300+ Greatest Dog Grooming Business Name Ideas

When picking a name for your dog grooming business, you have to make sure that it is catchy and memorable. And it should be able to stand out from the competition and should also be easy to spell.

Here are three things you should do when picking a good name for your new dog grooming business:

1) Make sure the name is catchy, memorable, and easy to spell.
2) Pick an available domain.
3) Keep the length of the name short or long enough so people can remember it.

Here we’ve compiled the list of cool and eye-catching Dog grooming business names that you’ll like. Scroll down and select the best one so you can stand out from the crowd. Let’s see what we have here.

Cool Dog Grooming Business Names

Whisker Lickin’ Good

Bark in Style

The Salty Paw

The Spa for Dogs

The Canine Crew

Tall Tails

Diamond Dog Grooming

Ruff Around the Clock

Pooch Palace

Freeze The Breeze

Look You Best Grooming

Groomers on the Go

The Groom Room

Pet MoTail

Pampered Pooch

The Blue Pooch

Heaven On Earth

Splashing Shepherds

The Pet Mode

Diamonds in the Ruff

Vacation Pet Services

Dog Hair Dressing

Supreme Spa

Barkley Square Grooming

Washing & Wagging

Happy Pets Boarding & Grooming

Splash and Dash Groomerie

Puppy Love Groomer

Bark N Bubbles Doggy Spa

The Yuppy Puppy

The Pawfectionist, Inc.

Pet Parlor and Spa

Happy Paws

Perfect Doggy

Hair of the Dog

Pet Polishers

Fur-ever Friends

Doggy Style Pets

Mobile Spaw

Pampered Pets

Wags to Riches

Doggie in the Window

My Pets Wellness

The Barking Lot

The Pet Maven

Kiss My Mutt

The Canine Collective

Fluffy Puppies Dog Grooming

Spaws on the Go

Pretty Canines

Kanine Klippers

Paws To Perfection

Haute Dog Pet Spa

Haute Pets

Happy Dog

A Classic Clip

Bath Time Mobile

Ruff Cutts

Fully Groomed

Bed and Biscuit

Furry Goodness

The Yellow Dog

The Puppy Spot

Happy Clicks

Gentle Touch Dog Grooming

Good Dog Pooch

The Pet Empire

Happy Grooming

Fluffy Puppy Dog Wash

Happy Doggie

K9s with Class

The Wash Dog

Happy Pet Grooming

Urban Tails

Absolute Pet Wash

Tippy Canines Salon

Back Porch

Camp Bow Wow

Bubble Glow Grooming


Tails Of Joy

Perfect Pooch

Tails of the City

The Poodle Patrol

Animal Crackers

The Barking Lounge

Pure Grooming

Biscuits & Bath

Catchy Dog Grooming Business Names

Alpha Dog Grooming

Splendid Peps

Fantastic Fur Dog Grooming

Dog Room Club

Step And Fetch

Head to Tales Grooming

Dog Groomers Inc.

Purry Clean Grooming

Mutt’s Nuts Dog Grooming

Ladies Little Miss

Liz’s A Dog Grooming

Doggy Fairy Tale

Your Dog Groomer

Dave’s The Doghouse

iBark Grooming

Buddy’s Dog Grooming

Sub Woofers

Doggie Styles

Chic Tails

4 Paws Grooming

Apple Valley Puppy Spa

Style Star


Doggies Delight

Scruffy to Fluffy


Station Puppy

Soapy’s Dog Wash

Pretty Kitty!

K-9 Heaven

Planet Pooch

Groomer Has It

Dash DogWash

Peticure Paradise Grooming

Heads to Tails

Doggy Cute Happy

Dog Gone Cute Pet Spa

Super Dog Grooming

Regal Beagle

Posh Pets Boutique

Tropical Paws Dog Grooming

Comb & Collar

Pawfect Pet Salon

Platinum Petz

Posh Paws

Gentle Brush

Fido’s Pet Care

Teeth to Tail

Finishing Touches


Pets Day Out

Stylin’ Hounds

Paw Prints Dog Grooming

The Dog’s Lounge

Rub-a-Dub Dog Wash


Happy Tails

Blue Dog Grooming

Doggie Diva

Pet Express

Dog Wash N’ Go

The Dog Salon

Canine Casa

Unique Pet Grooming Business Names

Canine Image

Bark N Bubbles

Clip N’ Dip

Yuppy Puppy Dog Grooming

Hot Shot Dog Grooming

Bark Avenue Grooming

Little Pink Paws Mobile Groomers

Sparky’s Pet Grooming

With Love Grooming

Aggies Dog Grooming

A Cut Above the Rest

Pretty Pups Dog Wash

Maria The Groomer

Canine Spa & Salon

Furbrocious Dog Grooming

Deja Spaw

Bark and Groom

Purrfect Pets

Paws And Dog Day Care

Soggy Paws Mobile Spa

All Paws Grooming

Furry Friends Grooming

Alley Dog Grooming

Just Pawfection

Dog City

Puppy World

Master’s Touch

Wagging Tails

Darla’s Dog Wash

Velvet Paw

Four Furr Months

Just Dog Grooming

Barks on the Run

It’s Grooming Time

Wiggly Pups

Doggie Day Spa

PatPal Dog Grooming

On the Spot Grooming

Wag Hotels

Hug N Pups

All Fur Pooch

Animal House

Bark and Belly Walk

Valley Pets Grooming

What The Pup

Good Boy Grooming

Top Dog

Healthy Smile

Pet Club Cleveland

Wagging Tail

Posh Pets Salon

Hot Doggery Grooming

Bark Out Loud

Kissable Kitties Pet Groomer Lounge

A Dog’s Tale

Fluff’n Buff

Wag N Wheels

Gentle Paws Pet Grooming

Puppy 4U

Easy Cat Grooming

Four Paws and a Cause

Bravo Paws

Parlor for Pets

Cute Dog Grooming Names

Doggies Divine

The Hound Dog Grooming

Quick-N-Clean Grooming

Tail Waggers

The Fur Fixer Upper

Fresh Paws

Pamper Camper

Oddles of Poodles

Little Whiskers Grooming

4 A Canines

Bark of the Town Spa

Pet Patrol

My Pet Warehouse

Dogs Rule

Express Your Pet

Fancy Tails

Royalty Puppies


Paw Alley Pet Grooming

Exotic Pooch

Spa Wags

Dog Gone Good

Dynamic Grooming

Pawfection Pet Salon

Doggy Day Spa

Park N Bark

Fire Plug

Bark On Pet Grooming Service

Kiss My Dog

Dog Styling Boutique

Capital Kitty Grooming

Luxury Groomer

Bark Avenue

Dog On Fun

Puppy Playground

Pawdressers Dog Grooming

Holiday Home and Day Care

The Dog Stay

West Paw Doggie Day Care

Golden Bone

Dog Style Inc.

Dog Gone Sharp

Bark Barbers


Elegant Pet

Great Tails

Earthwise Pet Supply

Dog Togs and Tails

Clippety Doo Dog Groomers

Doggies Gone Wild

Urban Canine

Creative Canines

Magic Grooming

Diamond Dog Groomer

Downtown Dogs

Woof! Doggie Wash

Pepper Pot

Fancy Dogs Business Names Ideas

Bloomingtails Pet Salon

Fun Paws Dog Grooming

Good Dog Grooming




Furry Friends

Bark Avenue Pet Care


Doggy Dandruff Removal

Pets Love Us

In Dogs We Trust

Ain’t Misbehavin’ Pet Grooming

Bark ‘n’ Bath Now!

Dapper Dogs

Mobile Dog Grooming

Mobile’s paw


Ask the Puppy Question

All Fur Pet Grooming

Dog Days of Summer

Up to Par Dog Grooming

Lucky Dog Grooming

Mutt Grooming Experts

Meow Grooming

Grand Bark Dog Grooming

Natural Pet Center

Rinsing Doggies

First Class Grooming

Pet Paradise

Best Paw Forward

Paw Pet Grooming

Good Dog!

For Paws

The Pooch House

Grooing Without Worries

Meows & Growl



Doggie’s Nail Salon

Pets Best Friend Grooming Salon

Right Touch

Puppy Loft

Pet Peevish

Mobile Dog Grooming LA

All Breeds Dog Grooming

Pet Styles

Things to Consider Before Picking the Name For Your Dog Grooming Business

A dog grooming business is a great way to start a new career. So here are a few things you should consider before picking the name for your dog grooming business. You should start by thinking about the type of name you want to give your business. Do you want a catchy, short, and memorable name? Or would you prefer a long and descriptive one?

If you’re looking for a catchy, short, and memorable name, try to think of something that people will remember when they hear it. This is usually achieved through an abbreviation or something that rhymes with other words that are popular in the industry.

On the other hand, if you’re looking for a long and descriptive name for your dog grooming business, then try to think of something that will describe what your company does or what it is all about.

How to Create the Perfect Dog Grooming Business Name?

The perfect dog grooming company name should be short, easy to spell, memorable, descriptive of what you do, and reflect your personality. It should also be something that people can easily pronounce in any language.

There are many naming tips out there that can make this process easier for you. For example, first, try to come up with a list of words that describe your business and the services you offer. You can also ask friends and family what they think of your proposed name and get feedback from the public by using social media polls or surveys.

It’s important to take into consideration what kind of business name will resonate with your target audience when choosing a name for your dog grooming company.

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