250+ Airbnb Business Name Ideas to Boost Your Business

Choosing a business name for your Airbnb listing is a crucial step in the process of getting your listing up and running. You need to make sure that the name you choose will be easy to remember, and will convert well to your target audience.

Many factors go into choosing the best name for your Airbnb listing. The first thing you should do is make sure that the name you choose is not already taken by someone else. The second thing you should do is research what names are converting well in your marketplace, and then use those as an example when choosing a business name. Lastly, it’s important to make sure that the business name you choose is memorable and easy to spell – because if it’s not, people won’t be able to find it again.

Here we’ve compiled a list of attractive and catchy Airbnb business names that you’ll like. Scroll down and select the best one so you can stand out from the crowd. Let’s see what we have here.

Best Airbnb Business Name Ideas

Treehouse Guesthouse

Fancy Flats

Rent on Vacation

Lay Your Head

Rent Solo


All Ers Hotel

The Present

Airbnb One Phoenix

Airdrie Chamber

Homes for Hoppers

Home for Lease

Backpacker’s Paradise

Laughable Frog

Leap Of Faith Realty

No Stress Rentals

Aloha Bnb

Sleep Cheaply

Availbnb USA

B2B Vacation Rentals

Garden Acmmodation

My Bungalow

The Getaway

Escape Vacation

Camping In Style


Shelter Snap

Inn Trading

Amazing Getaways

Oceans Luxury Vacations

Ceres Air

Unique Lodging

Hacienda Hosting


Room Stay Arizona

Awesome Home Everyday

On The Go Vacations


Sea Side Rental Ttage

Cozy Guesthouse

Airbnb by Wyckoff

Amazing Home Stays

The Rustic File

Host Me Airbnb

Esther’s Home

House To Stay

Holidays of India

Biltmore Commons


Apartment Retreat

Vacation Home Rental

Urban Landlady

Acmmodate Spot

Host Group

Room for Rent

Eagle’s Nest

Tenants Pro


Go Time Travel Hosting

Air Home

Vivox Hosting

Home Bay and Air

Flairbnb Hotels


Twofold Hosting



Sleep Over

Airdrie Airlines

Resort Cabin Rental

On Air


Live Here Too

The Superhost

Bed in Town

In My House

The Guest House


On a Roll Inn

B&B Leasing Services


Acadia Host

Airbnb Getaway

Airbnb Tempe

Any Time Holiday Rentals

Home Sweet Home

Paradise Haven

Best time booking

Your Humble Host

Bedding By The Hour


All Hosting

Home Guru

Airbnb by Bob

Bookbnb Tempe

Airbnb by Wytem

The Vacationer

Catchy Airbnb Business Names

Air B and B Rental

Special Foster Spot

Bnb On Air

The Ceremonial Hostelry

Ace Hosts

Niche Event Sites

Cottage Rental

Airbnb for All

Urban Lifestyle

EasyBreezy BnB

Ribbon City Living


First Stay Canada

The Open Hunting Lodge

Bed and Breakfast

Calm Chaos

Sea Side Rental ttage

A Place to Go


Come Stay with Us

Apartment On-Demand

Airbnb Garden

The Small Hosting

TreeHouse Host

Cox Airbnb

Simply Jake


Traveler’s Stay

Roll with Airbnb

Work Studio

Casa De Vacaciones

Airbnb Hungary

Let’s go Bluff

Leisure Airbnbs

Travel Hack

Leased Group

HostGator Airports

Hosting Everyday

Brushbnb Arizona

Better Than Home

Reduced Renters

Casa De Vacacion

On the Go Vacations

Forget the Hotel

At Your Service!

Blissful Getaway Homes

Holiday Base

The Family Center

Amazones Hosting

Hot Room Boycott

Home Away Your World

AirBnB Estates

Get Into Travel

Friendly Stay

House in My Hom

Creative Airbnb Business Names

Host a View

1st Hosting

The Apartment Flight

Traveler Accommodation

Alamo City Hosting

Travel Home Host Away

Rental a Vacation Home

Cozy Crib

Airbnb Adventure

Trip Now

Camp Home Away

Apartment Bonfire

The Little Peaceful Retreat

You Stay We Pay

Airbnb-Friendly Space

Camp on Arrival

At Home Abroad

Your Space for Rent

Avis Nevada

Vacation Rental Center

Home Leasebnb

Hotelier Lelair

AirBnB in Bloom

Mint Biltmore

Airbnb in Moderation

Bnb2B Hosting

Virginia Destiny


Holiday Rentals

The Airsteam

Apartment Getaway

Home For You

Home & Room

Unlimited Vacation

Crazy 2 Bed

Borrowed by Me

Home Stay Inn

Airbnb Inc The

Lonely Lodge

The Host Suite

AirBnB Next Door

Rent Your Space

Home Away from Home

Prime Care

The Perfect Apartment

Airbnb Businesses

Airbnb in India

Stipulated Lease


Unique Airbnb Business Names

Paparazzi Resorts


Budget Onebnb

Fav Nomad

Mesa by Wyndham

Inn Elective

Free Tenants Pro


Best Arizona Resort

Regal Accommodate Spot

Foster Pro

Ten Thousand Flights

Holiday On Wheels


Airdrie Hosting

Airbnb Auchenflower

The Airstel Air BnB

Be My Guest

Town Homes

FliteHouse Montreal

Lowest Leasing

Airdrie Hostel

Book of Lease

Bee Home

Story Stick Group

Hospitality Pro

Airlock and Safety

Binh Xeo

Airbnb by Will

Bestway House A

Home With Me

Beverly Hills Host


B-N-M Bedrooms

Travel Desire Co.

The Hosting Company

Apartment Finder

Sandy Beachfront Airbnb

Bookit Air Host

My Resort Air

DreamHost Solutions

Airdrie Airstream

Home Sharing Service

Living A guest house

Lusive Stay Deluxe

Airbnb Pass Linger

Century File

Host A Jet

Aloha BnB

The Bedroom Jig

Kantin Group

Airbnb Aesthetics

Special Host Group


Alamo Home Group

Tips To Choose the Best Names for Airbnb Business

The first thing to do is to come up with a list of names that you like. You should have at least 5-6 names on the list.

Next, you have to think about what your business is all about. What kind of business are you doing? Do you specialize in a certain type of travel? Is your business focused on luxury travel or budget-friendly options?

You need to think about what customers want in a name. What do they search for when they want to find a service like yours? Are there any popular names that are similar to what you offer?

You also need to make sure that the name does not sound like a company or product.

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