39 Hilarious Hippo Puns to Spread Good Laughs

Hippos may not be the most cuddly of animals, but they are certainly one of the cutest. And when we talk about Hippo puns, it add a delightful dose of humour into our lives.

Below, we’ve compiled a list of Hippo puns that are the best and most hilarious you’ll love. So scroll down and see what we’ve got you covered.

Hippo Puns

1. Don’t be a hippo-crite.

2. It has hippo-tential.

3. Watch out for the hippo-le.

4. I’m so hippo to see you.

5. Let’s sip-po on a few drinks.

6. It was a hippo-pscale restaurant.

7. It was a hippo-thetical question.

8. You can heal a sick hippo with a hippo-tion.

9. Let’s not get hippo-litical.

10. The trendy hippo is a hipster-potamus.

11. It’s a hippo-tenuse triangle.

12. I enjoy riding on a hippo-go stick.

13. I have a hippo-allergenic dog.

14. The speaker was on the hippo-dium.

15. They’re being hippo-critical.

16. A hippo that’s easy to move is a hippo-porta-mus.

17. The material is hippopota-mesh.

18. I’d like to get your hippo-pinion.

19. It’s hippo-preciation day.

20. You have a nice hippopotamus-tache.

21. That’s a hippo-lice officer.

22. For dessert, hippos eat hippopota-mousse.

23. The rock has hippopota-moss growing on it.

24. It smells hippopotamus-ty.

25. The hippo’s looking for a bathroom to hip-poo.

26. I’m writing a hippo-em.

27. I hippopota-miss you.

28. An unorganized hippo is a hippopota-mess.

29. I’m wearing a hippopota-mask.

30. It’s time to hippo-party-mus.

31. I hippopotamus-t finish the job.

32. They made a hippo-ster.

33. Hippos vote by taking a hippo-ll.

34. Hip-pose for the photo.

35. We’re the complete hippo-site of each other.

36. We’re two peas in a hippo-pod-amus.

37. A hippo that raps is a hip-hop-otamus.

38. I love reading hippo-etry.

39. What’s your hippo-thesis?

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