83 Medical Puns That Will Make You Laugh Out

Medical is an integral part of our life and health. Without proper medical care, it would be impossible to maintain a healthy lifestyle and prevent diseases from occurring. But when we talk about Medical puns, they can play a healthy dose of humour into your conversations.

Below, we’ve compiled a list of Medical puns that are the best and most hilarious you’ll love. So scroll down and see what we’ve got you covered.

Medical Puns

1. Let’s take the bird to the hospital for some tweetment.

2. What music platform do eye doctors use? iTunes.

3. A little joke when you’re sick never hurt antibody.

4. We be-lung together.

5. PMS jokes aren’t funny; period.

6. If you hurt your foot while driving, call a toe-truck.

7. Where do horses go when they’re sick? The horsepital.

8. Legs are hereditary. They run in your jeans.

9. An organ’s favorite boat is a blood vessel.

10. Dentists always get to the root of the problem.

11. Dogs can’t operate an MRI machine but CAT-scan.

12. I have a joke about the flu but I hope you don’t get it.

13. Two blood vessels fell in love but alas, it was all in vein.

14. The nose is in the middle of the face because it is the scent-er.

15. You can hear the blood in your veins if you listen varicosely.

16. Conversations between brain surgeons can be mind-numbing.

17. Never lie to an X-ray technician. They can see right through you.

18. What sickness does a martial artist have? Kung FLU.

19. Why do shoes go to the doctors? To be heeled.

20. It’s going tibia OK!

21. Which part of your body likes to drink milk? Your calf.

22. What do your organs do on your birthday? They cell-ebrate.

23. What do you call frozen aspirin? A chill pill.

24. The medical student failed anatomy because she just couldn’t cut it.

25. Why did the window go to the doctor? It had a lot of pane.

26. A chiropractor’s favorite music genre is Hip Pop.

27. “This surgical knife isn’t sharp,”the doctor said bluntly.

28. A brain goes on vacation to a hippo-camp-us.

29. Why did the lime visit the doctor? She wasn’t peeling well.

30. What do you call a nurse that assists alligators? Gator-aid.

31. The best dermatologists start their careers from scratch.

32. What was Zeus’ specialty in medical school? Surge-ery

33. What did one leg say to the other leg on Valentines Day? I kneed you.

34. You can’t lie to an x-ray technician. They’ll see right through you.

35. I once heard a joke about amnesia, but I forgot how it goes.

36. Why did the snowman go to the doctors? He felt a bit chilly.

37. The sick pig went to the hospital in a ham-bulance.

38. The fastest thing on your face is your nose. It’s always running.

39. How did the bread feel when it was put in the toaster? It burned up.

40. Urine: the opposite of ‘you’re out.’

41. Where did the boat go to sleep? The doc.

42. I had a gut feeling I had food poisoning.

43. Who is the coolest doctor in the hospital? The hip consultant.

44. I hope you find this humerus.

45. How can you tell if a mummy has a cold? He starts coffin.

46. What did the vein say to the pessimistic blood clot? “Be positive.”

47. When the cat was sick it wasn’t feline well.

48. What do you call a doctor who fixes websites? A URL-ologist.

49. What music do eye doctors prefer? iTunes.

50. Where did the duck go when he felt sick? To the ducktor.

51. The bacteria posted a video online hoping it would go viral.

52. Bad medical puns are hard to stomach.

53. What happened to the girl who ate food colouring? She dyed a little inside.

54. What did the doctor give the sick snake? Asp-irin.

55. The angry brain lost its nerve.

56. Where does an owl get medical treatment from? Dr. Who.

57. All these medical puns. They make me sick.

58. Build a hospital with LEGO and create a plastic surgery.

59. I have a patient who is very rude. He’s ill-mannered.

60. I tried to look up impotence on the Internet, but nothing came up.

61. The beekeeper went to the doctor to treat their hives.

62. The brain is an amazing organ. It really makes you think

63. Why did the lemon go to the doctor? It had a sour stomach.

64. When the lung fell in love it took its breath away.

65. Optometry puns just keep getting cornea!

66. When you get a bladder infection, urine trouble!

67. You must go to the foot doctor to get heeled.

68. The kidney said to the other “urine my thoughts!”

69. You’ll have to visit the foot doctor to get heeled!

70. The frog went to the hospital to have a hop-eration.

71. Be quiet inside the pharmacy, or you’ll wake the sleeping pills.

72. A kidney’s favorite instrument is the organ.

73. What do you give a sick pig? Oink-ment!

74. For years I was against organ transplants. Then I had a change of heart.

75. Why did Friday go to visit a doctor? He was week.

76. It takes some guts to be an organ donor.

77. What is an Owls favorite TV show? Doctor Hoo.

78. If you steal someone’s heart, do you get cardiac arrested?

79. These optometry puns are just so cornea!

80. What is the medical name for owning too many dogs? A roverdose.

81. What do you call a deer doctor? A hart surgeon.

82. The computer sneezed because it had a virus.

83. Statistically, nine out of ten injections are in vein.

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