130 Dragon Ball Pick Up Lines to Power Up Your Charm

Dragon Ball series is a well-known show and many guys already know about this, so imagine you found your crush who also loves this show and you use these dragon ball pick up lines? have you wondered what will happen? You will break the ice and get closer to your crush. And dont be shy. We all want to start a conversation with our crush, but we dont know what to say. Therefore, these pick-up lines on Dragon Ball will help you start conversations that could lead to something more. Enjoy.

Dragon Ball Pick Up Lines

1. “Your eyes sparkle like the Dragon Balls.”

2. “You must be the Fusion Dance because our connection feels like the perfect melding of hearts.”

3. “Are we Z-Fighters? Because together, we face life’s battles with strength and unity.”

4. “Are you a Dragon Ball tournament? Because winning your heart is my ultimate goal.”

5. “Are you a Dragon Ball fan forum? Because you’ve connected me to something truly special.”

6. “Your love is as powerful as a Universe 7 team-up.”

7. “If I were the Dragon Radar, your love would be the signal guiding me to happiness.”

8. “You’re as legendary as the Super Saiyan.”

9. “You must be the Dragon Balls, because every time I look into your eyes, I make a wish.”

10. “I’ll be your King Kai if you promise to be my Bubbles – bringing joy into our lives.”

11. “Are you Android 18? Because you’ve stolen my heart, and I don’t mind.”

12. “Are you a fusion? Because together, we’re unstoppable.”

13. “Are you a Namekian? Because you’ve got the Dragon Balls that complete my heart.”

14. “Do you have a Power Pole? Because you’ve extended the reach of my heart.”

15. “I’d face the perils of the Demon Realm just to find the perfect gift for you.”

16. “Just like Gohan and Videl, I’ll be your partner in crime.”

17. “I’d travel through different timelines just to make things right with you.”

18. “Do you know the Instant Transmission technique? Because you’ve teleported into my heart.”

19. “Are you a Saiyan space pod? Because meeting you feels like a crash landing of love in my life.”

20. “Are you the Spirit Bomb? Because you’ve charged up my love.”

21. “You lift my spirits and carry me to happiness.”

22. “You must be a Senzu Bean because being with you instantly restores my energy.”

23. “Excuse me, are you a Dragon Ball? Because without you, my life feels incomplete.”

24. “Could you be the Nimbus cloud? Because I want to soar through the skies of love with you.”

25. “Are you a Dragon Radar? Because you’ve led me straight to you.”

26. “You’ve got me floating like Nimbus.”

27. “Could you be King Kai’s planet? Because being with you is like a comedy show – full of joy.”

28. “Your love is as eternal as the Dragon Balls themselves.”

29. “Are you a Dragon Ball collector? Because you’ve collected all the pieces of my heart.”

30. “Your love is as powerful as a Spirit Bomb.”

31. “Your touch is as electrifying as a Fusion Dance.”

32. “Are you a Dragon Ball? Because you’re one of a kind, and I want to collect them all.”

33. “I’d journey to the World of Void just to find you.”

34. “Do you believe in love at first sight, or should I power up and try again?”

35. “I must be in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber because time stops when I’m with you.”

36. “Are you the Dragon Balls? Because you’re the treasure I’ve found.”

37. “Your love is as vast as the Universe Survival Saga.”

38. “Your love makes me go Kaio-Ken, intensifying my feelings for you.”

39. “Are you a Saiyan’s passion? Because you’ve ignited a fire in my heart.”

40. “Your presence is as comforting as the Kame House.”

41. “Spending time with you is my idea of a perfect day.”

42. “Damn, are you a Saiyan transformation? Because my heart goes Super Saiyan when you’re near.”

43. “Are you a Dragon Ball remix? Because you’ve added rhythm to my world.”

44. “Spending time with you is my favorite pastime.”

45. “Are you a Dragon Ball movie? Because you’ve brought magic into my life.”

46. “Are you Kami’s lookout? Because you’re the view I never want to leave.”

47. “Are you Future Trunks? Because you’ve traveled through time to meet me.”

48. “Are you Master Roshi? Because you’re the master of my heart.”

49. “Your smile is as bright as the Full Moon.”

50. “Are you a Dragon Ball game? Because you’ve leveled up my life.”

51. “Your strength is as mighty as a Z-Fighter’s resolve.”

52. “Could you be the King Kai to my Bubbles? Bringing joy and laughter into our lives.”

53. “Are you a Dragon Ball art? Because you’ve painted colors into my life.”

54. “Your laughter is as contagious as Mr. Satan’s antics.”

55. “Are you Bulma’s spaceship? Because you’re the ride of my life.”

56. “Are you a Senzu Bean? Because you’ve revived my spirit.”

57. “I may be a Namekian, but with you, my heart echoes a Namekian love song.”

58. “Can I be your Nimbus cloud? Because I want to be the vehicle that takes you on the most amazing adventures.”

59. “Your voice is as soothing as Dende’s healing powers.”

60. “Do you believe in the Kaio-Ken technique? Because my heart multiplies its love for you.”

61. “Are you a Dragon Ball podcast? Because you’ve become the voice I love hearing.”

62. “You’re as rare as a Dragon Ball.”

63. “Are you really a Time Patroller? Because meeting you feels like a journey through time and space.”

64. “Do you believe in parallel universes? Because in every one, I fall for you.”

65. “Are you a Dragon Ball meme? Because you’ve brought laughter into my life.”

66. “I think you are the Android 18 of my dreams that is beautiful and strong.”

67. “Are you a Z Sword? Because you’ve sharpened my senses.”

68. “Your love is as pure as the Sacred Water.”

69. “You must be a Z-Fighter because you’ve joined the battle for my affections.”

70. “Are you a Kamehameha? Because you’ve just blown me away.”

71. “Are you Beerus? Because you’ve awakened my desire.”

72. “You’ve got me feeling like a Z-Warrior in the heat of battle.”

73. “Are you the Dragon Balls? Because you’re the dream I never want to wake from.”

74. “Do you know the Fusion Dance? Because I think we’d make the perfect fusion.”

75. “Your love is as radiant as the Super Dragon Balls.”

76. “Are you a Capsule Corp. scientist? Because you’ve just compressed my world into a single moment.”

77. “I’d navigate through the Dead Zone just to be with you.”

78. “Damn, are you Vegeta? Because you’ve achieved the impossible – capturing my heart.”

79. “If life were a Dragon Ball Z marathon, you’d be my favorite episode.”

80. “I may be a mortal, but with you, my heart transcends to divine realms.”

81. “Your love is bringing heroics and excitement into my life.”

82. “Your love is my ultimate wish.”

83. “Are you a Dragon Ball GT fan? Because you’ve given my heart a new dimension.”

84. “Your love makes me stronger than a Saiyan in the heat of battle.”

85. “If life were a saga, meeting you would be the most epic chapter.”

86. “Are you a Spirit Bomb? Because my energy is surging for you.”

87. “Your kindness is as comforting as a Senzu Bean’s healing.”

88. “Your passion is as fiery as a Saiyan’s spirit.”

89. “Your love is like the Saiyan blood and every beat makes me stronger.”

90. “I wish I could use the Dragon Balls to erase any sadness from your life.”

91. “Are you Goku? Because when I see you, my heart goes Kaio-ken.”

92. “Hey girl, are you Vegeta? Because your presence makes my heart go Final Flash.”

93. “Are you Vegeta? Because I can’t get you out of my mind, even if I wanted to.”

94. “Can I be your Capsule Corp? I promise to store all the love we’ll ever need.”

95. “Can I be your Krillin? Because I’m willing to do anything to protect you and make you happy.”

96. “If life were a tournament, winning your heart would be my ultimate victory.”

97. “Are you a Dragon Ball soundtrack? Because you’ve set the rhythm of my heart.”

98. “Are you a Dragon Ball? Because you’ve just made all my wishes come true.”

99. “Are you Yajirobe? Because I’d climb a tower just to be with you.”

100. “Are you a Dragon Ball quote? Because you’ve inspired my heart.”

101. “Are you Shenron? Because you’ve granted my wish for true love.”

102. “Excuse me, are you a Dragon Radar? Because my heart always points to you.”

103. “Are you a Dragon Ball cosplay? Because you’ve transformed my world.”

104. “Damn, are you Frieza? Because you’ve conquered my heart and I’m your loyal subject.”

105. “Can I be your Saiyan Armor? I’ll protect you from all the challenges life throws our way.”

106. “I’d face the wrath of Zeno just to ensure our happiness.”

107. “Excuse me, are you a Dragon Ball? Because you’ve made all my wishes come true.”

108. “I’ll be your Flying Nimbus if you promise to soar through life with me.”

109. “I’d face the Red Ribbon Army just to protect our love.”

110. “Are you a Dragon Ball merchandise? Because you’ve become invaluable to me.”

111. “Are you a Saiyan? Because being with you feels like unlocking a new level of happiness.”

112. “Hey girl, do you have a tail? Because you’ve got me under your Saiyan spell.”

113. “I may be Yamcha, but with you, I feel like the luckiest person in the universe.”

114. “Are you the Dragon Radar? Because you’ve led me straight to love.”

115. “You’re like the Flying Nimbus, making my heart soar with joy whenever you’re around.”

116. “If I were the Fusion Dance, our connection would be the perfect dance of hearts.”

117. “Can I be your Great Saiyaman? Because I want to be your hero every single day.”

118. “Are you a Dragon Ball reaction video? Because you’ve brought joy to my life.”

119. “Our connection feels like the perfect fusion of souls.”

120. “If you were a Saiyan, you’d be out of this world.”

121. “I feel a Kamehameha wave of attraction towards you.”

122. “Are you the Dragon Balls? Because you hold the key to my heart.”

123. “Your love is as legendary as the Super Saiyan God.”

124. “Your love is as unstoppable as a Super Saiyan’s power.”

125. “My love for you is like a Spirit Bomb that is growing stronger in every positive emotion in the universe.”

126. “I think you are the Bulma to my Vegeta – the brains behind my heart.”

127. “Are you a Dragon Ball quiz? Because I’d love to learn everything about you.”

128. “Do you know the Kaio-Ken technique? Because my heart races every time you’re near.”

129. “Are you a Saiyan pod? Because you’ve crash-landed into my heart.”

130. “Hey girl, do you have a tail? Because you’ve got me going ape for you.”

131. “You must be the Eternal Dragon because when I look into your eyes, I see my deepest wishes coming true.”

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