27 Inspirational Quotes On Being Hungry For Success

There is no such thing as “The Secret” to success. Success is not a destination; it’s a journey that you have to keep walking on.

The journey of success will be different for each person, and the only way to find out what works for you is by trial and error. You can’t do it without some amount of risk and failure along the way. But even with disappointment, there are always lessons that you can learn from the experience.

Success has the power to change someone’s life. To have success, one must have a strong desire to succeed and be willing to work hard. To be successful in anything, you need to understand that the only way is up – never give up on what you set out to achieve.

Here are 27 inspirational quotes on being hungry for success to achieve your dreams

“Work hard and stay hungry. Lazy people get nowhere in life.” ― Anonymous

“Stay hungry. Feast on success.” ― Anonymous

“What’s the key to success? The key is, there is no key. Be humble, be hungry and the hardest worker in any room.” ― Dwayne Johnson

 “If you want to do anything worthwhile in your life, you got to be hungry.” ― Les Brown

 “Success comes to those that wake up hungry every day.” ― Anonymous

“We all have great inner power. The power is self-faith. That’s really an attitude to winning. You have to see yourself winning before you win and you have to be hungry. You have to want to conquer.” ― Arnold Schwarzenegger

 “Find someone who is as hungry as you are.” ― Anonymous

“If I could describe myself in one word it would be hungry! Hungry to improve myself, hungry to succeed, hungry to inspire and help others, and most of all I’m just plain hungry.’ Anonymous

“Entrepreneurs are hungry for success.” ― Julian Hall

 “If you really want something, you will work hard for it.” ― Edmund Hillary

 “Never give in. Never give up. Be relentless. Be unstoppable. Be so hungry that it keeps you awake. You can accomplish anything. This is your time.” ― Anonymous

 “Sometimes it’s not about who has more talent, it’s about who’s hungrier.” ― Anonymous

“If you take responsibility for yourself you will develop a hunger to accomplish your dream.” ― Les Brown

 “When you want to succeed as bad as you want to breathe, then you’ll be successful.” ― Eric Thomas

“I work because I’m hungry. I’m hungry because I have goals. Those goals are based on my dreams and my dreams will soon become my reality.” ― Anonymous

 “I’m hungry for knowledge. The whole thing is to learn every day.” ― Jay Z

 “A hungry wolf is bound to wage a hard battle.” ― Laxdaela Saga

 “Surround yourself with people who make you hungry for life, touch your heart, and nourish your soul.” ― Anonymous

 “My hunger for success is fueled by my passion.” ― Anonymous

 “Many successful founders were not wealthy when they began. They were hungry for success.” ― Eric Ries

 “Be positive. Be ambitious. Be driven. Be hungry.” ― Anonymous

“You can’t stop a beast that’s hungry for a better life.” ― Anonymous

 “When you’re hungry for success, don’t let anyone feed you crap about slowing down.” ― Marie Forleo

 “If you’re not as hungry as I am, we can’t eat together.” ― Jeremy McGilvrey

“For me life is continuously being hungry. The meaning of life is not simply to exist, to survive but to move ahead, to go up, to achieve, to conquer.” ― Arnold Schwarzenegger

 “A lion runs the fastest when he is hungry.” ― Salman Khan

“Surround yourself with those who are hungry for success.” ― Anonymous

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