Magazine Names: 370+ Best Names for Magazines

Choosing a brand name for a magazine is not an easy task. You need to make sure that it is catchy, memorable, and can be easily searched on Google.

You should start by brainstorming the ideas of possible names for your magazines. You can come up with as many names as you want but you should also keep in mind that your target audience might have different opinions about what they would like to call your magazine. And When you are done with the brainstorming process, it is time to narrow down the list of potential brand names. You can do this by using keywords or phrases related to your magazine’s topic or niche and see which ones get more searches than others on Google.

Here are some cool and catchy magazine names that you’ll like. Scroll down and select a name that will stand out from the crowd. Let’s see what we have here.

Magazine Name Ideas

Soul Digest

Acoustic Magazine

Circulation Situation

Money Talks

Teen Vogue

Prime Publishing

Finance Focus

Comedy Digest

Mind Bend

Brigham Young University

Riches Focus

Sky And Telescope

Entrepreneur Magazine

Convention Magazine

Discovery Reports


Pro Publishers

Towards Tomorrow

Kids Discover (Kids)

New Yorker

School Magazine

Home Improvement Life


The Events Magazine

Prep Tribe

Improv Illustrated

Painting Daily

Electronic Magazine

BYU Magazine

History Magazine

True Influence

Tractor Supply Co.

Lowe’s Home Improvement

Loud Street

Game Times

Arthur Former’s Budget

Weekly mag

Atlantic Turnaround

Metical Code

Zombie Printing


Pinnacle Monthly

Unearthed Axis

Mind Switch

We Have Issues Printing

Vertex Magazine

Men’s Health Magazine

Martial Arts Now

Paramour Daily

Finding You

Opine Matters


Muse Ponder

Organic Pendulum



Vogue Magazine

Great Escape

Midwest Living

Marie Claire

Popular Science

Sound Daily

Open Mind

Partnership Journal

Make Up Monthly Magazine


Numbers Focus

The New Yorker

The Bend

Scope Monthly

City Pulse

Photography Guide

Arch Ozone

Dialogue and Debate

Power Magazine

Sky & Telescope

Natural History

Field & Stream



The Hangout Music


Pendleton First Assembly

Emoticon Transcend

The Family Handyman

Practical Talk

Search Report

Read O’ Phile

Paccar Leasing Co

Enterprise Life

Capitol Riot

Over and Under


Food Chronicle

Sphere Magazine


Business Digest Magazine

Sense Weekly

American Girl

Teen Lives

Splash Collision

Dorm Talk

Web Magazine

Discovery Girls

Print Pages Now

Encomiums Magazine

Fashi on Bridal

Pebble Magazine

Diagnosis Magazine

The Doctors

Status Review

Green Planet

Vogue Reports

Romance Readers

Campus Shuffle

Fitness Daily

Daily Notifier

Mystic Memory

Golf Magazine

Remarkable Influence

Horn Please


Viewpoint Daily

Principal Magazine

Paramour Life

Fly Forward

Southern Living

American Legion

Thomas and Friends (Kids)

Examination Gazette

Fate Reports

New Life Assembly

Reader’s Digest

Keep shaker

Shadow Cultivate

Bone Dry Roofing

Scribble Path


Blackboard Bulletin

Skill Under

Cook’s Illustrated

Upper Sting

Eco Magnet

Cool Magazine Name Ideas

Mixxy Media Press

Opera Magazine Ltd

Game Daily

Magic of Flight

Home Improvement Weekly

Fan Magazine

HGTV Magazine

Gartner Inc

Manorama Book Stall

Barnes & Noble

Golfer’s Paradise


Hotline Magazine

Engineering Review

Imagine Reports

Figure Journal

Imagine Illustrated

Utne Reader

Apex Monthly

Indigo Leaf

Motor Trend



Painting Week


Car and Driver

Family Loving

Magazine Media

Craft Monthly

Teen Weekly Magazine

Invention Journal

Scientific Minds

Culture Guide

Epic Pulse

Mechanics Magazine

Road & Track

Constitution Magazine

Context Times

Kids Discover

Christianity Today

Traveling Light

Crochet World

Portal to the World

Over Yonder

Highlights for Children

Fantasy Weekly

Fantasy Review

Backpacker Life

Splash Literati

Imagine Monthly Magazine

Literature Lovers

Trance Week

Quad Osmosis

Vertex Life


Runner’s Review

Vitality Review

Trend Times

Catchy Magazine Titles

Pleasure Reports

Old-House Journal

Culture Monthly

Swing Focus

Manager Review

Transfer Guide


Executive Monthly Magazine

Critique Magazine

Inquiry Weekly

Snapshot Daily

Inner Spill

Darling Review

Vogue Times

Scrutiny Magazine

Fun Fest Reports

Investment Magazine

Edu Pack

Buzz Crescendo

Fun Gazette

Bite Bits Illustrated

Prospect Monthly Magazine

Lustrous Times


Connection Week

Fitness Magazine

Iron Workers Union

Audio Review

Consumer Guide

Health Journal

Spies and Lies


Liahona (Spanish)

Sketch Report

Audio Digest


Bloom Buds

Observer Digest

Know News Reporter

Parade Weekly

Space Life

Partnership Today

Bark Marathon

Wheels Illustrated

Outlook Magazine

Zing Pandora

Titans Journal

Junior Baseball

Magnetic Magazine

My loge

Grin Monthly Magazine

Creative Names for Magazines

Electronic Week

Diy Report

Edict Journal

The Daily Telegraph

Reflective Reality

Doodle Daily

Manager Monthly

Web Reports

Fusion Gazette

Opera Journal

Psychology Today

Blu Essence

Snack Today

Pinnacle Magazine

Bargain Illustrated

Scope Reports

Flash Quarter

Bloom Squad

Snack Weekly

In Today

Riches Review

Latina (Spanish)

Space Magazine

Bargain Magazine

Make Up Times

Debate Today

Joker Life

Insight Life

Mansion Monthly

Wordy Arc

Grass Root Level

Cookery Week

Paramour Weekly

Talk Matter

Sweetheart Life

Relaxation Review

Highlight Today

Organic Thoughts

Fun And Games Journal

Vitality Reports

Perfected Pages

Lumination Times

Ovation Monthly

Strong Foundation

Acoustic Report

Living Magazine

Rise Life

Good Names for Magazines

Boyfriend Focus

Preschool Friends

Myth Magazine

Good Housekeeping

Hazard Illustrated

Mode Monthly

Waihi Rotary Club

Social Ride

Kinetic Chronicles


Kirkus Review

Wildlife Magazine

Tone Gazette

Communication Magazine

Cosmos Monthly

Custom Monthly Magazine

American Baby

Champion Daily

Bite Bits Focus

Bright Now! Dental

Laugh Guide

Expertise Monthly

Titans Weekly

Applause Today

Cuddle Focus

Figure Daily


Turbine Magazine

Convention Digest



Fine Cooking

Pulse Gravity

Beast Today

Funny Magazine Names

Sweet Gazette

Thought Unlock

Research Focus

Exposition Focus

Time Tracker

Shadow Explorer

Smile Weekly Magazine

Mindfest Cultivate

Better Circulation

New Media Wave Press

Creativity Guide

Hero Monthly

Inspire Weekly

Melody Focus

Music Digest

Innovation Daily

Business Magazine

Paper Crafts

Web Report

Eco Stride


Grin Reports

Fantasy Daily


Prodigy Review

Stream Essence

Chance Gazette

Life Style Illustrated

Animal Review

Metal Times

Vista Gazette

Tattoo Magazine

Family Circle

Sincerity Magazine

Campus Talk

Write Right

Maggies Printing

Horizon Magazine

Deed Breed

Outdoor Photographer

Comedy Illustrated

Max Mags

Heart Converse

Mystery Daily

Creative Speak

Enigma Magazine

Metal Digest

Clarity Magazine

Black News Printing


Music Guide

Design Magazine

Beat Magnet

Path Guide

Alliance Review

Boost Monthly

What is a magazine name and how does it work?

Magazine names are often used to describe the type of content that is published in a given magazine. For example, a magazine about music would be called “Rolling Stone,” while one about cars would be called “Car and Driver.”

Magazines are publications that contain articles and other forms of content about various topics. There are both print and digital editions, although there is also an emerging trend in which magazines are available as apps for smartphones or tablets.

How to Choose the Perfect Magazine Name for Your Business or Brand?

When deciding on a magazine name for your business or brand, there are a few things you should consider. First, it’s important to consider the audience that your magazine is targeting. The type of content you will be publishing will also help determine the name of your publication. For example, if you are publishing articles about travel and adventure, consider naming your publication “Traveler Magazine” or “Adventurer Magazine”.

Some factors can help guide you in choosing a magazine name such as:

  • The first letter of the word should be capitalized.
  • The first letter of each word in the title should be lowercase.
  • If there is an acronym in the title, spell it out with letters instead of using symbols.

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