173 Best Production Company Names Ideas

A Production Company Name is the name of the company that produces a film, television show, or other media. Also, they are usually derived from the names of the founders or owners. For example, a production company named “The Weinstein Company” would be named after Harvey Weinstein.

Here we’ve compiled the list of 173 best and cool Production company names to inspire your ideas and come up with a unique name. Scroll down and select the best one. Let’s see what we have here.

Best Production Company Names

Brain Stew Production Company

Scary Bros Studios

Bad Robot Entertainment Media

Thinking bird

Funny Daisies Production Company


Cosmic Productions

Flaming Hearts Indie House

Bad Robot Production

Castle Rock Entertainment

Iron Hands Entertainment Media

The Gradual Production

Blazing Slades Horror Studio

Mutual Film

Ducks Productions

The Front Room Post

American Urban Radio Networks

Apple Tree Productions

Studio Toxic Sauce

Birdbrain Productions

Igniting Minds Indie House

Beyond International Ltd

Studios 73

Jiggly Toes Media Entertainment

Future Images

The Timer

April Skies Film Production House

Platinum Video

Project Rose Indie

Local Monkeys Indie House

Project Silly Smiles

Birdie Smiles Media House

Working Title Films

Unique Production Company Names

Indie Vision Productions

Advance Entertainment

American Family Publishers

Chatty Crabs Indie House

Big Monkeys Film Studios

Minute Motion

City Lights

Vinyl Vibes Inc

Rebel Sunshine Studios

Gannett Company

White Dove Film Studio

Sandstone Films

The Perfect Picture

Killing Tulips Media Company

Soft Focus Documentary Studios

The Huddle

The Mouse House

Judgement Day Studios

Creative Pictures

Guardian Media Group

Blue Sky Pictures

Lemon Lullaby Media Studios

Blaze Productions

Asteroid Productions

Folk Magic Studios

Rocking Horse Productions

Absolutely Fabulous Prods


Screaming Sheep Media Company

Sweet Air Entertainment Media

Fresh Productions

Chasing Humans Film Studios

Cool Production Company Names

Cold Rain Film Studios

Pumpkin Rain Media Company

Project Cactus Flowers

Blowhard Productions

Studio Fisheye Stew

Prime Time Productions

Piggies Productions

Magic Snakes Media Films

Little Crew

Lemon Shine Film Production House

Beach Photos, Inc

Blue Skies Film Studios

Black Bird Horror Productions

Dive In Co


Studio Evil Eye

Big Time Productions

Sundial Entertainment Media


Studio Ninety Nine Knives

Giggle Animation Studio

On The Beat Records LTD

Moroccan Horror Studios

Midnight Dance Horrors

Cinema Film

Hideaway Productions


Fire Productions

Spotlight Cactus Indie House

Orange Tree Entertainment Media

Warped Films

Dawn Light Film Studios

Love Moon Entertainment

Looney Lilies Film Studios

Moving Pictures

Halo Hearts Film Studio

Sound Design

Creative Production Company Names

Polar Bear Documentary Media

Scaly Fishes Indie House

Mojo Pictures

Random Oranges

A and A Productions

Aetna Creative

Infinite Colors Media Films

Studio Tandem Lights

Sandy Rain Film Company

Miss Sunshine Documentary Films

Dahlia Dreams Media Films

Summer Sands Film Studio

Movie Trading Co

Sweet Blueberries Entertainment

Summer Skies Film Studio

Smiling Lilies Media Films

Stardust Entertainment Media

Oaky Roses Media House

Apple Orchards Media Studios

Half Moon Entertainment

Legend Entertainment

Apprentice Produce

Seven Seas Film Studios

Cherry Tree Media Films

Rosewood Peaks Media Films

Studio Shrieking Monkeys

Backflip Productions

Solar Superstorm Productions

Big Bang

Leopard On The Wall Studios

Vapor Film Company

Cool Idea Productions

Yellow Thunder Film Studios

Giggly Monkeys Film Studios

Project Scrappers

Amazing Production Company Names

Hot Sauce Media Studios


Logical Production

Cosmic Pictures

Blue Heaven Film Studio

Action Camera Pics

Instant Hits

Sunday Rain Film Company

Unique Pictures

Black Screen

Argo Film Studios

Happy Maddy Entertainment Company

World Theatre

Toolbox Productions

Freaky Hats Film Studios

Sugar Beets Film Company

Black Box Productions

Lemon Heritage Films

Superhero Production

Wrecking Ball Studios

Limitless Rains Entertainment Media

Giggly Babies Horror Films

Freaky Cow Horror Studios

Lonely Hearts Entertainment Media

Red Dawn Entertainment Media

Black Fish Indie House

Chaos Productions

Studio Peppermint Indie

Studio Indie Limes

Easy Day Productions

Big Deal Productions

Forward Media

Indie Scribe Studios

Naughty Cows Media Entertainment

Fremantle Media

Blade Horror Film Studios

Astral Black Horror Films

How to Choose a Great Production Company Name?

Choosing a production company name is not an easy task cause it is one of the most important aspects of marketing your business. Also, the first impression that your potential clients will have on you sets the tone for what they expect from you. Therefore, a name should be simple and easy to remember sound unique, and not too similar to other companies, it should be easily searchable online, and lastly, it should be appealing to customers.

Here are a few factors you must consider before the decision is made:

  • Make sure that it is catchy enough to attract new projects.
  • Make sure that the name has a positive connotation or meaning.
  • Make sure that there are no trademark issues with your chosen name.
  • Avoid names with negative connotations or meanings.

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