69 Best Duck Puns to Quack You Up

Ducks are a type of bird, and they are known for their webbed feet. They plays a very important role in our ecosystem. Their excrement is a natural fertilizer for plants, which is why many farmers keep them around to help their crops grow. They also eat insects like mosquitoes that can carry diseases like malaria and dengue fever.

Below, we’ve compiled a list of Ducks puns that are the best and most hilarious you’ll love. So scroll down and see what we’ve got you covered.

Best Duck Puns

1. I’m going to the duck-tor.

2. Thanks for quack-nowledging me.

3. I wake up at the quack of dawn.

4. You have quack-titude.

5. What do you call a duck that steals? A robber ducky.

6. What happens when a duck flies upside down? It quacks up.

7. How do ducks talk? They don’t; they quack.

8. Be careful. It’s deli-quack.

9. Where’s the duck-ument?

10. Waddle you do if you forget?

11. Con-duck-t yourself in a responsible manner.

12. What the duck?.

13. I at quacker-jacks at baseball games.

14. Lord of the Wings.

15. Where’s the con-duck-ter?

16. That’s quack.

17. Se-duck-tive.

18. The feather forecast.

19. What did the ducks carry their schoolbooks in? Their quack-packs.

20. I’ve been pro-duck-tive.

21. I’m quacking up.

22. I need a quack-scratcher.

23. What do ducks say when people throw things at them? “Time to duck!”.

24. Quack off.

25. Is there a de-duck-tible?.

26. The duck-tective is quacking the case.

27. It’s inade-quack.

28. In the desert, you can find a quack-tus.

29. Meet me at the duck.

30. On what side does a duck have the most feathers? The outside.

31. Would you like to drink Peepsi?

32. What kind of TV shows do ducks watch? Duckumenteries.

33. What do you call a clever duck? A wise quacker.

34. Re-duck-tion.

35. Watch out for the quacks.

36. Where did the duck go when he was sick? To the ducktor.

37. Thanks for the intro-duck-tion.

38. Nice quack-pack.

39. I’m watching a duck-umentary.

40. Good duck.

41. There are a lot of pro-duck-ts.

42. I went to the bank to get a new bill.

43. Why do ducks check the news? For the feather forecast.

44. That’s ducked up.

45. Let’s light fire-quackers.

46. What do ducks have with soup? Quackers.

47. Put it on my bill.

48. This is ducking good.

49. What did the duck say when the waitress came? “Put it on my bill”.

50. What do you call a bird that can fix anything? Duck Tape.

51. Why did the duck get a red card in the football game? For fowl-play.

52. Pull up your pants. Your butt-quack is showing.

53. I’m wearing quack-is.

54. Nice duck-xedo.

55. What is a chick’s favorite drink? Peepsi.

56. Would you like some quackers?.

57. Chips and quack-amole.

58. At what time does a duck wake up? At the quack of dawn.

59. I’ll check the duck-tionary.

60. A duck that steals is a robber duck.

61. He was in-duck-ted into the hall of fame.

62. Go duck yourself.

63. Just wing it.

64. The Nut-quacker.

65. Count Duck-ula.

66. What did Detective Duck say to his partner? “Let’s quack this case”.

67. That was quack-ward.

68. You’re quack-y.

69. When is roast duck bad for your health? When you’re the duck.

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