100+ Animal Pick Up Lines to Dive Into the Zoo of Love

Animals have always been associated with romance, so why not use them to show your interest? Whether you are at the zoo or aquarium, using these animal themed pick up lines will break the ice and get the conversation started with a girl or boy you like.

These lines will also show off your personality and help you to make an unforgettable impression on them. So go ahead and flirt with that special someone you have eyes on.

Animal Pick Up Lines

1. “People say love is for the birds, but with you, it’s soaring to new heights.”

2. “If life were a jungle, meeting you would be the most exotic adventure.”

3. “If I were a cat, I’d want to be your favorite.”

4. “I may be a horsefly, but your love keeps me buzzing around you.”

5. “You are the eagle soaring high in the sky, and I want to be your updraft.”

6. “You’re like a phoenix rising from the ashes, bringing new life and hope into my world.”

7. “Girl, you must be a kangaroo, because you’ve got me hopping into your heart.”

8. “Are you a parrot? Because you’ve echoed my sentiments.”

9. “Are you a squirrel? Because you’ve squirreled away in my heart.”

10. “You know what they say, Lion or lamb, you make my heart roar.”

11. “I wish I were a dolphin, so I could click my way into your heart.”

12. “Are you a starfish? Because you’ve anchored yourself in my life.”

13. “Excuse me, but meeting you feels like a safari adventure in the wild.”

14. “Are you a crab? Because I feel a pinch in my heart every time I see you.”

15. “Just like a peacock, your beauty leaves me mesmerized.”

16. “Are you a whale? Because you’ve dived deep into my thoughts.”

17. “Are you a snake? Because you’ve wrapped around my heart.”

18. “Could you be the koala to my eucalyptus tree? Clinging together through thick and thin.”

19. “If I were a cat, I’d happily trade in my nine lives just to spend them all loving you.”

20. “People say love is a jungle, and with you, I’m ready to explore every corner.”

21. “Damn, you are as fierce as a tiger, and I’m ready to be your prey.”

22. “Are you a fox? Because you’ve outfoxed my heart.”

23. “I may be a lone wolf, but with you, I want to run in a pack.”

24. “Are you an ant? Because I’m attracted to your sweetness.”

25. “Are you really a monkey? Because I want to swing into your heart.”

26. “You’re like a chameleon, changing my world with your vibrant presence.”

27. “Are you an eagle? Because you soar above the rest.”

28. “Do you believe in love naps? Because every moment with you feels like a peaceful slumber.”

29. “You are the hummingbird in my garden of dreams.”

30. “Do you believe in love tails? Because ours is a tale of two hearts intertwined.”

31. “Like a turtle’s slow and steady pace, you’ve won my heart.”

32. “Are you a zebra? Because I see life in black and white without you.”

33. “Do you know if you were a jellyfish, you’d be stunning without a spine.”

34. “Damn, you are as graceful as a gazelle, gliding through life.”

35. “Your love makes me feel like a kitten discovering a world which is full of awe and wonder.”

36. “I think you are the missing piece to my panda-monium of emotions.”

37. “Are you an ostrich? Because I’m stuck with my head in the sand for you.”

38. “Do you know if you were a penguin, you’d be my forever mate.”

39. “I’ll be your koala-ty companion; let’s stick together.”

40. “I’ll be your panda, cuddly and adorable.”

41. “Are you a toucan? Because you’ve brightened my world.”

42. “Are you really a fish? Because I’m hooked, and you’re off the scale.”

43. “Like a lion’s powerful roar, you make me roar with laughter, filling my days with joy.”

44. “Is your name Waldo? Because someone like you is hard to find in the animal kingdom.”

45. “Someone told me you’re a birdwatcher; well, here’s a rare species – my love for you.”

46. “Are you an octopus? Because you’ve wrapped your tentacles around my heart.”

47. “Are you a squirrel? Because you’ve gathered my affections.”

48. “Just like a caterpillar transforming into a butterfly, your love has changed me for the better.”

49. “Are you a zebra? Because you’ve added stripes to my life.”

50. “Are you an eagle? Because you’ve nested in my heart.”

51. “Are you really a worm? Because you’ve turned my life’s soil into fertile ground.”

52. “Just like a penguin’s loyalty, our love is forever.”

53. “You are the swan in my lake of dreams, gliding gracefully into my heart.”

54. “Are you a turtle? Because I’m shell-shocked by your beauty.”

55. “Are you a kangaroo? Because your love has me jumping for joy.”

56. “You’re like a firefly, lighting up my world with your radiant glow.”

57. “Your love makes me feel like a butterfly with joy.”

58. “Our love is like a cheetah’s sprint – fast, thrilling, and unstoppable.”

59. “I wish I were a jellyfish; then my love for you would be ocean deep.”

60. “You know what they say, Penguin or polar bear, our love can weather any storm.”

61. “I wish I were a worm, so you’d bait me into your affections.”

62. “People say love is a zoo, but with you, it’s the most fantastic exhibit.”

63. “I’ll be your turtle, slow and steady, but my love will endure for eternity.”

64. “Can I be the peanut butter to your jellyfish? Because we’re a perfect match.”

65. “Are you a wolf? Because you’ve howled your way into my heart.”

66. “Are you an elephant? Because you’ve trumpeted your way into my heart.”

67. “Are you a panda? Because you’re rare and precious.”

68. “Are you a lion? Because you’ve roared your way into my heart.”

69. “Just like a lion’s roar, our love echoes with strength and passion.”

70. “Hey girl, are you a flamingo? Because you stand out in the crowd.”

71. “Are you a tiger? Because you’ve prowled into my dreams.”

72. “Damn, you are as sleek as a panther, and I’m ready to be your jungle companion.”

73. “Can I be the ant to your picnic? Because every moment with you is a feast for my soul.”

74. “Someone told me you’re a dog lover; mind if I fetch your attention?”

75. “Are you a snake? Because you’ve slithered into my thoughts.”

76. “Are you a cheetah? Because I can’t keep up with you.”

77. “Are you a seal? Because I think we’re sel-mates.”

78. “I think you are the bee’s knees which is sweet and essential to my happiness.”

79. “Are you a turtle dove? Because you’ve cooed your way into my heart.”

80. “Are you a peacock? Because you’ve caught my attention with those beautiful feathers.”

81. “Just like a cat’s curiosity, my interest in you is boundless and ever-growing.”

82. “If I were a fish, I’d be hooked on you in the vast sea of possibilities.”

83. “Are you a hippo? Because I can’t help but gape at you.”

84. “I may be a lone wolf, but with you, I feel like part of a howlingly happy pack.”

85. “Are you a swan? Because you’re elegant and graceful.”

86. “Are you a flamingo? Because I’m falling for you flaming-over.”

87. “Do you know if you were a squirrel, you’d be nuts not to fall for me?”

88. “Like an eagle nesting high in the mountains, you’ve nested in my heart.”

89. “Can I be the lion tamer to your wild heart? I promise not to use a whip.”

90. “I may be a lone panther, but with you, I feel like part of a purr-fect pride.”

91. “Are you a turtle? Because you’re slow and steady, winning my heart.”

92. “This night is as soothing as a cat’s purr, and I’m grateful for each moment shared with you.”

93. “Are you a frog? Because I find myself hopping toward you.”

94. “I think you are the cutest creature in the zoo of my heart.”

95. “Are you a llama? Because you’ve spit your way into my heart.”

96. “Are you a whale? Because I’d like to dive into the ocean of your love.”

97. “Are you a monkey? Because you’re bananas for me.”

98. “Girl, you must be a parrot, because you’ve repeated on my mind all day.”

99. “Could you be the moonbeam in my night? Because your love brightens my darkest hours.”

100. “Excuse me, but are you a beaver? Because daaaaam.”

101. “Are you a horse? Because you’ve galloped right into my dreams.”

102. “Hey girl, are you a cat? Because you’ve piqued my curiosity.”

103. “Hey girl, are you a bee? Because you’ve got me buzzing with excitement.”

104. “You know what they say, Octopus or otter, our love has many arms.”

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