69 Chicken Puns That Are Eggs-cellently Hilarious to Read

Chickens are very playful animals, and it’s not hard to see why. They love playing with toys and exploring their environment. And also they love to play with other chickens and chase bugs or other small animals.

Below, we’ve compiled a list of Chicken puns that are the best and most hilarious you’ll love. So scroll down and see what we’ve got you covered.

Chicken Puns

1. Let’s watch a chick flick!

2. You look so hen-some tonight, darling!

3. Chickens always find themselves in peck-uliar circumstances!

4. Chickens love peck-an pie.

5. This hen-semble of puns will definitely delight.

6. Everyone is a comedi-hen around here!

7. Get chicked out.

8. Don’t be chicken about it.

9. When it’s cold, I need my hen-kerchief.

10. Can you hand me a hen-kerchief?

11. Hold on. I must chicken (check on) the pie.

12. You’re a one chick pony.

13. What dance do chickens refuse to do? The foxtrot.

14. The chicks of the trade.

15. What do you call a chicken from space? An egg-straterrestrial.

16. Dancing chick to chick!

17. A baby chicken’s favorite dance is chick-to-chick.

18. Mothercluckers.

19. Chick-to-chick. It’s how all the cool chicks dance.

20. Wow. You sure know how to lay it on chick.

21. The bigger the chicken, the harder they fowl.

22. A mischievous egg is a practical yolker.

23. Some chickens are so hen-thusiastic.

24. Where will you find a chicken letter? In a hen-velope

25. I have high egg-spectations.

26. I see you are up to your old chicks.

27. You’re so hen-some.

28. Let’s go to the park and have a peck-nic.

29. Yolk’s on you!

30. Chick a sickie.

31. On Halloween, chickens say “chick or treat.”

32. We are as chick as thieves.

33. You really beaked my interest.

34. I’ve done it so many times it’s like cluck-work.

35. Any chicken studying egg-onomics is sure to ace all his eggs-aminations.

36. Duh duh duhhh…the plot chickens.

37. You are the wind beneath my chicken wings.

38. I’m in a peck-le.

39. Did you pass the egg-xam?

40. I’m going to Chick-ago.

41. What do all the hens do on a Saturday night? Watch a chick flick.

42. I really can’t wing for losing!

43. Using chicken puns shouldn’t test your hen-durance.

44. Chicken’s love classical music. Specifically, Bach.

45. I have great eggs-pectations from you.

46. You’re just a one chick pony!

47. Trust me, this will bring out your inner comedi-hen.

48. Hey, beautiful. I can’t stop chicken you out!

49. I saw a chicken wearing hen-cuffs.

50. That chicken is an eggs-plorer.

51. Working around the cluck.

52. Where’s the hen-trance?

53. If you were a chicken, you sure would be im-peck-able.

54. If it’s raining, stay hen-side.

55. Chickens send letters in hen-velopes.

56. Oh, don’t mind me, I’m just having an eggs-istential crisis.

57. Chickens love two cities, San Fr-hen-cisco and New Yolk.

58. Cluck your heels together, it’s Fry-day!

59. Chick the hen-cyclopedia.

60. What’s a chicken’s favorite dessert? A peck-an pie.

61. Just look at the big peck-ture.

62. You really know how to see the big peck-ture.

63. Your hen-writing has improved.

64. Can you help me? I’m kinda in a peck-le.

65. Puns bring out your inner comedi-hen.

66. A chick of the light.

67. What’s a chicken’s favorite subject to study? Egg-onomics.

68. I’m staying at the chick inn.

69. Did you see the chicken with cluck-teeth?

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