Top 100+ Catchy Mississippi State Slogans

1. Mississippi is the Gateway state

2. Did I take a wrong turn in Ferriday?

3. Vicksburg is our town

4. Virtute et Armis

5. Delta Blues makes our state famous

6. Tupelo: the jewel of economic success

7. Mississippi snakes with Mississippi river

8. Warmest welcome of South

9. It’s like coming home

10. I’m From Mississippi, Can You Tell Me What My T-shirt Reads?

11. Get clear with Clinton

12. Shrinking population deprives delta economically

13. If you can spell it, you’re too smart to live here

14. The state of Hospitality

15. Columbus is with Mississippi

16. Walking down the streets of fire in Mississippi

17. Jackson is 580,166

18. The sun comes out to see Mississippi

19. The state of Border-eagle

20. As fresh as Madison in Mississippi

21. Visit Laurel, visit Mississippi

22. The Ground-hog State

23. People love to stay with Mississippi

24. The Magnolia State

25. Mississippi: Ozark State

26. Tupelo and the Mississippi delta

27. Feels Like Coming Home

28. Greenville is greenest in Mississippi

29. The state of Mud-cut

30. The Bayou state

31. Come Feel Better About Your Own State

32. Welcome to Mississippi

33. Mississippi with our sandy gulf coast

34. Can you spell it?

35. Can you spell the state?

36. A beauty beyond words

37. Meridian is big

38. Mississippi: Bellwether State

39. Split into four ways in Mississippi

40. Visit Ocean Springs in night

41. Feels like home coming

42. Come and feel better here

43. Mississippi is the cave state

44. As Southern as it Gets!

45. Mississippi has some great musicians

46. Here is enough money to burn wet mule

47. Go up the road a way here

48. Come to Mississippi, come to Tupelo

49. Go with the flow of Mississippi

50. Mississippi is the Bullion State

51. Jackson is on our head

52. No shirt, No shoes, No teeth, no problem

53. The South’s Warmest Welcome

54. The Mongnolia state

55. You will look rode hard here

56. No teeth no problem here

57. She’s as happy as Mississippi

58. The Mud-cat State

59. Mississippi: Puke State

60. Because humans are powered by emotion in Mississippi

61. Visit our northeastern foothills

62. Mississippi: Gateway State

63. Biloxi makes Mississippi beautiful

64. Spell the state if you can

65. Read what my t-shirt says in Mississippi

66. Hattiesburg is here

67. Give me more sugar

68. Experience Mississippi

69. Visit Olive Branch at least once

70. Have strong ties with Natchez in Mississippi

71. If you spell, you can live here

72. Push just a few segments of Mississippi life

73. The Bayou State

74. Pearl is as beautiful as pearl in Mississippi

75. It is useful as screen door on a submarine

76. No shirt no problem here

77. What they call “niche marketing”

78. Mississippi: Cave State

79. Hospitality State

80. Mississippi is Ozark State

81. Mississippi: Mc Comb

82. Brandon is our place

83. Come to Mississippi to hear American’s music

84. Natchez is old in Mississippi

85. Mississippi is the Bellwether State

86. Beside the shore is Pascagoula

87. You will look putting up wet

88. Tall tower, visit Flowood

89. Southaven is green

90. Mississippi: Bullion State

91. Did I hear Gulfport?

92. Ridgeland is so beautiful in Mississippi

93. Elvis Presley makes our state famous

94. The ground hog state

95. One of the parades in Mississippi

96. No one can stop Mississippi

97. Complicated spell, simple state

98. The birthplace of American’s Music, it boasts

99. Music and Elvis’ birthplace in Mississippi

100. You can’t make silk purse here

101. Eat corn with picket fence in Mississippi

102. Mesmerized by the view of Mississippi

103. Get more southern with Mississippi

104. The Border-eagle State

105. Mississippi: Lead State

106. Jackson is so big

107. Corinth is so old in Mississippi

108. Well-equipped Mississippi to attract tourist

109. No shoes no problem here

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