Top 7 Weight Loss Oriented Foods on the Earth

1. Whole Egg

Eggs are god-gifted protein-rich, nutritious wholesome. We are consuming it since ancient times. Eggs are thermogenic; it helps to boost metabolism and burn calorie. There are many myths about the whole egg, which is worthless; eggs contain only 78 calories as per the USDA (United States Department of Agriculture).

The entire egg is a better option than only egg white. A whole egg contains many micronutrients like Vitamin B12, B2, Vitamin D, antioxidants, and trace minerals, as well as choline, which is a healthy and great choice for breakfast Start your day.

Synopsis: Eggs are rich in protein and give the satiating feeling, which in a result, helps in weight loss.

2. Green Leafy Vegetables

Greens are found abundantly all over the world. They contain a good source of dietary fiber, Vitamin C, pro-vitamin-A carotenoid, folate, manganese, and vitamin-k.

Greens are the lowest calorie foods such as celery, radishes, Pak Choi, cabbage, mushroom, swiss chard, asparagus, spinach, summer squash, tomato, beans, and broccoli. One cup of chopped greens contains only 10-40 calories only which are very low.

Synopsis: Greens also has calcium in it, which incredibly helps in weight loss as well as it helps in burn belly fat.

3. Cruciferous Vegetables

Cruciferous Vegetables are as effective as Sri Rama’s arrow for weight loss. They are very low in calories, and carbohydrate availability is also meager. They are a rich source of folate, vitamins, antioxidants, minerals, fiber, and protein with high water content. Cruciferous Vegetables are used for medicinal purposes also. Because of the presence of high fiber in it, they satiate us for a longer time.

Every Cruciferous Vegetable has a significant health benefit. They are widely used to cure cancer, blood pressure, heart disease, digestion problem, Diabetic problem, and many more; that is why they are also known as Miracle Food. Cruciferous Vegetables include Arugula, Cabbage, radish, turnip, bok choy, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, kale, etc.

Synopsis: Due to rich fiber content and calcium, they tend to feel fuller for a longer time, which directly helps in weight loss.

4. Lean Beef and Chicken Brest

Lean Beef and chicken breast are highly proteinaceous foods that are very low in carbohydrates and fat, which makes them weight-loss-friendly food. A lean cut of Beef is a very nutritious and low-calorie diet. It also contains zinc, iron, Vitamin B12, Calcium, Cobalamin, Vitamin B6, and Magnesium. Fat content is saturated on the chicken skin; that’s why skinless, boneless breast chicken is good for weight loss.

Synopsis: Lean cut of meat is a healthy option for weight loss; the high protein content of lean meat help to overeat extra calories. Lean Beef also helps in calorie burning.

5. Boiled Potatoes

Potato’s name itself defines the king of vegetables. Potatoes contain high fiber, which gives you a satiating feeling for a longer time and less fat. Both red and sweet potatoes have excellent nutritional value, and both help reduces weight if you are only boiling or baking them. They have there two options for weight loss and weight gain. If your goal is weight loss, then extra bad fat adding is the wrong choice.

Synopsis: High fiber content making it the right choice for weight loss as they are felt fuller for an extended period.

6. Beans and Legumes

Beans and Legumes are low in calories and high in protein. They contain some resistance starch, which slows down the digestion process and helps to enhance insulin sensitivity and lower blood sugar. Its satiating feeling extends for a longer period and decreases blood cholesterol. Vegetarian takes protein content from beans and legumes as they are the excellent replacement of the meat group.

Synopsis: Beans and Legumes are high in protein, fiber, and having resistant starch, which helps in slow appetite.

7. Soups

Soups are one of the choice examples of a weight loss diet due to low calorie, high mineral, and antioxidants. They are reducing the digestion process and obstacles to taking more calories. Soups are made up of various types of vegetables, meats, pulses, legumes, green vegetables, and cruciferous vegetables by which their nutritional level is superior as well as meditational benefits.

Synopsis: Fiber-rich and protein-rich content make it a weight loss diet.

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