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230+ Catchy and Attractive Newspaper Name Ideas

A newspaper name is a company that publishes one or more newspapers on the same day and in the same location. They are usually called “daily” because they publish daily. A newspaper name also has an individual title, which is usually used to identify other newspapers published by that company.

The most important thing about a newspaper name is that it has an individual title, which is usually used to identify other newspapers published by that company.

Here are some cool and catchy newspaper names that you’ll like. Scroll down and select a name that will stand out from the crowd. Let’s see what we have here.

Newspaper Name Ideas

The News Glory

The State Times

Observer News

The News Wave

Money Talks

Edward’s Telegraph

Black Belt

Newspaper Frig

Day Break News

New York Times

Lodestar Daily

Daily Star

Newspaper Day One

Enquirer Daily Newspaper

Soul Life

Numbers Focus

Phoenix Arizona Republic

Prodigy Review

National Post

Witness Morning

Living Chronicle

Newspaper Disk

City Scoop

Avant-Garde Tribune

Alliance Daily Newspaper

Capital Daily

Instant Monitor

Business News

First Able News

Business Time

Sunrise Record

The State Sentinel

Newsville Observer

Alex Herald

San Diego Union Tribune

Newspaper Auto

Filed books

Daily Capital Review

The Paris Words

Apex News

Well Post

Southern Living

Morning Eyewitness

Time Square Newspaper

Cover Source

Global Daily

The Lodestar Gazette

Citizen Time

Fusion Weekly

Break of Day Chronicle

The Moulton Weekly

Buzz Street Times

Sunday News Newspaper

Business Press

Power Life

Gazette Weekly

Trinity Mirror

Bulletin Daily

Explorer Record

Daily Recorder

The New Journal

Different Newspaper Names

Earth News

Public Record

Early Post

Newspaper Shape

The Sun Bulletin

Morning Independent


Sunup Sentinel

The Wishlander

Capitol Weekly

Carpe Diem Daily

Daily Breakfast

Daylight News

On The Spot

Marie Claire

Alive Gazette

Daily Bulletin Review

Inside Daily Newspaper

Agent Analysis

The Northern Mirror

Purposeful Pages

Independent Morning

Morning Lodestar

Stoddert Times

Record Morning

Record Daily Newspaper

Pioneer Time Newspaper

Capitol Times

Pioneer Daily

Metro Observer Daily

Morning Leader Newspaper

Patron Morning

Crack of Dawn News

Day Break Weekly

Harper’s Bazaar

The Colorado’s Day

County Times


Creative Newspaper Names

Bulletin Mirror

Capital Newspapers

Union Daily Observer

Dispatch Time

Life Daily Newspaper

Good Morning Media

Community News

Local Morning

Citizen Times

Clarity Magazine

Newspaper Fantastic

The Dayspring Times

Newspaper Guild

Diem Press

Witness Daily

Newspaper City

Morning Network

The Montgomerry Times

Newspaper Outpost

Connection Evening Express

Tribune Daily Newspaper


Stomp Life

Union Daily

Connections Newspaper

Weekly Unity Newspaper

The Patriot Bulletin

Weekly World

Beacon Times

The Core Issue

Prime Daily Sun Newspaper

Advance Bulletin

New Star Newspaper

Funny Newspaper Names

Look Back Morning

Carpe Diem Gazette

Harper’s Magazine

Telegram Evening

Los Angeles Times

New York Daily News

Exposition Focus


Dispatch News

Miami Herald

Dove Magazine

Newspaper Topics

Soul Talk

Category Express

Bulletin Observer

The Crest Journal

The Sun Record

The Ruby Bulletin

Fresh Face Printing

Epoch Daily

Newspaper Agile

Community Newspapers

Blackboard Reflection

The Thinker

The Observer

Green Planet

Silver Spring

Star Headline Tribune

Boost Monthly

Business Daily

Detroit Free Press

The Citizen

Telegraph Daily

Enquirer Daily

Houston Chronicle

Garden Magazine

Bulletin Sentinel

Magazine Names

Nature Monthly

Job fear

Mystery Daily

Golf Magazine

Scientific Minds

The Golden Star

Elegent Messenger


Five Word Bulletin

Newspaper Botanical

The Daily Report

Inspiration Magazine

Global Morning

Pulse Gravity

Newspaper Stock

Newspaper Posture

Mind Files


Newark Star Ledger

Highlights for Children

Modest News

Motor Trend


Prime Evening

Newspaper Warrior

Soar truth

Metro Star Tribune

The New Yorker

Hefline & Attore

Newspaper Wild

Newspaper Fluent

News Everyday

The Brave Wheel

Game Informer


Independent Daily

Top 30 Most Popular Newspapers in the United States

  1. Oregonian
  2. Baltimore Sun
  3. New York Post
  4. Detroit Free Press
  5. Chicago Tribune
  6. Los Angeles Times
  7. USA Today
  8. Orange County Register
  9. Boston Globe
  10. Miami Herald
  11. Newsday
  12. Houston Chronicle
  13. Minneapolis Star Tribune
  14. St Petersburg Times
  15. New York Daily News
  16. Arizona Republic
  17. Wall Street Journal
  18. San Francisco Chronicle
  19. San Diego Union Tribune
  20. Washington Post
  21. Dallas Morning News
  22. Philadelphia Inquirer
  23. Chicago Sun Times
  24. Newark Star Ledger
  25. New York Times
  26. Atlanta Journal & Constitution
  27. Rocky Mountain News
  28. Cleveland Plain Dealer
  29. Denver Post
  30. St Louis Post Dispatch

The Best Tips for Choosing the Right Newspaper Name

The name of a newspaper is one of the most important factors when it comes to its success. It is a crucial part of what makes a newspaper stand out from others. The name should be catchy and easy to remember, but also have a good meaning. Also, the name should be short and easy to remember. And It should have a positive connotation that will make the reader want to read it more often.

The name should be simple enough that it doesn’t require any explanation of what the newspaper is about or what it offers to your readers and who are you trying to reach.

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