45+ Shrimp Puns That Are Hilarious to Read

Shrimp are famous because they are delicious, easy to cook and versatile. They are a great option for any meal of the day. Also, they are affordable seafood options which makes it a great choice for those on a tight budget.

Below, we’ve compiled a list of Shrimp puns that are the best and most hilarious you’ll love. So scroll down and see what we’ve got you covered.

Shrimp Puns

1. Shrimp-lify it.

2. That was over-krill.

3. Wear your prawn-cho. It’s raining.

4. It’s a shrimp-lant.

5. Prawn to be wild.

6. You’re shrimp-ortant to me.

7. That was an over-shrimp-lified version.

8. You’re shrimp-ly the best.

9. A funny shrimp’s favorite movie is Codzilla.

10. I started a shrimp-orting business.

11. You’ll be prawn to hunger if you don’t eat now.

12. You’re so res-prawn-sible.

13. Be shrimp-artial.

14. You can’t be shrimpartial when dividing your seafood.

15. Nothing is shrimp-ossible.

16. Shellfish puns are great ice breakers, they end up kraken everyone up.

17. What are you shrimp-lying?

18. Once u-prawn a time.

19. That’s shrimp-ractical.

20. Shellfish presidents get shrimp-eached.

21. The lobster was in dire need of cash, so he went to the prawn broker.

22. The octopus had a pet shellfish, but he lobster.

23. You left a great shrimp-ression.

24. Shrimp won’t share because they’re shellfish.

25. I got it from the prawn shop.

26. Nobody likes clams, they’re extremely shellfish.

27. Shrimps love ocean flour because they’re bottom feeders.

28. The prawn always loses at chess because of his low rank.

29. We’re making an shrimp-act.

30. I wouldn’t get too worried. It’s shrimp-robable.

31. It was shrimp-ulsive.

32. Shrimps who surf the net for hours are prawn to internet addiction.

33. Shrimps that have to travel to other oceans generally whale a carp.

34. That’s not a shrimp. It’s a shrimp-oster.

35. The lobster was finally able to buy a house because he pawned all of his belongings.

36. I’m going to shrimp-lement that into my day.

37. Tidals are extremely shrimpbolic to prawn athletes.

38. Keep it shrimp-le.

39. At the zoo, I saw a shrimp-anzee.

40. I’m always looking to shrimp-rove.

41. Timmy the shrimp crossed the ocean to get to the other tide.

42. That was shrimp-ressive.

43. Be careful. It might shrimp-lode.

44. It’s shrimp-erative.

45. I’ll prawn-der on it.

46. We got the prawns medal.

47. All the fishes gathered around to watch the neighborhood clam bake.

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