33 Mortal Kombat Pick Up Lines

If you want to add a bit of fun and excitement to your relationship while playing this game or watching its related movie with your partner then using these Mortal Kombat pick up lines will boost the romance between the two of you. With its clever and creative use of references from the game, it will make you both laugh and bring the two of you closer together. So Enjoy.

Mortal Kombat Pick Up Lines

1. I have looked into their souls… and yours.

2. You will serve me in the Netherrealm.

3. Show me what you can do.

4. Babe, my soul is yours. Finish me any time.

5. Are you Mortal Kombat? Your beauty has finished me.

6. This is where you fall down.

7. I guess you knew it would end this way.

8. Hey, your sexiness gives me strength.

9. You look like my second wife, and I’ve only been married once.

10. We are many, you are but one.

11. There Are Fates Worse Than Death. Life without you.

12. I’ll show you what’s force.

13. This thrust will be your last.

14. Come to a little tournament, he said. Be good for the career, he said.

15. I make this look easy.

16. Let me kombat your mortals.

17. Come cold, because I’m freezing.

18. I challenge you to Mortal Kombat – in bed.

19. We got a guy with things comin’ out of his hands.

20. I will make an order in your face.

21. I made a choice. This is our tournament, remember? Mortal Kombat. We fight it.

22. Really like your peaches wanna shake your tree?

23. Babe, somebody farted, let’s get out of here.

24. Hey Baby, show me some Brutality. Tonight.

25. Girl, I lost my phone number, can I have yours?

26. You are like my toilet paper, I couldn’t go a day without you.

27. Safeties disabled, combat mode engaged.

28. Who’s in rain, will always be wet.

29. Give it up, baby. I’ve studied all your moves.

30. I want to test my might on you.

31. Let’s put chaos on your life.

32. You can look into my soul, but you don’t own it.

33. I only trust one person, and I am talking to her.

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