Top 185 Catchy Magazine Slogans With Taglines

No other gossip will do

So much inspiration with every page

Read better

It’s Where The Girl Ends And The Woman Begins

Heart of all news

Style Which is Timeless

A New Look. A New Read

Create a new perspective on life

Be more curious with every story

Stories you want to read

More understanding reports about everything

Beauty at every level

The real expert of everything

For top laps

Make your reading more strong

Spark New Inspirations

Adding Moments of Good Reading

Start the Conversation

Real health. Real beauty

Read the Inside Story

More interesting than life

Food for your mind

Hot Stuff

Life’s more interesting when you get Closer

Be a better person with reading

Know about every gossip of town

Fearless Conversation

Stories to know about

Modern Read. Modern Business

Heart of Magazines

Every morning with new freshness

Everything is here

From Here to There

To know more about love

Making Publishing Marvels

Because of every news matters

Promoting Stories with More Insight

Read the more interesting stories

Read, Live, Inspire

Improve your knowledge more

Get to know the world

Create a great understanding with every news

To know about the truth of everything

For the men in charge of change

For the overwhelming minority

For those who get turned on by cars

Life becomes more interesting with our stories

Made for Readers

The inside story

Create a more spirit

News you can use everywhere

If it wasn’t in VOGUE, it wasn’t in vogue

Read about your favorites first

Read Lifestyle

Know everything about your favorite celebrities

Stories to know

A new story for every day

Read your Best Life Stories

Life made easier

An amazing stuff

Read well, be smart

Make your reading wiser

A better mind

We want advertising that’s wanted

The Economist. For top laps

A day full of best stories

Bringing Spirit of Best Read

Virtue of Reading

Reap the rewards of Money

Mode for your abode

If it wasn’t in VOGUE, it wasn’t in vogue

Advertise your every profession

Know everything around you

Get to know more about love

The read of your life every fortnight

Your Kind of Magazine

Life is more interesting with every news

Champagne for the brain

The most important magazine to the world’s most important people

The Spectator. Champagne for the brain

Story Full of Insides

For most important magazine for most important people

Free enterprise with every issue

First of All News

Updated Daily

The only issues that matter

Read the Dreams

Sharing what you need

Excellence in Every Word

Expand your world a little more

A new perspective on stories

Stories before everyone knows

Stay updated always

Know the stories

More than just economics

First. The conversation starts here

Your best morning story

The Read of Your Dream

The eyes of Brazil

Add more moments with good reading

heart of Magazine

Get inspire with every story you read

Every FORTUNE Tells The Story

News Before the Market Knows

Full of Reading

Be more motivated with our thoughts

Wise Reading

New Statesman. Expand your mind, change your world

Excellence in Every Words

First For Celebrity News

Lets you Read The life

First of everything- news

Live The Interesting Life

Full of inside stories

Ready for your Sip

Britain’s first weekly glossy

The most important magazine to the world’s most important people

Tons of Inspiration on Every Page

The most accurate news every-time

Sharing what you want

Inspiring stories for you

This month in Crescer

Read about the world more

Expand your mind, change your world

Adding a Moments of Good reading

OK! First For Celebrity News

Let’s read more interesting about everything

Made for smart readers

Read Travel. Be the Traveler

News You Can Use

Keeping you updated

Start the conversation with the world

Briefing you with more

The spirit of adventure

Better Read. Better Person

Know the best part of Life

Because of every issue, every incident matter

How the Smart Money Gets That Way

Affordable Ideas

The Real Expert

Always both sides of the news

Enjoy every bit of reading

Every article has to say something

Read Outside of the Box

News, unlike wine, does not improve with age

More than just business

Make a new perspective

A life full of the best stories

Your fashion expert

News at a new level

American Home has an edifice complex

Vogue – for the overwhelming minority

Live Well. Read Well

Be a more wise person

Improve your business with our news

Business – the inside story

Move for More

Read the world today

The expert of everything

Live Better

For a better lifestyle

Be smart with every news

The eyes of the world

The conversation starts here

Your daily dose of entertainment

How Money Becomes Wealth

Capitalist Tool

The accurate news

Business – the inside story

Sparks and Mensa

Every Issue Counts

A new Read of Today

The news. Clear and accurate

The news to clear your doubts

Read everything you want to know about

Home page for the world’s business leaders

Understanding comes with TIME

Spark Initiative

Impatience is a virtue

a life full of best Stories

Smart reading for smart people

Style beyond time

Lets you Read Life

A lot can happen in a week

Promote everything more

Must Read

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