259 Phone Case Business Name Ideas to Boost Sales

Choosing a good name for your phone case business is vital to the success of your business and it is one of the most important decisions you should make. And It will be the first thing people associate with your brand.

A good name helps you stand out from your competitors and it can also help you grow and expand into new markets. However, If you want to make a memorable impression on people, then you should choose a name that is catchy, short, and easy to spell.

When it comes to choosing a name, there are a few things that you should keep in mind. Firstly, make sure that the name is easy to remember and spell. Secondly, it should be short but catchy at the same time. Lastly, make sure that you don’t use any words or phrases that are already trademarked by other businesses.

Here we’ve compiled the list of cool Phone case business names that you’ll like. Scroll down and select the best one so you can stand out from the crowd. Let’s see what we have here.

Phone Case Business Names

My Kind of case

Buddys Wireless

Phone Cover Guys

Fabulous Cases

leather lure Phone Case

Tres Cuir Phone Case

Mobile Bitz

The Phone Box

A+ Phone Cases

Apple Cases

One-Stop Protection

My Phone is my Case

The Case Pro


Diamond Case

Crystal Phone Cases

Crafted Cases

The Case Upgrade

Minty Cases

Case of the Fittest

Phone Pouch

Big Drop Protection

Safe Speech Sound

Up Phone Cases

Design Phone Store

Saving Cases

V Cases

Thunderbolt Cases

My Phone Mate

Important Cases

Mobile Fun Ltd

StagOne Phone Case

Ghost Armor

Case Corporation

Pocket Phone Case

My Cell Phone Case

Statement Cases Co.

Mobile Outfitters UK

Style Your Phone

Connectivity Collective

Ultimate Phone Case

Turbo Army

Tiny’s Phone

Absolute Accessories

HookUp Phone Cases

Mobile Phone cover

Apple Phone Repair

Plastic Covers

Lovely Cases Like U

Aparejo Phone Case

Phone Case Shop Name Ideas

Armor Shield

Silent Earpiece Spot

Real Alternative

Dovado Cases

T-Mate Mobile Accessories

Chalk n’ Cell

My Smart Things

The Public

Bass PointCase

Phoenix Phone Cases

Snap-On Protection

Fall Catchers


iWireless Cases


Electric Blue Mobile

Armor Smart

Protect Your Selfie!

Active Cell Phones

The Rotary Sound Place

First Phone Designs

The Case Specialist

Perfect-Fit Phone Cases

Confidence Case


Make Your Case!

Protect and Connect

Phone Planet

RK Mobile Phone

AllTech Phone Cases

iPhone Case Cafe

Just My Case

Screen Shield


Might Knight

Armor of God

Telephone Set Designs

Rubber Accessories

TechSmith Design

The Casesmith

Case Up Phone

Crash Tested

Mobile Matters

Catchy Phone Case Business Names

Colorful Cube

Mr Hyde

Silent Speech Sound

Defined Cases

Metal Band Phone Case

Mate It Up

Lifetime Cases

Empire Cases

High Tech Cases

The Lollipop Box

Earpiece Works


Galaxy Phone Cases

Let’s Get Textual

iDesignz Phone Cases

Hanger Mobile

Go Phone Case Store

The Phone Scoop

TrapCone Case & More

Two Chronicles

Dazzle-Designs Co.

Call & Case Gallery

Case in Point

Chatter Chronicles

Apple Chermside

The Drop That Protects

D & M Phone Cases

Phone Phitters

Sprint Fling

Bling My Thing

Catchy Phone Case

Shield Case

The Skinny Phone

Tungsten Celltech



Creative Phone Cases

Sears Phone Case

Slim Shady Phone Case

Safe & Pretty Cases

Arrow Phone Case

Accessory Depot

The Phone Slingers

Damned Ring International

Video Cellphone Designs

Apparatus Co

Turn Back Time Case

Like A Glove Case

Lux Phone Scapes

Banana Phone Case

Bounce Cases

Phone Protectors

Size Matters

Creative Cases

Phone Case by DDS

The Phone Boutique

Cool Phone Case Business Names

It’s Just Phone

GalaxyPhone case

Covering Business

Comic Phone Accessories

Casing The Phone

Video Sound Trading Co

Fashion Wrap

On Covers


Crystal Scape

All Things Covered

One Stop Wholesale



Phone It In

Celling Awesome Cases

Custom Cases


Mate Phone Solutions

Vaporicez Cases

Phone Protector

Phone in a Bottle

Silent Call & Company

Cover with Case

The Phone Skins Store

Phone Fan Club


Shield My Phone

Foxy Cases

Posh Phone Cases

B&badass Phone Cases

Customized Phone Cases

Mobile Skins of Surprise

Purple Marble

Answered Chronicles

Outside Ring Works

Tech Savvy case

Unique Phone Case Business Names

Apple Crusher

Cool Clear Cases

Crazy Locks

The Fizzy Phone Case

Sonic Boom Tech

Protect Connect

The Techy

Art Cover Cases

Phone case Locker

Clever Case

Easel Tech Solutions

Ace Phone Cases

Art Pop

The Inter Ring Chronicles

Chandler Phone Co


Outside Telephone Place

Phone Case Store

Answered Designs


Nearest Sound Place

Mad Over Phones

Bespoke Design

Smile Tech Cases

MerryCase Mates

Clove Technology

Hounskull Phone Case

Smartphone HQ

Case Makers



Insight Mobile

Fearless Phone Ventures

Magic Phone Cases

Art Phone Case

Mobile Madhouse

EnduraHide Phone Case

Say Designs

pegasoar Phone Case

Safe Phone Accessories

Fancy Cases

Cellular Works

Umbraa Leather

Cover Phone Cases


Creative Phone Case Company Names

The Beauty Case

Repaired Cell Phones

Style Makeover


Casey’s Phone Cases

Safe Phone Case

Protect My Phone

Babylon Phone Cases


Mobile Phone Depot

My Phone Case

Mobile Phone Box

Cell Phones & More

Cover Stuff

Celluconic Cases

Awesome Penguin Cases

Layered Protection


Uniq Cases

The Phone Guyz

Phoenix Phone Care

Case-ify Phone Cases


Smart Cases

Cute Case

Mobile Phone Zone

Ur Smart Phone

Pixel Case



Lucky City Mobile

Picking the Right Company Name for Your Phone Case Store

Many factors go into picking the right company name for your phone case store. You want a name that reflects your brand, and also one that is easy to remember.

The first thing you should do is brainstorm some ideas for the name of your phone case store. You could use your name, the names of your family members, or a combination of both. Well, It is not easy to come up with a catchy company name that will represent your business. A phone case store can be named after its owner, location, type of products sold, or any other unique feature.

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