90+ Ham Puns That Are Deliciously Funny

Ham is a protein-rich food that is high in nutrients. And they play a key role in popular ingredients in many dishes like sandwiches, salads, and many more. As a result, it is one of the most popular food items in the world that staple for many cultures.

The reason why people love ham is that it can be served in so many ways, and it tastes good. Ham also has lots of protein which makes it an excellent source of nutrition. Below, we’ve compiled a list of Ham puns that are the best and most hilarious you’ll love. So scroll down and see what we’ve got you covered.

Ham Puns

1. I don’t want to ham-pose.

2. I wanna hold your ham.

3. What’s up, ham-ie?

4. Come out with your hams up!

5. I bought my first pig. I’m now a ham-owner.

6. This is so ham-using.

7. We have a dil-ham-ma.

8. Ham-n (damn) bro, you look cool.

9. Speakers ham-plify the sound.

10. The perfect pig is ham-maculate.

11. I ham what I ham!

12. You’re so ham-ble.

13. That’s not a pig. It’s an ham-poster.

14. That pig is ham-bidextrous.

15. She had ham-nesia.

16. The pig from Star Wars is Ham Solo.

17. I was in ham-azement.

18. Heating is a basic ham-enity.

19. She ham-barked on a new journey.

20. The oil comes from ham-p seeds.

21. It’s of par-ham-ount importance.

22. Ham-monia is used in agriculture as fertilizer.

23. The pigs are attending the annual ham-boree.

24. Ham yours.

25. Let’s go to the ham-usement park.

26. A-ham. Can I have your attention?

27. Measure the di-ham-eter.

28. Ham right!

29. We are the ham-pions.

30. That pig lost his arm and is now a ham-putee.

31. Focus on studying for the ex-ham.

32. What’s the probl-ham?

33. She’s an alc-ham-ist.

34. The pig built an ham-pire.

35. The trucker used a ham radio to contact his friends.

36. Ham sanitizer is also called hogwash.

37. You look ham-iliar.

38. Most pigs come from Ham-burg.

39. I have no hambition to be anything else.

40. The brand is looking for ham-bassadors.

41. Let’s all live in ham-ony.

42. She works at the ham-bassy.

43. That’s ham.

44. We’re hiking the Ham-alayas.

45. I mean you no ham.

46. I started a new fitness progr-ham.

47. We are ham-ily.

48. Ham well. How are you?

49. You’ve made a big ham-pact.

50. She gave an ham-biguous answer.

51. We can all ham-prove.

52. I got some ham me downs if you want em’.

53. I like the ham-bient lighting.

54. One pig tried to ham-ulate the other.

55. I ate scr-ham-bled eggs for breakfast.

56. You look ham-some.

57. The right ham-munition is key.

58. I need to make an ham-endment.

59. He felt ham-otional.

60. The builder piggy used a ham-mer to build his house.

61. The pigs paid ham-age to the brave pigs of the past.

62. The cheapest place to buy ham is from Ham-azon.

63. Complete your ham-work on time.

64. Lend a hand to ham-ever needs help.

65. Don’t leave ham-pty-handed.

66. Don’t ham-barass me.

67. Ham-brace the unknown.

68. I have a degree in c-ham-istry.

69. Let’s hold hams.

70. You’re so ham-bitious.

71. Call the ham-bulance.

72. The two pigs reached a ham-icable agreement.

73. If a young pig is abducted, there’s a Ham-ber Alert.

74. I live in the Northern Ham-isphere.

75. That’s really ham-bitious.

76. I ham what I ham.

77. Doom and ham-nation.

78. We’re going to a concert at the ham-phitheater.

79. You’re dyn-ham-ite!

80. Ham-agine the possibilities.

81. Dang, that’s one ham-some piggy.

82. You’re ham-portant to me.

83. Ham an American.

84. My friend is becoming a mat-ham-atics professor.

85. She felt ham-pathy for her friends.

86. Make sure you have the right ham-ount.

87. I’ll be flying to Ham-sterdam this evening.

88. If you cross a pig and frog, you get a ham-phibian.

89. I went to Ham Depot.

90. You made a great first ham-pression.

91. It’s what ham-ateurs do.

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