83+ Mexican Jokes That Are Really Funny to Make You Laugh

Mexican jokes have been around for centuries, and their popularity continues to grow. These jokes often make fun of Mexican culture, customs, and stereotypes. And many people find them hilarious and entertaining. But what is the reason for their popularity?

The answer lies in the fact that Mexican jokes are often based on stereotypes and cultural differences between Mexico and the United States. They provide comedic relief from everyday life and an opportunity to poke fun at cultural differences. Also, they contain elements of surprise, making them even more humorous.

Here we’ve compiled the list of best Mexican Jokes that will spread smiles. So scroll down and see what we’ve got you covered.

Mexican Jokes

1. How many Mexicans does it take to change a light bulb?

Just Juan.

2. How do you call a Mexican with no car?


3. What Greek God exists in Mexican culture?


4. Why don’t Mexicans like high places?

They have vertaco.

5. How do you call a Mexican cat?

A Purrito.

6. Why do some people hate Mexican jokes?

They always cross the line.

7. Why did the Mexican take Xanax?

Hispanic Attacks.

8. What did the Mexican duck say to the other?


9. What are Mexican proteins made of?


10. How do you call a spider piñata?


11. How do you call a Mexican spy?

Agent GarCIA.

12. How did the Mexican firefighter name his son?

Hose A.

13. What is Mexicans’ favorite sport?

Cross country.

14. What do you call a Mexican guy who’s car got stolen?


15. Where do Mexican geniuses live?

Chili-con Valley.

16. How do you discuss something with a Mexican?

You TACO-ver it.

17. How do you get an ambulance in Mexico?

Call Nine-Juan-Juan.

18. What do you call a Mexican hitchhiker?

EL Paso.

19. How do you call a relaxed Mexican?


20. I traveled to Mexico in a boat. It was a Vera-Cruise.

21. How do Mexicans pay taxes?

With a piñatax.

22. Has anyone ever had a Mexican white wine?

It’s a Pinot Gringo.

23. Why did this Mexican guy freak out?

He was battling His-panic attacks.

24. What do you call a Mexican taller than 5′?


25. What did the Mexican ghost say to his victim?


26. In what part of Mexico do kangaroos live?


27. What is Mexicans favorite Nordic god?


28. What do you call electrified Mexican food?


29. How do you keep a Mexican from stealing?

Put everything on the top shelf.

30. What does Arigato mean?

A Mexican cat named Ari.

31. What do you call a female Mexican midget?


32. What is the most positive Mexican city?

WE CANcun.

33. What would you call Cyborg if he was Mexican?


34. What is a disabled Mexican called?


35. What do you call a missing Mexican?


36. What did the Mexican fireman name his two kids?

Jose and Hose-B.

37. What do you call a Mexican with no car?


38. Why did God NOT have Jesus in Mexico?

Because he could not find a virgin and 3 wise men.

39. Who runs Mexican Amazon?

Jeff Pesos.

40. What’s a Mexican’s favorite bookstore?


41. What’s a Mexican’s favorite sport?

Cross country.

42. Who is the richest man in Mexico?

Jeff Pesos.

43. What is doing a Mexican with a Lamborghini?

Playing GTA.

44. How is a Mexican call called?


45. How do Mexicans sneeze?

María Hoesé.

46. How do Mexicans drink soda?

In MexiCANS.

47. How do you pay in Mexican stores?

In MexiCASH.

48. What do you call a Mexican with a lowered car?


49. Why does Sherlock Holmes love Mexican restaurants?

They give him good case ideas.

50. Name the only American holiday a Mexican won’t celebrate?

Labor day.

51. I went to see a soccer match in Mexico. It ended tied Juan to Juan.

52. How do you call a Mexican ant?


53. What do you say to a nosey Mexican?

That’s Nacho business.

54. How do you get a Mexican uncle’s attention?

Tap-a-tio on the shoulder.

55. Why is Mexican ice cream spicy?

Because it was chili in the freezer.

56. How is a Mexican dinosaur called?


57. What do you call a Mexican without a lawn mower?


58. What do you call 2 Mexicans playing basketball?

Juan on Juan.

59. What’s a Mexican’s favorite classic novel?

Te-quil-a Mockingbird.

60. Did you ever hear about the Mexican train killer?

He had locomotives.

61. At what sport are Mexicans best?

Border crossing.

62. What do you call a Mexican anime about pirates?

Juan piece.

63. What do you call 4 Mexicans in quicksand?

Quatro cinco.

64. What do you call a mexican without a car?


65. What’s a Mexican favorite type of joke?

Juan liners.

66. What is Santa Claus called in Mexico?


67. What do you call a Mexican Jedi?

Obi Juan Kenobi.

68. Why do Mexicans have Netflix?

For Netflix and chili.

69. Why don’t Mexicans cross the river in groups of 4?

Cuatro sink-o.

70. What is the best transportation in Mexico?

In MexiCAR.

71. What does a dyslexic Mexican smoke?


72. How does every Mexican joke start?

By looking over your shoulder.

73. How do you call a pretty Mexican lady?

Taco Belle.

74. What are Mexicans favorite mythologic gods?

Je-Zeus, Thortilla, and A-pollo.

75. I participated in a car race in Mexico. My Carlos.

76. How do Mexicans slice their pizza?

With little caesars.

77. What do Mexicans eat when it’s cold out?


78. What is a burrito image with bad resolution?

A blurrito.

79. How do Mexican scientists measure matter?

In moles.

80. How many Mexicans does it take to run a computer?


81. What do you call a Mexican with a rubber toe?


82. What do Mexican marines say to their superiors?

Sea señor.

83. What do you call an undead Mexican?

A Zombré.

84. How is a dyslexic Mexican called?


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