57 Monkey Puns That Are Ape-solutely Funny

Monkeys are some of the most playful and curious animals on Earth. And when we talk about Monkey puns, it can add a delightful twist to everyday conversations with Laughter and Cheer.

Below, we’ve compiled a list of Monkey puns that are the best and most hilarious you’ll love. So scroll down and see what we’ve got you covered.

Monkey Puns

1. An ape that can open doors.

2. Monkeys wash their fur with chimp-oo.

3. I find you ape-aling.

4. Mandrill the hole already.

5. Let’s watch a douc-umentary about monkeys.

6. I’m moving to a new ape-artment.

7. Monkeys celebrate with chimp-agne.

8. Monkeys fly on hot air baboons.

9. You got lots of tail-lent.

10. I douc know what you’re talking about.

11. An ape that you find in a temple.

12. Monkeys that share an Amazon account are Prime-ates.

13. To grab a drink, monkeys go to the monkey bar.

14. We’re having fish and chimps for lunch.

15. We have a lot in common-key.

16. I’m grateful for your friend-chimp.

17. Marmoset you have to go.

18. A monkey’s favorite snack is tamarin-d.

19. Gorilla-y the information.

20. I’d like to ape-ologize.

21. He was a real chim-pansy.

22. These are macaque-i pants.

23. I am the chimp-ion.

24. Don’t let it roloway.

25. A small monkey is a micro-chimp.

26. We’ll start off with ape-tizers.

27. A monkey that’s misbehaving is a bad-boon.

28. Howler friends know?

29. Monkeys wear ape-rons when they cook.

30. A monkey’s favorite fruit is a ape-ricot.

31. I’m eating sushi with saki.

32. Monkeys wear chim-pants-zees.

33. Santa goes down the chimp-ney.

34. The only animal that can unlock a banana is a mon-key.

35. Monkeys get their gossip from the ape-vine.

36. Stop monkeying around.

37. I’m eating pasta followed by gelada.

38. A monkey’s favorite month is Ape-ril.

39. You have a chimp on your shoulder.

40. Chimp off the old block.

41. I believe in your c-ape-abilities.

42. Don’t gibbon me that attitude.

43. A tell-tail sign.

44. Monkey see, monkey do.

45. A sour monkey is a lemon-key.

46. Keep moving furwards.

47. I love fairy tails.

48. A group of islands is an ar-chimp-elago.

49. Let’s give her a round of ape-lause.

50. Don’t be such a chimp-skate.

51. A sick monkey goes to the douc-tor.

52. An evil monkey is a demon-key.

53. Fish and chimps.

54. An angry monkey is known as Furious George.

55. The smell langurs.

56. That was ape-ic!

57. A winning monkey is a chimp-ion.

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