177 Beach-Themed Team Names Ideas (Cool, Catchy, Amazing)

You might be thinking of what to name your team for the upcoming beach-themed event. Well, there are some things that you should consider when naming your team.

First, you should consider the type of event that you’re holding. If it’s a beach-themed event, then the best team names might include things like “Beach Bums” or “The Beach Patrol.” If it’s a summer camp-themed event, then your team names might include “Campers,” “Campers in Training,” or maybe even “Camp Counselors.”

Next, you should consider the location. If it’s a beach-themed event held in Florida, then your team names might include things like “Florida Gators” or “Florida Gators Beach Party.”

Beach names are usually short and catchy so they are a great choice for team names. So it must be fun, creative, and easy to remember.

Here we’ve compiled the list of 177 best and cool beach-themed team names to inspire your ideas and come up with a unique name. Scroll down and select the best one. Let’s see what we have here.

Beach Themed Team Names

Building Sandcastles


Love The Beach

Shore Is Fun

Sea Hawks

Sea Time

Ocean Team

Summer Day

Game Of The Time

At Lake



Big Splash

Launching a Stream

Catching Waves

Life’s a Beach

Wet ‘N Wild


Swim Baby

Golden Shower

Beach Babes

Our Little Fish

Aqua Kids


Seaside Treasures

A Quick Dip

Some Rays

Beach Combers

Love Ocean

We Love The Beach

Playing In The Sand

Blue Bayou

Back To The Beach

Tiger Sharks

Water Everywhere



Bathing Beauty

Makin’ Waves

Making A Big Splash

A Whale Of A Time

Seein’ Is Believin’


Surfin’ Safari

Sand And Surf


Deep Ends

Down By

Dear Beach

The Sand And The Sea

Snorkeling Fun

Beach Blanket

Lil’ Sandman

Beyond Sea

Peek A Boo

Coastal Craze

Six Feet

Water Bugs

Beach Hammerheads

Cool Beach Themed Team Names Ideas

Cool Play

Sand Play

Wipe Out


Sand-Sational Time

Water Showdown



Just Beachy



Milwaukee Hucks

Beach Ball

Sea Serpents

Beach Bum

A Walk On The Beach

Catchin’ Waves

Our Beach Team


Beach Field


A Day At The Beach


Water You Doin?

Bikini Brigade

Little Fish

Wave Runners

Add Water

Shore Thing

It’s Getting Intense

Sand Home


Tidal Wave

Steal Away

Water Fun

Catchin’ Some

Having A Sand-Sational Time

Catchy Team Names For Beach Themed

Water Fight

Ship Teams

Mission To Soak

Dangerous Team

Wet Ones


By The Shore


Silent Hunters


Down By The Sea

What Are You Wading For?


Wet ‘N Wild

White Rapids

Catchin’ Waves

Rays of Sunshine

Water Barbie

Water Brigade

Sea Day

Water Games

Beach Mission

Beach Meet

For A Swim

Just Add Water

The Beach Boys

As Relaxing As A Day At The Beach

Makin’ A Splash

Sea You


Amazing Beach Themed Team Names Ideas


Team Tsunami

Imps of Ocean

Blue Players


Cool Clear Water

Killer Whales

Water Cheifs


Water Defense

At The Lake

Man o’ War

Sea Dogs

First Dip

Wet Team

Beach Bum(s)

Play On Sand

Sea, Sand And Surf

Beach People

Through Water

Catchin’ Some Rays

Quick Dip

Clear Water

To The Beach

Water Baby

Unique Names For Beach Themed Team

Beach Boys

Life’s A Beach

Castles In The Sand

Bathing Suit


Sand Time

Seas the day.

Surf Team

Makin’ Waves

Surfin’ Safari

Beach Ball Babe

Blue Wave

How Wet!

Wet Play



Beach Team

Beach Supers

Super Soakers Squad

Official Beach Bum

Wave Riders

Water War

Purple Wave

Under The Sea

On Beach

Fighting Farmers

Beach Baby

How to Choose the Best Beach-Themed Name For your Team

Beach-themed team names are fun and creative. They can be used to create a positive and energetic culture within your company. They can help you attract new talent in the future and make your company more memorable.

If you are looking for a beach-themed name for your team, there are some things to keep in mind while choosing one.

  • What is the meaning of the name? Do you want to represent a certain feeling or emotion?
  • How long will it be around? Will it stick around for years or just a few months?
  • Who will your customers be? Will they be people who live close by or people who are located across the world from you?
  • Is this something that is going to be used daily, or is it something that will only come up once in a while?

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