Top 41 Immigration Quotes And Immigration Sayings

1. “Immigration is a good thing. We should make that as easy as possible.” ― Gary Johnson

2. “The most powerful nation on earth should be able to pass a fair, effective immigration law that combines compassion with responsibility and does not injure hard-working Americans who are taxed up to here.” ― Bill O’Reilly

3. “We need to pass comprehensive immigration reform, period.” ― Kamala Booker

4. “Immigration is a gateway basically. It’s a check-off point for Latino voters.” ― Jeb Bush

5. “Immigration is one of the leading contributors to population growth.” ― Paul Watson

6. “While I support immigration regulated through a legal framework, I do not support rewarding those who broke the law to get here.” ― Kit Bond

7. “Every immigrant who comes here should be required within five years to learn English or leave the country.” ― Theodore Roosevelt

8. “Whenever I write about immigration, I hear heart-wrenching stories of computer workers who are unemployed and facing severe hardship.” ― Vivek Wadhwa

9. “Our immigration system is a broken system that needs to be fixed. We need reform that provides hardworking people of good character with a real path towards citizenship.” ― Joe Baca

10. “I support legal immigration. I don’t support amnesty because it is not fair to people standing in line at consulates around the world.” ― Heather Wilson

11. “I’m in favor of immigration but we also need rules.” ― Gary Ackerman

12. “I’m for immigration reform. I think the system’s horribly broken, and we need to do something about it.” ― Rand Paul

13. “I’m an immigrant and I will stay an immigrant forever.” ― Junot Diaz

14. “Immigration is not just compatible with but is a necessary component of economic growth.” ― Dave Reichert

15. “I’m not saying we need to stop immigration at all; people can come from wherever.” ― Jeb Bradley

16. “On immigration, there are a lot of hurdles before anything arrives at the White House.” ― Gwen Ifill

17. “Immigration laws are the only laws that are discussed in terms of how to help people who break them.” ― Thomas Sowell

18. “Illegal immigration is crisis for our country. It is an open door for drugs, criminals, and potential terrorists to enter our country. It is straining our economy, adding costs to our judicial, healthcare, and education systems.” ― Timothy Murphy

19. “Our immigration policy should be based in compassion and a desire to help the other.” ― Ilhan Omar

20. “Immigration isn’t always good for the economy or jobs.” ― Geoff Mulgan

21. “The economic impact of illegal immigration on taxpayers is catastrophic.” ― Ric Keller

22. “Immigration is the sincerest form of flattery.” ― Jack Paar

23. “When dealing with illegal immigration, the answer is simple; enforce Constitutional mandates, and you will protect Floridians and the American people.” ― Allen West

24. “Immigration has a huge cost on social programs, and it lowers salaries and drives up unemployment.” ― Marine Le Pen

25. “Immigration should be enforced in a proportional and humane manner.” ― Roger Mahony

26. “Immigration comes up, but the issue that is on everybody’s mind is the economy.” ― Mario Diaz-Balart

27. “Immigration enthusiasts are so hysterical.” ― Peter Brimelow

28. “One of the things I think a lot about, I am perhaps a great example of the enlightened immigration policy of this country where I was able to come here to study and then stay back and work and build a life.” ― Satya Nadella

29. “We can affirm our values as a country and have immigration systems that support our economy, that grow our country, and that make sure that we stay secure and strong.” ― Cory Booker

30. “A simple way to take measure of a country is to look at how many want in.. And how many want out.” ― Tony Blair

31. “My fellow Americans, we are and always will be a nation of immigrants. We were strangers once, too.” ― Barack Obama

32. “We must make immigration a legal, orderly process to eliminate this issue, not further criminalize it.” ― Jose Serrano

33. “Illegal immigration costs taxpayers $45 billion a year in health care, education, and incarceration expenses.” ― Ric Keller

34. “Illegal immigration can never be completely stopped, no matter how high the wall or how many patrol agents you have watching it.” ― Gail Collins

35. “The most effective way to stop illegal immigration is by imposing severe consequences for employers who violate the law.” ― Karen Kenney

36. “The truth is, immigrants tend to be more American than people born here.” ― Chuck Palahniuk

37. “Immigration is a sensitive topic.” ― Mario Diaz-Balart

38. “All the problems we face in the United States today can be traced to an unenlightened immigration policy on the part of the American Indian.” ― Pat Paulsen

39. “Immigration is a gateway basically. It’s a check-off point for Latino voters.” ― Jeb Bush

40. “One of the reasons why Canadians are generally positively inclined towards immigration is we’ve seen over decades, over generations, that it works.” ― Justin Trudeau

41. “At the very end, what is going to happen is that immigration will be reduced considerably. And how can we get to that stage? By agreements on sectors.” ― Vicente Fox

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