. Once you have your list of words, you can then choose one word from the list and create a slogan from it. Once you have done this, start thinking about how easy it would be to spell the word on a t-shirt or sign.

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