Top 100 Catchy Spanish Restaurant Name Ideas

In a world where people are constantly looking for new and exciting things, Spanish is a language that has always been at the top of the list. It’s not just about the food or culture that comes with it but also about the language itself.

Spanish is the most spoken language in the world. It is also one of the most common names for restaurants. And many people choose Spanish for the name of their restaurant because it has a lot of meaning and it sounds appealing.

The word “Spanish” means “the language of Spain.” In addition, it also means that their food may be spicy and flavorful, which makes customers want to try it out.

Here we’ve compiled the list of 100 most eye-catching Spanish restaurant names to inspire your ideas and come up with a unique name. Scroll down and select the best one. Let’s see what we have here.

Spanish Restaurant Names

Delicioso. “Delicious”

La Ermita. “The Hermitage”

La Casa de la Abuela. “Grandma’s House”

La Cuchara Vieja. “The Old Spoon”

Albahaca. “Basil”

Tierra y Mar. “Land and Sea”

El Antojo. “Craving”

La Estufa or El Horno. “The Stove”

La Barra. “The Counter”

La Fábula. “The Fable”

La Pelota. “The Ball”

La Cocina de la Abuela. “Grandma’s Kitchen”

La Vista. “The Viewpoint”

Las Arroceras. “The Rice Makers”

El Placer. “Pleasure”

Viejo Madrid. “Old Madrid”

La Cuchara de la Abuela. “Grandma’s Spoon”

El Boliche. “Bowling”

La Orza. “The Daggerboard”

El Parapeto. “The Parapet”

La Fabrica de Chismes. “The Gossip Mill”

Las Cuatro Veces. “The Four Times”

El Puente. “The Bridge”

La Escalera. “The Ladder”

El Trébol. “Clover”

Sabores Auténticos. “True Tastes”

Sabores Ancianos. “Ancient Flavors”

Cuchillo y Tenedor. “Knife and Fork”

El Arte de los Sabores. “The Art of Flavors”

Marzapan. “Marzipan”

¡Tapas! Tapas¡

Las Brasas de Paco Paco’s. “Embers…”

Naturalmente rico. “Naturally Delicious”

Que Aproveche! “Enjoy” or “have fun”

La Caverna. “Cave”

La Cocina de Mamà. “My Mommy’s Kitchen”

¡Coma y Beba! “Eat and Drink!”

La Bahía. “The Bay”

La Brújula. “The Compass”

El Lugar de la Abuela. “Grandma’s Place”

El Glotón. “Piggish”

El Gastrónomo. “The Gourmet”

Madre Tierra. “Mother Earth”

El Encanto. “The Spell”

El Huerto. “The Kitchen Garden”

Las Virtudes. “Virtues”

El Insaciable. “The Insatiable”

El Galerón. “The Shed”

La Casa de mi Abuela. “Grandma’s House”

El Jardín de los Encantos. “The Garden of Delights”

El Pecado de la glotonería. “The Sin of Gluttony”

El Rincón de los Sabores. “The Corner of Tastes”

El Muro. “The Wall”

El Jardín Encantado. “The Enchanted Garden”

La Casita or La Cazuela. “Small House”

La Gula. “Greed”

El Galiciano. “The Galician”

El Árbol. “The Tree”

La Casa de los Sabores. “The House of Flavors”

La Glotonería Inocente. “Innocent Gluttony”

El Mercado. “The Market(place)”

El viejo Restaurante. “The Old Restaurant”

Sabor del Mar. “Sea Taste, Taste of the Sea”

Homenaje a los Gordos! “Let’s hear it for the fatsos”

El Espectador. “The Looker”

La Tienda de los Sabores. “The shop of Flavors”

La Mansión. “The Mansion”

Los Marineros. “The Seafarers”

Sabores antiguos. “Old Flavors”

El Palader. “The Palate”

¡Tan Bueno! “That Good!”

La Trinidad. “Trinity”

El Nido. “The Nest”

La Catedral. “The Cathedral”

La Olla. “The Pan”

El Pecado. “Sin”

La Taberna. “The Tavern”

La Taberna de los Sinvergüenzas. “The Scoundrels’ Tavern”

Mucho. “Too Much”

El Molino de Harina. “The Flour Mill”

La Cocina de Paco Paco’s. “Kitchen…”

El Jardín de los Sabores. “The Garden of Flavors”

MadrEAT. Play on mother (madre) and eat. Go figure!

La Boca Feliz. “Happy Mouth”

Las Tapas (Snack foods. Some places specialize in these)

El Gallo y La Luna. “The Rooster and The Moon”

La Paella Paella. (Traditional Spanish Dish)

Sabores de España. “Flavors of Spain”

La Parrilla or La Parrillada. “The Grill”

Migas Migas (Traditional dish)

Nuestro Amigo, el cocinero. “Our Friend, the Chef”

El Sabor Rico. “The Good Taste”

Pizza Loca. “Crazy Pizza”

La Taberna. “The Little Tavern”

El Coste. “The Cost”

La impresión. “Excelente” or “The Excellent Impression”

Las Buenas Migas. “The Good Migas”

El Encanto. “The Charm”

La Abadía. “The Abbey”

El Aroma. “Aroma”

La Nevera. “The Fridge”

How to Choose the Right Spanish Restaurant Name?

Choosing a Spanish restaurant name can be difficult because you need to consider how people will pronounce it, how easy it will be for people to remember, and what meaning it has in the world. So If you are thinking of opening a restaurant, you must take the time to think about the name carefully. This is because your business will depend on your name and how people remember it.

Here are some tips on how you can choose the perfect Spanish restaurant name:

  • Select a unique word that describes what your business does or what kind of food you serve – like “Pollo de Pollo” or “Torta de Torta”
  • Make sure the name of your restaurant has an interesting sound – like “La Casa del Taco” or “El Tostao”

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