Top 145+ Catchy Do Not Drink and Drive Slogans

Don’t let it control your life.

Drive save to make sure it is not your last party.

Don’t let it snatch your life away from you.

If drunk, then takes a cab.

U Drink, U Drive, U Lose.

Drunk driving is a killer disease.

Don’t be addicted to this way.

Be the way a sober is, be safe.

Over the Limit. Under arrest.

This disease has no cure.

Think twice when you drink and drive.

To stay out of the slammer, don’t get hammered.

Don’t be a fool to risk your life in such a way.

Once attention lost, Accident comes across.

A tree never hits a driver except in self-defense.

Stay alive. Don’t drink and drive.

Think positive, live happily.

Sober is safe.

Save lives.

Drinking affects more than your expectation.

You cannot go slow when you drink and drive.

Keep away from self-destruction.

Rethink, it’s about your life.

Driving while drunk cost you more expensive.

Don’t donate blood on the roads.

If you drink and drive, you’re going to make someone cry.

Think more than you drink, drive a sober way.

To live long, sacrifice more.

Make it a night to remember – not a night to forget.

Have the situation under control, don’t let the alcohol control you.

Don’t drink and drive, and you’ll stay alive.

You booze, you cruise, you lose.

Drive Hammered. Get Slammered.

Don’t be too addict to die this way.

The driver is safer when the roads are dry; the roads are safer when the driver is dry.

A designated driver helps you party another day.

The streets don’t need your blood.

Alcohol free is the way to be.

Your family is waiting for you at home.

Stop Drinking. Start Living.

He is on the loose, he has taken the booze.

Choose one drink or drive.

Drinking and driving cost you more than just money.

It affects your self-esteem and kills away.

Don’t be silly; leave drink with driving.

Don’t drink and drive.

Alcohol use is life abuse.

Drinking and Driving? Purchase a ticket for Death.

Save your life not.

Let us make a world free from alcoholism.

Sober driving today. Alive tomorrow.

Drinking affects more than just you.

Don’t become a ruthless one, be an intelligent one.

Buzzed driving is drunk driving.

Don’t Drink and Drive, Arrive Alive.

Drink responsibly.

Safe drive, safe life.

Alcohol destroys you.

Don’t drown your future with alcohol.

Courage to change.

Friends don’t let friends drive drunk.

Allow life to thrive, don’t drink and drive.

Drink appropriate.

Be careful; your family needs you.

Dear, your family needs you.

There is a difference between foolishness and risk.

Stop drinking, save life.

Better to arrive sober and late than never.

Party safe and sober.

Be matured, Don’t donate yourself.

If you are comfortably dumb, you must be drinking rum.

Stop drinking and driving, save your life.

Alcohol affects more than just you.

You can’t drive slow when you drunk.

Temporary Fun With Permanent Consequences.

Think patiently when you drink and drive.

Getting drunk makes your insides junk.

Be responsible.

Be the change to inspire against drinking and driving.

Alcohol cost you more than just money.

Enjoy life without going addicted.

Nothing is Impossible.

Think of your future, Think of your date, Then think before making that fatal mistake, Don’t Drink and Drive.

Choose your way in conscious.

Life is yours, so choose it wisely.

Alcohol addiction is a self destruction.

Say no to Alcohol.

The more alcoholic, the more you became self-destructed.

Your drinking and driving will surely cost you more than the money.

Don’t be booze, you have lots to lose.

Less Drinking. More Thinking.

No drink, no regret.

Be the man with responsibilities.

Self-defence is the most important.

We are against drink and drive.

Don’t be dumb, don’t drink rum.

A tree never hits an automobile except in self defense.

Be against of drinking and driving.

Alcohol: You use, You lose.

Don’t hand over your life to roads.

The designated driver … a friend for life!

Live to enjoy the memory. Don’t Drink and Drive.

You do not mean to say goodbye to your loved ones, but you will if you drink and drive.

Act responsibly.

Thinking… A better option than drinking.

Driving hammered will get you nailed.

Know your responsibilities with concern.

Alcohol addiction is self-destruction, let it not snatch away your life from you.

Drinking makes you look like a fool.

You’re no punk so don’t drive drunk.

No one wants to see you black & blue or dead, So how about letting a sober friend drive instead.

Don’t shed your blood on the roads.

Don’t get killed, be an achiever.

Be the best you can be- be Alcohol free.

Come with me and be Alcohol free.

Drink, drive, and regret.

The problem with drinking and driving is … The MOURNING after!

Imagine a world free of drinking and driving, imagine a world of safety.

You are Important, don’t waste yourself on this.

Rethink your third drink.

Under the influence, under arrest.

When you are drunk, you are on a highway to hell.

Alcohol, it’s a drug too.

Drinking and driving is a gamble that you just can’t win.

Play in life but not with your life.

Drive save to enjoy more parties.

The more you drunk, the more you lose.

Only Fools drive drunk.

Act wisely.

You can hand over your keys or your life. Make the right choice.

Alcoholism is an equal opportunity destroyer.

The roads are safe when you awake.

Alcoholism will lead you to destruction, nothing else.

Drink and drive in ______ and our officers will show you some new bars.

Are you drunk, take a cab then.

Act according to your age.

Arrive alive, Don’t drink and drive.

Mama says no to drinking and driving, be a good son.

Drinking and Driving: a Grave Mistake.

Don’t favor it, be against it.

If you use it, you are going to lose.

Don’t drive any faster than your guardian angel can fly.

A sober drive will help you to party another day.

Less drink, less risk.

Don’t die young.

Don’t regret when it is late.

There are high hopes of your family, don’t leave them with hopelessness.

Be a thinker not a drinker.

Drink less – Think more.

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